Making Of A Companion

After Mark was transformed into a Vampire, he knew he had to obtain meals without suspicion. 100 years passes when a talent scouted for the WWE spotted him. He was offered a job right off the bat, he figured it would be a great way to make money, and get a meal. He was a force to be reckoned with, he brought terror to those he faced in the ring... and unsuspecting fans out of the ring. The other boys found it weird that Mark never hung out with them in the day; he was always a night owl type person. Vince warned them not to question Mark, since he was bringing in great business. But Vince knew there was another way to increase ratings. Taker needed a brother. That's when Glenn came into the picture. It was a night meeting. Mark was in Vince's office. "Will this take long? I got something to do!" Mark moaned as he waited for the newbie. Just as Glenn walked in, Mark was taken away. Glenn almost looked like him... he had long curly brown hair, hazel eyes like a mist. And he was strong.

"Hi... I'm Glenn," the young one stated.

"Mark, pleased to meet you youngen" he replied.

"Ok, now Glenn you are going to be Kane, Taker's long lost and forgotten little brother. You 2 are going to feud" Vince explained. "Any problem with that Mark?" Vince asked.

Mark snapped out of his staring trans. He kept looking at Glenn. "No. The young one will be fine" he replied. Glenn was intreeded.

"Young one?" he asked.

"Take it as a compliment, he has been known to beat up rookies he doesn't like. Obviously he likes you." Vince whispered, not knowing Mark heard every word out of his mouth.

"This is all you needed me for?" Mark asked.

"Yeah, thanks" Vince replied.

Mark had to make up for lost feeding time. So he went out of the building and into the closest bar. There were drunken men, drinking their sorrows way. He found one that really stood out, he was a heavyset man, and was perfect for a meal. He sat next to him. "Long day?" he asked the man, the man nodded slightly. "I know how you feel..." Mark had learned his dark powers, he was able to read minds and pick up on emotions. "Wife leaving you for another man, it's rough" he stated. Since he remembered back in the day when he was the one the wives usually left their husbands for. "All you can do is drink down that booze and don't look back. After all, things can't get worst!" Mark stated, the man nodded.

"Yeah, you could say that again brother!" he grinned raising his glass to Mark.

Mark smiled and brought him a round of beer. After the man was so drunk, he could berely walk. So Mark had to carry him out into an alley. He was in the darkest part, no one was there, and not witnesses... unless rats could talk. "What are we doing here man? Isn't this dangerous?" the drunk asked.

"For you at least!" Mark bit down on his neck, and drain him of blood. The beer made it taste sweeter, and made it go down a lot easier. When he was done, he dumped the life-less body into a dumpster. He shut the lid and walked off, although he couldn't help but think of Glenn. Could this be the same feeling that Armand had before he killed him? He was always a loner, he never did want company, and when he did, he just took a man's wife and made her his for the night. He walked back to his crypt, due to all the traveling he has done. He made arrangements to have crypts built all over the world for touring. So he wouldn't have to worry about a place to sleep. But in all his crypts, there was an extra coffin. He finally admitted to himself he needed a companion, Glenn was the first one that came to mind. They seem to be brothers in Mark's eyes. But he won't do that soon. No, he'll wait. And make sure he has the right one to become a companion for him.

Part 2

The next day, Glenn got up to an early start; he wanted to spend the whole day with Mark. He wanted to get to know him, and become friends. As soon as he got to the lobby, he asked one of the guys. "So, when does Mark usually wake up at?" Glenn asked.

"7" replied the wrestler named Triple H.

"7 in the morning?" he asked.

"Damn rookie, no 7 at night! He’s never around in the day" he explained to Glenn, Glenn found that odd.

"Really? Oh, I was going to spend some time with him" Glenn explained.

"You would be the first to attempt it!" Hunter stated. "No one wants to go near Mark, except for advice. No one wants to deal with Mark... Unless it's in the ring, all I know is that Mark looks out for number 1. Himself. And wants nothing to do with newbies like you!" Hunter shot back. "Besides, you have to pass the test" he smirked.

"Test?" Glenn questioned.

"Yeah... Test... and I don't mean the guy Test. You have to a challenge to be welcomed into our locker room. And it's tonight!" Triple H stated.

"Oh? Where?" Glenn questioned.

"The Cemetery. You need to spend at least the night in the crypt of our choosing!" Hunter smirked as he saw Glenn's face go pail white. "Scared? You should be, we always seem to pick the Haunted ones!" he laughed and walked away. There were 2 things Glenn hated and feared the most. Cemeteries and creatures of the night. He is terrified of Vampires. He's always been, he always keeps his neck covered. But not in the ring. Glenn sat in the lobby.

"Of all the luck" he muttered, he read the paper.

'MAN FOUND DEAD IN DUMPSTER FROM UNKNOWN CAUSE.' The paper read, the kept on reading. "He had no blood.... And not a drop was found in the dumpster" Glenn muttered. "Vampire!" he whispered. Glenn went for a walk he didn't want to do to a cemetery tonight. But he also wanted to fit in. In the afternoon, he went to his hotel room. He put on a turtleneck sweater, and got ready, when nightfall came. Triple H and the others took Glenn to the cemetery. They pointed to a newly built crypt.

"That's your room for the night, and there's more!" Hunter grinned. He walked Glenn into the Crypt there were 2 coffins. "You have to sleep in one!" he smirked.

"NO WAY!" Glenn yelled. "I ain't sleeping in a coffin!" he shouted.

"Fine then, you won't fit in with the guys at all then!" he shot back to Glenn, Glenn wanted to fit in. He was warned at wrestling school that the people in the WWE have strange traditions. So he got into the coffin, but oddly enough. It was big enough to hold him, as if this was made for him. Hunter smirked.

"Comfy?" he asked.

"Not bad" Glenn smirked. "How long?" he asked.

"All night!" Hunter grinned. "And I'm gonna add to the excitement!" he laughed as he began to close the coffin lid.

"NO! Hunter! I won't be able to breath!" Glenn yelled.

"Too bad new boy! Sweet dreams!" he smirked as he shut the lid! Glenn screamed.

"GET ME OUT! SOMEONE HELP ME! PLEASE, I'M NOT DEAD! PLEASE HELP ME!" Glenn bellowed he could hear Hunter laugh. Glenn banged at the lid, but it was solid. The lid sealed shut. Glenn sobbed. Hunter wasn't coming back to help him. No one knew he was here. Glenn kept trying to push the lid off, but it was made of a strong metal. He wasn't strong enough the air was getting thin. He was about to pass out, till the lid was removed. His eyes were weak, as he saw Mark look down at him. "Mark...?" he asked in a semi weak voice, he lost it when he was yelling for help. Mark put a bottled water to his lip and let Glenn drink.

"Who the hell did this to you!?" he demanded.

"Triple H. He said I had to pass some sort of test to be 'one of the guys' He closed the lid on me... I couldn't get out! What are you doing here?" Glenn asked.

"I like walking in cemeteries." Mark replied covering up the fact that it was his crypt. Glenn got out of the coffin.

"Although that coffin is quite comfy. I mean it's my favorite color, and it's so soft." Glenn smirked. Mark smirked back.

"Yeah, lucky corps huh?" he smirked, which was the first time Mark smirked in ages. Glenn smiled back.

"Well I may not be one of the guys, but I'm grateful for a friend like you." Glenn stated hugging Mark suddenly. Mark glimpsed at his neck, he was grateful he already fed for the night. But he could feel Glenn's pulse, strong, young.... Glenn was prefect. He was going to be his companion. But not tonight.... Tonight, he planned on making sure Glenn did fit in... and Triple H would pay for what he did...

Part 3

Then next night after Kane's debut Taker was in the back with the guys, Glenn walked in. He looked at everyone hanging around, Mark waved him in. Guys went silent. "Well if it isn't the big scardy cat!" Hunter smirked.

"Get that wise ass smirk off your face or I swear I will rip it off!" Mark warned. "Glenn here made it through the night. And I advise none of you ever try and pull this again! If you do, I'll kick you ass!" Mark growled. "Glenn is my brother in the ring.... He is out of the ring from now on. You mess with him.... You all can deal with me! Do I make myself clear!?" he demanded.

"Yes...sir" came a bunch of shocked replies. Mark walked out, everyone started at Glenn.

"How did you do it?" asked Bradshaw.

"How I do what?" Glenn asked.

"Become friends with Mark! No one has been able to get Mark to stand up for them like what he just did. You must be something kid" replied Vader.

"I... guess I am." Glenn replied, his self esteem rose, people started to like him. And his career took off. Years later, Glenn had become the most liked guy in the locker room. He also joined Mark on his walks through the cemetery, not being afraid anymore. And Glenn has been in the best condition of his life. Glenn lost over 50 pounds since he debuted, he was proud of his weight loss, and now he was a top star in the WWE. Taker figured it was now time for Glenn to join him, his waiting paid off. Mark figured tonight would be the night Glenn joins him. No more empty crypts, no more loneliness. He took Glenn out to the cemetery, and took him to his crypt.

"This sure brings back memories" he grinned. Mark grinned back at him. "I find it odd, in all the years I have known you... You haven't changed a bit in appearances. What's the secret?" Glenn asked, Mark grinned. He shut the crypt, and leaned against the doors. A huge locking sound was heard. "Mark... what's going on!?" Glenn asked. He was getting scared, Mark walked up to him, and showed him his eyes. Mark's green eyes had Glenn in a trans. Just like Armand did with Mark, and something Mark inherited.

"You will know my secret you will be part of it!" Mark grinned. Glenn shook out of the trans.

"Part of it!?" Glenn asked. Mark stood him up, Glenn looked at the coffin that once trapped him. Mark opened the lid with ease and showed him the inscriptions on the inside of the lid. Glenn read them. "For Glenn, my dearest companion... May our friendship last as long as we are alive for generations.... Your companion and mentor... Mark...?" Glenn looked shocked at Mark, who bared his fangs to Glenn for the first time. Glenn stumbled back in shock. "You're a vampire?" he whispered.

"I called Vince, he is aware that I have take you under my wing young one. And you will no long be around in the day. But you'll see him later on tonight!" Mark grinned. Glenn kept avoiding him.

"Mark, please. I don't want to die!" Glenn pleaded.

"You aren't really dying... You just will be undead. And can't go out in the sun. That's all" Mark explained.

"But, that's life! How can you not miss being out in the sun!?" Glenn asked.

"I wasn't a morning person" Taker shot back.

"How can you not miss being around people, and talking to others about the weather!?" Glenn questioned.

"I'm not a people person, nor do I care about weather" Mark replied. Glenn knew he had lost the argument, he stood up. He was ready to accept his faith.

"Make it quick please" he begged as he tilted his head to the side, exposing his neck. Mark walked up to him, and was about to bite down... But resisted. He tried again, but he couldn't do it!

"I can't" he sighed. And backed away from Glenn. Glenn sighed with relief.

"Why couldn't you?" he asked.

"You love life so much... Who am I to take it way from you?" he replied. Glenn thanked Mark.

"You don't know what this means to me!" he explained. Mark sighed. He still wanted a companion. He let Glenn go, it was morning and Mark needed to sleep. Once Glenn stepped out, he went to the store. It was bad timing, since when Glenn entered, a robbery was started. Armed men ran in, and demanded money. They threatened to shoot a child. Glenn decided to do something. He fought off one of them, but there were 3. When one was knocked down, they turned their attention to Glenn one fired, and shot him right in the stomach, the other got him in the back. Glenn was down, and he couldn't get up...

Part 4

Later on the night. Mark arose, he and Glenn were going to go drinking. He went to the arena. Guys there looked pretty blue. "What's wrong? Someone drank all the beer?" he asked.

"Glenn's been shot." explained Chris Jericho, Mark felt like 300 years were added on to his life.

"What?!" he demanded.

"Robbery, 2 men shot him, he's not gonna make it." Triple H explained. Mark raced to the hospital, the weren’t allowing visitors in. So Mark went in the vampire way. He climbed the sides of the hospital, and he searched from room to room for Glenn till he found him. He opened the window.

"Glenn?" he asked. Glenn slowly turned to face Mark.

"Brother?" he asked. Mark went to his side, it killed him to see him like this. He knew what he had to do.

"Glenn... forgive me. I would rather have you see moon light, than no light at all." he stated and bit down on Glenn's neck. Glenn wheezed as he was being drained. Mark cut his wrist and allowed Glenn to feed, at first he feared that he took too much from Glenn causing his lungs to collapse, the blood just oozed out of his mouth and down his chin. "Damn it Glenn drink it!" Mark ordered. Suddenly Glenn's mouth closed, and he swallowed. The iron taste over whelmed his taste bud, but it soon sweetened. Glenn reached for Mark's wrist and drank greedily. Mark was getting dizzy when he finally got Glenn to let go. Once he did. Glenn started to moan and breath rapidly. After he was silent, he didn't breath... he didn't say a word... Till his eyes shot open. Glenn sat up, he felt something on his chin. He looked at his fingers, and saw blood. He stared at Mark.

"What have you done?" he asked.

"I just saved your life." Mark replied. "You weren't going to make it!" Mark explained.

Glenn looked at all the equipment he was hooked up too, the computers had flat line, and the heart monitor read 0 beats per minute. Mark had killed him. Glenn ripped all the tubes and wires out and off of him.

"How could you do this!" he demanded of Mark.

"YOU were going to die anyway! I wasn't going to lose you!" Mark shot back. Glenn was standing over Mark, he was angry. But he hasnt had the facts sink in yet. He was going to be dead. Which met no more life... no more wrestling, no more fans. Mark did him a favor... Yet Glenn vowed he didn't want to kill people for a meal. He walked out of his room after changing into his clothing, even though it was covered in blood. He would get fresh clothing at the hotel. He walked down to the lobby, doctors and nurses were floored by his recovery.

"Mr. Jacobs!?" the nurse asked.

"It’s a Miracle... Yeah, anyway. I'm here to check out." Glenn explained, the nurse handed him forms, he walked out with Taker. Glenn got fresh clothing, and went to the crypt with Mark.

"I'm hungry" Glenn moaned.

"We have time to feed. Come" Mark stated, he took Glenn to a bar. There were drunks... And there were the men that shot him!

"It's ok to feed off of those who do not care for life" Glenn told himself. He got all three of them to himself, Mark was impressed to how fast Glenn picked up on his hunting skills. He drained all 3 of them dry, and left them enough blood to stay conscious. "Let me warn you... and this is your final warning... dare pull this crap again, and your asses are mine! Next time, you'll all be drained dry. Mark my words. Be grateful for what I have given you!" Glenn growled and he and Mark disappeared into the shadows. They went to the crypt, Glenn got into his coffin. He tested putting the lid on. And he could take it off with not problem! He was so much stronger than before! Glenn was about to close the lid for the night. Till Mark came over.

"Good night my brother. Tomorrow we hunt again" he explained. Glenn was rather shocked.

"Again?" he questioned.

"You are a growing fledgling. You need to keep your strength up" Mark explained. He closed the lid on Glenn, Glenn lied away for a while. Till he finally went to sleep.

Part 5.

When night fell once again, Glenn woke up. He yawned and stretched. "That must have been the one of the best nights sleep I have ever had!" he stated as mark got up. "I slept like the dead"

"Glenn... You’re the undead" Mark retorted.

"Oh yeah... forgot already" Glenn sighed. He was clearly depressed.

"Oh cheer up Glenn. Would you rather be in the ground, not walking at all?" Mark shot back.

"Can't say for sure. After all, I am a creature of the night now" he replied. Glenn got up, he changed his clothing from the dirty old ones to some of Mark's clothing. They walked out, Glenn had a feeling in his bones. It felt like a weakness, and loss of strength.

"So you must be starving for a fledgling. Don't worry, I'll take good care of you" Mark grinned to Glenn. They went to a local bar, Mark's favorite hunting ground. And walked in, Mark sat Glenn down. He looked around the room. "There are at least 6 possible meals in this room. And we are gonna have a sorguse board!" Mark grinned.

"Mark... I don't want to feed from people!" Glenn whispered to which no human ears could hear. But Mark could very well.

"How are you gonna eat!? You got to kill to have a meal. Better make one a fat one!" he smirked as Mark made his move on a biker gang, Glenn could smell the blood on them, they have killed before. Countless murders, and not punished for them. Glenn was thinking of a way he could use this now 'dark gift' as a way of giving justice to those who never got it. He looked around the room, another one spotted. This one, he reeked of blood. The man was in his early 30's, women surrounded him, and he was plump. But the blood Glenn smelt on him wasn't that of adult victims, but children... No more than 6-year-old children. Glenn could smell him from where he sat. Mark noticed the glow in Glenn's eyes, and Glenn's tongue going around his fangs. He was arching, and aching for a kill. Glenn made his move when the man was alone, he made a friendly smirked to him.

"So, you come here often?" he asked.

"Yeah, I do. Have I seen you before stranger?" he asked.

"Naw, I don't stay around here very much. Too much stench of humanity" Glenn replied.

"Yeah amen brother!" he replied. "Especially kids... I hate kids" he explained. Glenn growled in his throat.

"You don't say" he muttered. They talked for a while. The man told him everything, that just fueling Glenn's rage, Glenn and the man walked out. Mark excused himself and followed. When he got there, the plump man. Was nothing but a dead body against the wall.

"You liked it! Didn't you?!" Mark smirked. Glenn looked at him with the blood on his face.

"No... but he murdered children... It was the justice that was never done... a slow painful death." Glenn replied. Mark looked at him the man was still alive.

"You didn't kill him!" Mark yelled. Glenn nodded, but smiled.

"He's gonna die a slow painful death... like all the children he murdered. This is justice done... You and your kind better watch out" Glenn said to the man. "You ain't gonna be safe from me!" Glenn hissed, Mark noticed the man wasn't talking. He could have screamed for help... If Glenn didn't bite him right on the vocal cords... Mark was impressed to how much Glenn has learned, but Mark didn't care who his victims were, just as long as he was fed.

They went to the arena for Raw there they were welcomed. "About time!" Vince called. "You 2 are up next... Oh you got ketchup on your chin there Glenn" Vince pointed out. Glenn didn't clean his face after his feeding. So he licked it off.

"Gone?" he asked. Vince nodded. They got changed, and went out for their match. Glenn was facing Big Show; it was a power match basically. Kane overpowered Show, which shocked the crowd. Kane won easily. Glenn walked to the back.

"So, how was that?" he asked. Vince looked at him shocked.

"Uh... Very... very... impressive!" he replied. Kane took his clothing off in his locker room and had a shower. He finished, and Triple H walked in.

"What have you been taking man?" he demanded from Glenn.

"Taking?" Glenn asked.

"You know damn well that you ain't strong enough before to do all that to Big Show! Now you did it with ease... just days after coming from the hospital. What the hell are you taking!?" Hunter demanded.

"It's none of your concern. I ain't on drugs, nor will I ever be!" Glenn shot back. Hunter got in his face.

"Then what's this improvement in strength so suddenly? How do you explain that!" he demanded.

"I don't have the time!" Glenn shot back, as he felt the sudden weakness in his knees. He had to hunt, and hunt now! He left the locker room in a hurry, Hunter was going to find out what has made Glenn so strong. Even if it kills him.

Part 6

Glenn went to the usual hunting spot, the darkest bar in the city, not knowing Hunter followed him. Glenn walked in, and searched for possible meals. There were many marked with blood of innocent people. But one was ever sense grabbing. A 27 year old, overweight drug boss. Killed a family of 6, murdered people by the dozens, and he reeked with blood. Glenn knew he would made this kill worth being killed for. He approached the dealer. The man looked up, he was sweating due to all the heat in the building, and a deal he just made.

"Can I help you my fine fellow?" he asked.

"I am interested in what you have to offer." Glenn replied. Hunter got a table right behind him.

"So this is where Glenn's getting his stuff" He muttered.

"Let's make a deal outside" Glenn suggested. "It's much too hot in here" The 2 got up and walked out, Hunter followed moments later. He saw Glenn take the man into a dark alley, he turned the corner, and saw that the man had reached for something.

"I KNEW IT!" he yelled. He couldn't really see what was going on in the shadows, he pulled out his flashlight, he dropped in it pure shock. "Glenn?" he whispered. He saw Glenn have half of the drug dealer's neck in his mouth, blood dripped from the neck and over Glenn's face. The drug dealer's body dropped, and Glenn stepped forward.

"Hunter... It's not what it seems!" Glenn assured him.

"Ok, tell me I didn't see you have that guy's neck in your mouth and drinking blood!" Hunter shot back. Glenn didn't say anything.

"Hunter, I need to tell you what happened to me" Glenn stated.

"You better! I have half a mind to get garlic and shove it down your neck!" he shot back.

"When I was shot, I was going to die. Suddenly..." Glenn stopped. Hunter didn't know about Mark, so he gulped the name. "A dark figured entered my room, he made me into a vampire. I vowed not to feed off of the innocent, I would starve to death before I considered it. I feed off those who harm other. This man... Murdered a family and killed many all in the sake of business. My first meal were the people that shot me, they were willing to kill a child in order to get money. I couldn't let them try it again" Glenn explained.

"How do you know what they have done?" he asked.

"The blood of the dead is on them. I can see it on them, it's part of my dark gift that I possess" Glenn explained. "Please, don't tell anyone" he begged.

"As long as you promise me not to attack any of the guys in the locker room, besides that..." Hunter looked at the drug dealer's body. "That piece of crap didn't deserve to be on this planet... How did he taste?" Hunter smirked. Glenn licked his lips, and cleaned up.

"Normally killers taste sweeter to me, it's a taste of justice" Glenn replied.

"Won't people speculate that there's vampires?" he asked. Glenn shook his head.

"Not with the way I feed, and not to mention. It helps to have a big mouth" he explained. Hunter looked closer, there across the neck was a line. It looked to have been silted by a knife.

"Cleaver... Glenn, Sorry for giving you a hard time in the past" Hunter stated. Glenn patted his shoulder.

"It's all that, the past... come on, we better go before someone sees us here" he whispered as they headed back to the arena.


Mark had just finished his meal, although he doesn't care for life unlike Glenn, a young couple where his victims. "Till death do you part.... Death couldn't wait" He grinned as he hid the bodies and went back to the arena. When Mark got there, he saw Triple H with Glenn, he got on the defense. Glenn was HIS companion, not Hunter's. He went up to Glenn. "Where the hell were you!?" he demanded.

"I had to get a bite to eat" Glenn replied, causing Hunter to laugh getting the pun of the joke.

"What the hell are you laughing at!" Mark demanded.

"Nothing!" Hunter replied. Mark growled at him and grabbed Glenn's arm. They left the arena. And used their powers to go to the next city, there Mark set up the crypt.

"What the hell is with you!?" Glenn demanded. "I hang out with Hunter!"

"You are MY companion! Not HIS!" he shot back.

"I am not a toy Mark! I got other friends besides you!"

"But I am the one that created you the way you are!" he growled. Glenn hated with Mark treated him like a child.

"I am not a baby Mark, I can fend for myself! I should be asking where YOU were!"

"I was out feeding" Mark replied.

"Where?" Glenn questioned.

"The park! You know how couples get in the moonlight... Their blood pumps more blood that way when they are in love" he explained. Glenn stood there shocked and disgusted by Mark's words.

"You kill anyone that's there don't you?" Glenn asked.

"That what we do" Mark replied. "You pick one and kill them, it's not that hard"

"Mark... You are a bloody bastard!" Glenn spat. "You kill not knowing who the person was! You kill without wondering who their family is.... You kill for fun don't you!?" he demanded.

"That's what I do! So what!?" Mark shot back. "You aren't such a bad killer yourself! Look at you! You got 5 kills under your belt, in 2 days!"

"I feed off of those who do wrong! I bring justice to those that never got it!" Glenn hissed back. "You sound like all the other I have killed, cold hearted, blood thirsty killers. I pity you Mark... I won't even know why I still want to be your friend... or 'companion' after this night" Glenn stated as he got into his coffin. "May you have dreams of burning in hell... since you'll be there one day for all the things you did" Glenn spat as he closed his casket. Mark was hurt by Glenn's words, but he wasn't going to let words get him down, he was proud he survived all this time. Glenn will learn, and he will learn soon enough...

Part 7

The next night, Glenn got up, and Mark was there waiting for him. "Tonight, you are gonna learn boy... You are gonna learn the rules of survival." Mark stated.

"Mark, I know how to hunt and fend for myself" Glenn shot back.

"You need to learn it doesn't matter who you kill, as long as you feed" Mark replied, he grabbed Glenn's arm and dragged him out of the crypt. He took Glenn to the arena. There Mark pointed out 3 young fans, no more than 17 years of age. "There's your meal" he ordered.

"They did nothing to harm anyone, I am not feeding from them!" Glenn shot back.

"You will... For if you don't..." Mark shot back, but he saw Hunter stand there, leaning against the door frame of the building. He had that cocky grin, and a relaxed look. As if mocking Taker to do something, Taker growled to him.

"What the hell do you want boy!" he bellowed to Hunter. Hunter walked up to them.

"Nothing, what are you up to?" He questioned.

"Nothing... nothing" Mark replied. Hunter looked to Glenn and walked off, he knew Mark had something to do with Glenn's changed appearance. But couldn't tell what it was. They went into the building. Mark was determined to make Glenn a killer, Glenn was made from his blood. Yet Glenn has none of Mark's killer instinct. Mark felt ashamed that his blood went to waste on Glenn. When the show finished in the end. Mark followed Glenn out, Glenn went to the darkest bar of the city once again. Mark new the worst of humanity liked to stay in the hole that no human would dare go in... or come out of. He followed Glenn in. Triple H was there too. He sat with a mob fat cat. Glenn went right to them. It's as of Triple H was setting Glenn up with a meal... and that was the case. They went to the back alley another murderer was just murdered.

"I don't think I would get use to that!" smirked Hunter as Glenn finished his meal.

Glenn fed till the body was drained. He was able to push down on his victims, jolting the heart to pump all the blood there was in the body into his mouth, till it was all gone.

"Well look at it this way, there is one less murderer out there. And I think I still got room for one more" Glenn grinned as he patted his stomach.

"His body guards looked quite interested in what was going down, not to mention they packed some heat" Hunter stated.

"Bring the bigger one, the smaller one just started a while ago, there is no blood on his hands... but bring him so he has a warning" Glenn stated. Hunter smiled and nodded. Mark watched as Glenn devoured the bigger bodyguard, and the younger one was scared nearly to death. Once finished, Glenn went to him. "This could have been your faith, you have no blood on your hands... You will not suffer. Be warned when you kill innocent people... their blood is on you... and I will find you!" Glenn warned, the guy shook in fear and ran. Hunter looked to Glenn whose face was a bit rounder. And his stomach looked like it did before he lost the weight.

"Do vamps gain weight?" he asked Glenn.

"Probably not, but who knows!" Glenn smirked, Mark came out of the shadows.

"So this is what you do?" he asked. He looked at Glenn. "Look at you... feeding off of filth!" he scolded.

"Look Taker, it ain't your concern!" Hunter replied. "He's doing what he thinks is right! What right do you have to tell him what to do... You know don't you?" Hunter asked. Mark smirked.

"Know... That Glenn is a vampire! HA!" he laughed. "I made him one!" he laughed.

Hunter's face drained of color, he looked at Glenn. Who bowed his head... and nodded meekly.

"You didn't tell me!?... But I should have known, Mark hasn't changed for the past 12 years!" Hunter stated.

"Damn right. You're lucky I fed for the night... Trust me, I wouldn't hesitate... unlike Glenn here, who is such the 'people person' he is... My blood went to waste on you!" Mark hissed. "You aren't a killer! You aren't worthy to be called a vampire, you... I never want to see you in my crypt again... burn in the sun for all I care!" Mark spat and stormed away. Glenn gulped; he knew how Vampires were to the sun. He feared he would surly die by morning.

"I got you covered man" Triple H stated.

"How? I'm a vampire; I have no place to stay! I am going to die!" Glenn cried. Hunter smirked.

"I got you covered Glenn" he replied, as they made their way back to the hotel...

Back at the crypt.

Mark was roaring in rage. "HOW DARE HE SAY THAT TO ME!" he hissed. "How dare Hunter take him from me" Taker was in a rage, we wanted to destroy anything and everything in his path, but figured a better way of doing in. "Glenn will come back to me, and Hunter will fall!" he grinned.

At the hotel...

The sun was raising, Glenn could feel it, and Hunter could tell that Glenn was worried. "I'm scared" Glenn whispered, it was his first night out of a safe crypt, he never had this feeling when he was with Mark. And his safe cool casket, Glenn was coffin sick. He missed the crypt. Hunter took him upstairs to his room, there on the floor was a casket! "Why keep a casket in your apartment!?" Glenn demanded.

"Ever since I found out you were a Vampire. I kept it on hand incase you needed it later on down the road, I do my research. Try it out, it may no be as comfy as the one you are use too. But it's worth a shot" he explained. Glenn got it, it was tight fitting, and not too comfy. But it was all that was available, and he didn't want to die. He squeezed in, and Hunter shut the lid tight. He put a cloth over the coffin and put a vase on it, it looked just like a table.

"He's gonna need a place of his own... Damn, why do I always have to deal with the unusual stuff!" he muttered to himself.

Part 8

Night has fallen, Glenn woke up, and he felt very cramped. He opened the lid…. Well tried to, but the lid was stuck! "Hunter! I can't get out man! Can you help me?... Hunter?!" Glenn called.

"Hunter ain't here" came a deep voice. It was Mark!

"Mark! Mark let me out!" Glenn called.

"Oh I will... soon enough" he laughed, Glenn felt the coffin being dragged.

"Mark please let me out! I'm hungry!" Glenn called.

"I know you are, and you will be even more when this is all said and done!" Mark called back. Glenn feared what Mark had in store for him. He tried using all his vampire strength to break the casket. But it just wouldn't budge. The moving stopped. He felt a large bang! He was thrown into a room. He opened the lid, there was Hunter tied up and gagged. Beside Hunter were 2 young teenaged fans, terrified to death. He was in a stone crypt... it was Mark's crypt! He saw Mark standing at the door, smirking.

"One way or another... you will have to feed. I will come back in 8 days for you... you have these three to keep you company... or to keep you fed... You decide!" Mark grinned as he shut the door, torches lighted the room. No sunlight could get in Glenn huddled in the corner.

"Is he going to kill us?" the girl whispered.

"No...No I won't" Glenn replied, he felt the weakness in his bones. And the ache in his body, the ache was a hungry ache. Hunter got the gag off.

"Glenn, stay strong man. We'll get through this! I promise!" Hunter called.

"Don't talk to me... any of you!" Glenn warned. "I am a vampire, and I am hungry right now. Don't speak a single word to me..." he warned, he went to the casket, and broke off 3 huge chunks of wood. He passed them to Hunter and the 2 young fans. "If I dare try to attack you. Hit me with every ounce of strength you have, there's a point on the end... stake and kill me if I dare try and feed" he ordered. He untied Hunter. "Promise me" he begged. Hunter nodded. The first day Glenn was alright. The second day started to get to him, he needed to feed. He felt his stomach growl, and his strength go. He eyed them with his now blood red eyes. He saw food... whether he liked it or not. He saw it right before him. He started to breath more rapid and harder towards the fans, Hunter kept them behind him incase Glenn snapped. He feared he would. Even in a weakened state. Glenn was still very strong. He would sleep during the day, and lie awake at night. The 4th day, Glenn looked like he snapped. Bags were under his eyes, he looked almost like a Spike Dudley in thinness. He looked at the fans. One girl... one boy...

"He would be a snack..." Glenn hissed to himself. "She would make a sweet dessert... yes... After I finish all of my meal... a sweet... young dessert. And he..." he looked to Hunter with hunger. "Main course... So big... so ripe..." Glenn was snapping.

"Glenn, don't talk that way!" Hunter warned. Glenn stood up. Hunter got on guard. "Sit down!" he warned.

"But... You're so close... I'm so hungry!" Glenn sobbed. "You understand don't you?" Glenn snapped mentally.

"What about all the people you promised to protect with you illness!" Hunter called. "All those who you did kill... what did they do to deserve it... They killed! You vowed never to harm innocent blood... now you crave it... Just like Mark!" Hunter shot back. Glenn stood there frozen. He knew Hunter was right, he slid down the wall and cried to himself. When day 5 came around, Glenn couldn't get up. He was weak. Hunter went over to him, Glenn was on his side against the wall. He turned Glenn over, Glenn's eyes looked back at him. Glenn looked liked a sad puppy.

"I'm not going to do it... I will not feed from you... I'm not going to do it..." he kept muttering over and over again. When the 8th day came, Glenn was weak, and skinny. His looks were gone, and the door opened. Mark walked in. He stood there amazed at what he saw, Triple H with a chuck of coffin wood, and Glenn on the floor.

"What did you do to him!" Mark demanded.

"ME!? Look at what you did you him!" Hunter shot back. Mark went to Glenn.

"No Mark... don't make me... Please... Please don't..." Glenn whispered. Mark was enraged.

"You mortals... You're going to pay now!" he hissed, Mark attacked Hunter, Hunter took one swing at him, and the wood broke over Mark's arm... no effect on Mark. Hunter went without food for 8 days, the young fans ran for their lives. Mark grabbed Hunter.

"You will never take Glenn from me!" he roared. "Glenn is MY companion!" he roared and threw Hunter.

"Stop... please stop" Sobbed Glenn, a light filled the room, it came from a car.

"IN HERE! QUICKLY!" sounds of many feet came, and there stood Vince McMahon and the WWE roster.

"Hunter!... MARK!" he bellowed.

"Vince... Stay away. I am warning you!" Mark growled bearing his fangs.

"A vampire?" muttered Chris Jericho.

"Damn right! So is Glenn!" he smirked. Everyone turned to the mess that is Glenn on the floor. He was in terrible shape, and shaking in fear. Mark threw Hunter at the roster, and used his vampire speed to escape, Hunter wasn't looking too good in the light.

"Take him to the arena!" Vince ordered.

"What about Glenn!?" asked Stephanie.

"Leave the door open, and wait for the sun to rise" Vince hissed, he assumed Glenn had everything to do with this.

"No! Please... don't leave me?" Glenn cried, he cried blood. Which freaked the roster out.

"Vince... being the shape he is in, and Hunter being alive. Glenn could have killed him, but he didn't." stated Jeff Hardy. "Please... we have to help him!" he begged.

"Since when did you become so soft for Vampires!?" Vince demanded. "He's a monster, the way Kane was suppose and always will be. Come on, let's leave him, we can deal with Mark later" Vince ordered. Most of the roster went to the arena, and did what Vince ordered. But Jeff got Edge and Matt to help him.

"He's not a monster, if he was willing to not feed from Hunter" Edge stated. "But he needs a place to stay, with no sun light" They thought about where they could possible put Glenn, Matt got an idea.

"There's 2 coffins here, we can but him in one, and take him back to the arena!" he stated.

"Good idea... can we lift him?" asked Jeff.

"He's almost like a 7 foot tall spike Dudley, I think we can manage" Edge replied. He saw that other had come back. Bradshaw and Chris Jericho. Jericho brought his truck.

"You boys stayed too?" Bradshaw asked him.

"Yeah. Come on, it's almost sunrise!" Chris called. They managed to get the coffin in the truck, and they carefully wrapped a blanket around Glenn. And eased him into the truck.

"Damn Glenn, are you ok?" Bradshaw asked.

"I won't do it... I can't do it" Glenn whispered. Bradshaw didn't know what he met by that. But he got Glenn into the coffin he closed the lid tight, just as the sun rose. He didn't hear Glenn moan or cry in pain, but to be on the safe side, he put a thick black tarp over the coffin.

"LET'S GO!" Bradshaw called as they took Glenn to the next arena, behind Vince's back...

Part 9

The drive was long, and the sun was setting. Jeff stayed in the back of the truck to help Bradshaw hold down Glenn's coffin. "I can't believe this happened to such a great guy" he stated.

"I know. But what can we do to help Glenn? The poor guy is starving to death... If that's possible for a vampire" Jeff replied.

"I think it is, look at the shape he's in. But why didn't he feed off of Hunter if he had the chance to? I mean, aren't vamps suppose to feed off of who ever?" he asked the young Hardy boy.

"Many, just maybe some vamps have their own set of morals and sense of what's good and what's bad... Glenn never tried to hurt us in the ring, why would he be willing to kill us now?" he asked. Bradshaw though. Jeff had a good point. They got the arena, but Jericho made a wrong turn.

"Chris! Where are we going!?" called Matt.

"Trust me! Glenn's hungry, we're getting take out!" he smirked.

"Take out!?" demanded Edge. They pulled into a butcher store, Jericho walked in. And just as the sun set, he walked out with a HUGE silver vat and a cup. They pulled into the arena, and opened the casket. Glenn was barely awake. Jericho opened the vat it was blood.

"I know this isn't warm or what your use to. But it's the best we can do for you man" Chris stated as he dipped the cup into the vat. Bradshaw held Glenn up, and Chris brought the cup to his lips. Glenn took a sip, his face looked bitter. But he drank the rest.

"Good, one ounce down, 40 liters to go!" he smirked. Chris handfed Glenn till Glenn was strong enough to feed himself. Once he was, he was able to stand up. Lift the vat up and drink the rest of the contents down. His facial features were back, the bags under his eyes were gone, and he looked just as big as he did before. When he stopped feeding, he looked to the guys.

"Thank you... all of you..." he said to them.

"Glenn what happened? How did this happen?" asked Matt. Glenn explained how he became a vampire, and how he got into the shape he was in. The guys were shocked.

"Damn, Mark did all that to you!? I'll bet you want to kill him!" Bradshaw stated.

"No... I want to help him" Glenn replied.

"Glenn... what do you do when you feed?" Edge asked.

"I fed off of those who killed, my dark gift is to see the blood on the human soul. If they committed great crimes such as murder, I use them as my next meal. They pay the price for taking innocent blood I make sure of that. Mark... Mark is as covered in blood as the rest of them, he's a cold-blooded killer. To be honest, back in that stone crypt, I was tempted to have Hunter and those 2 teens for a meal."

"WHOA! There were 2 teenagers in there too!" demanded Matt.

"Yes... I regret saying, I nearly had them for a meal. I am a monster" Glenn sobbed.

"No you ain't!" replied Jericho. "If you were, those guys would be dead. You wouldn't have regretted a thing, you still got a heart beating in there Glenn. Undead or not, you do!"

"Thanks... but I got no crypt of my own, not place to say. What am I going to do?" he asked.

"Could we make you one?" asked Matt.

"A crypt?" Glenn demanded.

"Yeah... I mean... wait. Let's think about this!" Matt replied.

"Perhaps I can help?" everyone turned to see Stephanie McMahon. Everyone got out of the truck, and stood before her.

"Steph... I am so sorry" Glenn explained.

"Don't be Glenn, I know you have no control over it, it's ok. But for now, you do need a place to stay. I think I can help you"

"How?" everyone asked, Steph got on her cell phone. She turned away from the guys and began to talk. Not knowing what she was saying. But Glenn could hear her as clear as a bell.

"I want one crypt in every stated to say Jacobs... You heard me right! Why? I have lost a great friend who was known all over this state, and people all over would want to pay their respects to him. So made it so, and each I want a casket. And have it read Jacobs, I am Stephanie McMahon I want the job done in 3 days... yes all over the state... Thank you. Bye" and she hung up.

"Stephanie why are you doing this for me?" Glenn asked.

"You are a great friend Glenn, and a gentle soul. I also heard you tell the guys why you fed off of who you did. It takes great courage to fight the instinct that are given to you." She explained. Glenn hugged her tightly.

"Thank you" he replied, he let her go. "I have to feed" he explained.

"Can we help you?" asked Jeff.

"I rather not. It could be dangerous" Glenn explained.

"If Hunter could help you, I'm sure we could." Bradshaw stated. Glenn knew he was out numbered, so he let the guys join him. They went to the underground bar of the city, it was a dump and filled with filth. Guys took notice on Glenn and his friends, Glenn looked around. And found over 7 meals, and he wanted them all. Chris could see his eyes glowing red, and he was licking his lips.

"Anyone you want us to put on the table?" he whispered.

"That one... playing darts" he hissed, Chris looked. It was a rough looking man, and he kept getting bull eyes. "He killed and raped 8 girls, and 2 boys" Glenn whispered. Chris felt dirty thinking about that guy, but then noticed his friends, all of them had blood marked on their souls. Glenn could see, it was an all you can eat buffet for him. He made his move, the guys watched in amazement to how he got them to follow Glenn outside. They followed, and saw Glenn get into a huge battle, one pulled a knife and stabbed him many times in the back. Bradshaw was going to help. But Matt and Edge held him back. Glenn got the leader, and then got the second in command.

"What the hell is this thing!?" the others yelled. Noticing after every meal, the wounds in Glenn healed. He grabbed the third one, and drained him dry. The last 3 tried to get out, but the Hardys, Edge and Bradshaw blocked the way.

"NO! Please, let us go!" one begged.

"No... not for what you did to those children!" Glenn hissed. "You killed children for fun, not I kill you to live. And to avenge those who couldn't defend themselves at your hands!" Glenn roared. He pounced on the last three draining them, and one. He ripped the heart out, and drank. The guys were ill.

"Oh man... that's sick!" muttered Jeff. When Glenn was done, he looked at the guys.

"Sorry you had to see that" Glenn told them.

"Why rip his heart out!?" demanded Jericho.

"It had the most blood in it" he replied. "I needed the extra blood" Glenn explained.

"Ok man... just don't do it again, I mean that's just gorse!" Bradshaw stated.

"Ok, I'll try" Glenn replied. He looked at his watch, it was 2 in the morning. "Ok, let's go... what about these guys?" asked Jeff. Glenn rearranged their bodies one held the knife and the heart, making look like he cut the guy up. And the other looked like their necks were slit.

"Ok, let's go" Glenn called as they left. Glenn needed to change, and have a shower. Jeff was curious. He held out his necklace, it was a cross. He pointed it to Glenn, no reaction.

"Glenn... can you hold this?" he asked. Glenn turned to the young Hardy and held the necklace, no burn, no screaming in pain. Nothing! "Amazing" he muttered. They got to the arena. They provided distractions so Glenn could get a shower in, and clean himself up. But Glenn remembered he had no change of clothing. With a towel around his waist, he tried to think of a way to get cloths... but noticed on the chair in the locker room that had the shower... were fresh clothing... not his style though. A black vest and black dress pants. There were boots there as well. He put on the clothing, and it fit. Perfectly.

"Welcome to the brotherhood" came a voice, he turned to see a cocky looking 20 year old, yet sensed something in him. The stranger offered his wrist, Glenn looked at him oddly. But took his wrist, and bit down, he had a taste of his blood. He stopped when he found out the name of the stranger.

"Lestat" he stated.

"Greeting Glenn, You have been doing well... the generation of the new century, as well as the last to be create with the blood of Armand" he explained.

"Armand?" Glenn questioned.

"Armand was killed by your creator, after being made into a vampire. You were in the same situation as me when being created. Made into a creature of the night without being asked what your death wish was. Correct?" he asked.

"Yeah, besides that, what brings you here?" Glenn questioned.

"Companionship" he replied. Glenn looked at him oddly.

"You want to be my companion?" Glenn asked.

"You seem to be doing well for yourself. I think we would get along together, I am over 500 years old" Lestat smirked.

"Really, I couldn't tell" Glenn replied.

"Besides Glenn, I think you're a marvelous creature... those lock of yours... as well as your size and strength, we would make a great team"

"Thanks, but I got a companion, He isn't much of one" Glenn explained.

"Mark" Lestat stated.

"How do you know!" Glenn demanded.

"When Armand was killed, everyone knew, no one could sense him... only the blood in Mark's veins. And now in yours, he is being hunted. And he will be found"

"What is Mark on trial or something?" Glenn questioned.

"He is to become the new Armand. Armand ran a theatre in Paris. And Mark must take his place to lead those there"

"This is all too confusing!" Glenn stated.

"It is. But you'll understand" Lestat stated. "I'll be back for you strong one" he grinned and vanished. Glenn managed to sneak out of the arena without being noticed. He went to the nearest cemetery and sat there in thought.

"What will become of me? And Mark... I have to help him some how. But how?" he pondered.

"Perhaps I do not wish to be helped!" came a growl. Glenn turned to see Mark. "Good to see you back to health Glenn" he hissed.

"Mark we got to talk!" Glenn stated.

"We have, there's nothing more to talk about"

"Why kill innocent people!" Glenn demanded.

"I told you, it doesn't matter who you feed from, as long as you feed!" he hissed back. Glenn didn't accept that answer.

"What if it's someone you care about?" he asked. Mark turned to look at him. "If I was alive... how would you feel to see my body lifeless before you, drained of blood and life? All for the sake of being fed!" he asked. Mark didn't answer. "Would you miss me? Would you have been angry?" Glenn questioned.

"I would have been enraged" Mark replied.

"Oh? So what would those families think about seeing loved ones dead? Hum?" Glenn asked. "I don't like killing, just now I ripped a man's heart from his chest to feed! He didn't deserve that... Well accually he did!" Glenn replied.

"What did that mortal do to deserve his heart being ripped from his chest?" Mark asked.

"He killed and raped children... he ripped the hearts out of families emotionally, now he got what he had coming to him!" Glenn hissed back.

"Glenn you ain't gonna make me change my mind about the way I live my life!" Mark replied.

"I probably won't. But consider what you could be doing... I bring justice to those who never got it! You could be doing that too, to clean off some of the blood on you!"

"Blood on me?" he asked.

"It's all over you. I can see the blood of the dead, it's all over you Mark..." Glenn replied. He pointed off the blood marks. "Here... On your shoulder, the blood of a man who you killed. Slept with his wife too... Here the sheriff you killed on your shoe... I can see them all Mark" Glenn replied.

"You learned your dark gift quickly." Mark stated.

"Damn right I did, and I got a lot more to learn, I need someone to help me... I ain't use to this... and I can help you to maybe keep you out of the pits of hell. Just bring justice to those who never got any!" Glenn stated. Mark looked Glenn in the eyes. He knew Glenn wasn't going to let up.

"Alright... You win. What's the first bit of Justice that we do?" he asked.

"The people you killed... They need theirs" he explained. Mark looked at him oddly.

"So I should kill myself?" he asked.

"No... come with me" Glenn replied...

Part 10

Glenn led Taker to different graveyards in the night, he pointed out his victims' decedents. "So what?" Mark asked.

"Bite your write, let it drop on the grave, you pay tribute, and you then starve yourself for 3 days" Glenn explained.

"Who the hell told you this!?" he demanded.

"When I became a vampire, I did my research. And churches state if you wish to clear pass sins you must pay tribute to those lost. If not your soul will be cursed to damnation!" Glenn warned.

"It's too far gone Glenn, I never had a soul to begin with" Mark shot back.

"Humor me then! Try it!" Glenn ordered. Mark did what Glenn said, he bit into his wrist and let the blood drop on the grave.

"Now apologize" Glenn ordered. Mark looked at him oddly.

"I'm sorry for what I have done in the past... may I be forgiven in the future" Mark asked, he stopped the bleeding, he was feeling dizzy from the lost of blood.

"Good. We have all night to do this" Glenn smirked.

"I'll bleed to death, and starve!" Mark shot back.

"It's the only way to get forgiveness and it must be done all in one night," Glenn replied as they went to the next cemetery, Glenn was smiling all the way there though. Mark didn't know the bloodstains on his soul... were starting to vanish!

It took most of the night, and in the end it left Mark weak, and starving. "I need to feed," he moaned to Glenn.

"Not until the three days are up," Glenn replied.

"I need to feed now!" he growled to Glenn, Glenn just ignored him. He took Mark back to the crypt, and put him inside the casket.

"Now rest for the three days. I am going to stay here with you, incase you need me" Glenn explained. Mark was too weak to reply. Glenn shut the casket, and went into the spare one Mark had. He got in and slept just as the sun rose in the sky...

During the day... >p> Jeff and the others were talking among themselves, whispering about Glenn and Mark. Vince over heard them.

"You mean Glenn is alive!" he demanded Jeff and the others.

"Well... Not so much alive, I mean vampires are the undead," replied Jericho.

"Shut up Chris!" Vince bellowed. "Besides that, Glenn is alive... Damn it!" he growled.

"Vince, he's not harming anyone!" Came Triple H who was released from the hospital a while ago. "He and I are friends, he doesn't feed off of innocent people! He feeds from those who have done wrong!" He explained. "I've watched him... and don't you think if he was a cold blooded killer... I would be dead by now!?" Hunter demanded.

"But all Vampires are alike! It's their nature!" Vince shot back.

"Not Glenn's" came Matt Hardy.

"I don't care, I don't want to see Mark... or Glenn in this arena!" Vince roared. And stormed away.

"Where is Glenn staying?" Hunter asked.

"I though he was staying with you?!" Bradshaw replied. All their face's drained of color... Glenn may have very well have been burned to death in the sunlight!


Glenn woke up, there he saw Mark still in his coffin. His face looked aged... he's skin was white and pale. He lost weight, he looked skinny. "Man Mark, if you weren't already dead... I'd say you were!" Glenn smirked.

"Shut... up...Glenn" Mark moaned. He didn't have the strength to get out, or up. Glenn looked down at him.

"Only 48 more hours there Taker. And then you're forgiven!" he told him.

"Why am I doing this again?" he asked Glenn weakly.

"Cuz you already started... and we can't go back now till it's finished. I know it's hard... but you starved me for 8 days! What makes you think you can't survive 3 days!?" Glenn asked.

"I was trying to teach you to be like me" Mark replied.

"That didn't happen now did it?" he asked Mark, Mark slowly shook his head. "Now... we got 48 hours left...what can we do to pass the time?" Glenn asked.

"Aren't you... going to feed?" Mark whispered.

"Nope, not till you passed the test, and till I tell you who's ok to feed from!" Glenn shot back.

"The fledgling has become... the teacher huh?" Mark smirked.

"Damn right" Glenn replied. "Oh I know what I can do!" Glenn smirked, he sat Mark up on his coffin, and Glenn went into Mark's cloth, and started putting stuff together. "You know..." Glenn said in a Texan accent, he turned to look at Mark, he was dressed as him. "I think you talk funny" he said, making Mark laugh. He then took another thing out a book. "What the bloody literatures is this? You Americans have absolute not taste!"He said in an English accent.

"illiam Regal... cute" Mark smirked. This went on all night, and the night after and the night after that. Mark soon forgot how much time flew, but he looked like a mess. Time had come, Mark had passed the test. On the third night. Glenn got him out of his coffin.

"How are you feeling?" he asked.

"Starving... I had dreams... I saw those who I killed... But... I felt better, seeing them move on" he whispered to Glenn. Glenn nodded.

"Yeah, they were finally able to. That how I feel when I get a murder for a meal... all those he killed got justice and were able to move on. Now let's get some blood in you before you turn to dust!" Glenn smirked as he sat Mark up. He left Mark for a while, he later came back with a vat. The same one Chris Jericho picked up when Glenn was weak. "You're lucky, this is fresh" Glenn stated as he felt the heat come from the vat. He made a small hole, and brought it to Mark's lip. Mark greedy drank down the vat, and started getting his looks, his weight and his senses back. When he was done, the threw the vat out of Glenn's arms.

"What the hell was that!" he demanded.

"It was..." before Glenn could finished. Mark got out of his coffin, and went to pick the vat up. He ripped it open, and started to lick the inside!

"It was delicious!" he grinned. "What was it really Glenn?" he asked.

"Pig blood. From a meat factory. It was fresh" he explained. Mark was stunned. Pig blood. "How do you feel?" Glenn asked.

"Still hungry... and you look starved!" Mark stated, "Let's go hunt us some scum of humanity!" he smirked. Glenn nodded. They went to the darkest allies in the city, there were thugs, all had blood markings on them… they were cold-blooded killers! Mark and Glenn hunted them down, and drained them. They were after a woman and child... the child was stabbed!

"Please... don't hurt us!" the mother begged. Mark went to the child. He put his hand on the wound, and it healed. The boy was scared, but he was going to be ok. The woman looked at them. "You aren't going to... do what you did to them... to us?" she asked.

"No, you are innocent. We just get the jerks!" Glenn smirked. Glenn gave them some money. "Call a cab, and get home safely" Glenn told her. The boy had the courage to hug Mark and Glenn.

"Thank you" and ran off with his mother.

"That felt... good" Mark stated.

"Welcome to my world" Glenn smiled. He patted Mark's shoulder. "Now...we need to got talk to Vince to get him to understand" Glenn stated as they headed to the arena.

Part 11

It was time for Raw; Vince was going to announce that Kane and Taker are no longer part of the WWE. He got into the ring, but before a word was spoken. Red pyros went off... music was played...'Deadman walking' was heard, the crowd was on their feet, as Taker and Kane walked out. Vince's face drained of color.

"You aren't welcomed here! YOU AREN'T WELCOMED HERE!" he yelled.

"Vince, please. I know we have a lot of explaining to do!" Taker insisted. "Please... let us explain. Surly let Kane here explain. What happened to him wasn't his fault... It was mine!" Mark explained.

"I don't see why I should give you a second chance. You're VAMPIRE!" he yelled, making the crowd boo from him. That's when Chris Jericho walked out. With his cocky look, he looked at them, but Glenn read his mind.

'I'm gonna make Vince understand that these guys are cool' he thought. Glenn smiled to Jericho.

"How right you are Vince, they are Vampires! I mean they suck all the airtime from others... They FEED off of egos... to feed their egos. You guys truly are that of the damned! Damned never to shut the hell up!" Chris yelled.

"Chris, they really are vampires! They are bloodsuckers! They are damned! They don't even walk out in the day!" Vince hissed.

"Vince, shut up!" Glenn said in his Kane voice. "You wanted freaks... You got them! Freaks are cool! And I am sure that the freaks out there think I'm cool... Am I cool!?" Glenn asked the crowd who cheered for him.

"Kane, stop fooling around. You are a monster! You are that of the undead!" Vince hissed.

"Hell I was suppose to be dead... but I'm here aren't I? I survived the fire that scared me..."

"GLENN!" Vince bellowed which was the first time Vince called him out of character. "YOU DAMN WELL KNOW WHAT I KNOW I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU OR MARK!" he screamed. Glenn nodded and stood back. "Get out... get out of my business... get out of his building, and out of my life!" Vince bellowed. They nodded, they went to the back, and there they came face to face with Linda, Stephanie and Shane McMahon.

"We need to talk" Linda stated.

"Yes we do" Mark replied, they walked into the office, Glenn could smell something, as did Taker, they smelt death... The looked to them. It was Shane.

"Shane is dying" Steph whispered.

"He's what!?" Mark demanded.

"I'm very ill, the doctors don't know what's wrong with me... But I am dying. I have a favor to ask of you..." Shane looked at the both of them. Mark got it.

"No... we can't Shane!" Mark pleaded. "We don't want to curse you..."

"Please! I beg of you! I don't want to leave my family... I don't want to leave the business... I don't want to die" he cried.

"You will be dead anyway Shane" Glenn replied. "You fight yourself every day to keep the morals you have, and the heart you contained in mortal life... It's not easy."

"Please, it's all I ask of you... please?" he begged, Mark looked to Linda she nodded.

"Please do. It's his last wish..." Linda cried. Shane when up to Mark.

"First off. You got your hair the way you want it? And shaved, and nails trimmed?" he asked.. Shane checked.

"Uh... yeah... why?" he asked.

"Cuz once this happens... You ain't changing nothing but your clothing" Taker stated, he bent Shane's head to the side, and took a bite from his neck. Shane gasped at the shock. Mark did drink half of Shane's blood, he then passed him to Glenn. "You should do the rest... If he drink my blood, he will be violent." He warned. Glenn nodded. Glenn finished the job. When Shane's heart was faintly beating, Glenn bit his wrist, and let Shane drink from him. Shane didn't at first, but Glenn put his cut over his mouth. Forcing him to drink. Shane started too. He was sucking a lot of blood out of Glenn.

"Shane, enough!" Glenn warned, but he kept going. Till Mark pulled Glenn's wrist from Shane. Glenn had to sit down, and Shane cringed, his body was changing, he moaned.

"What's happening to him?" Linda asked.

"He's dying" Mark replied. Once Shane stopped moaning, he sat up. He looked around the room. And closed his eyes.

"Your senses will take some getting use to. I know" Glenn explained.

"I can hear... see... And smell things I couldn't before!" he grinned.

"Yeah that's the case... Now he needs to feed and a place to rest" Mark thought.

"I could stay with you guys... right?" he asked. Mark looked to Glenn and Glenn looked back.

"It's till he gets a place of his own" Glenn insisted.

"Ok. You can, now let's take you hunting" Mark stated. They opened the door, and were shocked. There stood and angry... and pissed off Vince McMahon.

"We're in deep trouble" Glenn muttered.

"Damn right you are!" Vince hissed back...

Part 12

"Who the hell do you think you are taking my SON!" Vince bellowed as he shoved Mark in the chest. Mark didn't even budge. Vince was taken back a ways after that recoil. "YOU DAMN..."

"DAD!" Shane yelled. "They did this for me cuz I asked them to!" he explained. Vince looked at Shane. "Dad... I was dying," he said.

"No... That can't be true, you couldn't have been dying!" Vince sobbed.

"I was it was a illness no doctor knew about. I... I asked Glenn and Mark to do this so I could be in the business... I didn't want to die so soon," he explained.

"You'll be in the business forever" smirked Glenn.

"As will you 2" Vince told them. They looked at Vince in shock.

"Excuse me? If I recall you didn't want to see our sorry asses here!" Mark shot back.

"You made him a vampire, you teach him how to be one!" Vince ordered. "I am making you his guardian. You have to teach him all you know... all you learned and as well as stay in the business with him. You are his companions... is that what you call one another?" he asked.

"He's our fledging" Glenn explained.

"Fledging?" asked Linda.

"In a vampire way, Shane is our son now. Since we made him a vampire. But he is still a McMahon... just with some of our blood in him" Mark explained. "Glenn is my Fledgling" Mark smirked.

"Don't remind me" Glenn shot back.

"Well, what do we do for blood?" Shane asked.

"You leave that all to me!" Vince insisted.

"Mark and I feed from those who kill" Glenn explained.

"You can do that when you see those who have killed. But now, you are gonna drink what I give you!" Vince ordered. He got on the phone and walked out.

"Damn: Mark stated.

"What's he up to?" Shane asked Linda and Stephanie.

"I haven't the foggiest," replied Stephanie. Vince came back moments later, and a man wheeled in silver vats.

"So this is how those guys get covered in blood" the man smirked.

"Uh... Yeah" Vine replied. He signed and the man when off. Mark smelt the vats. Warm blood!

"Blood?" Mark asked.

"Yes, so no hunting!" Vince ordered. Glenn made a hole in the vat, one on the other side and guzzled away!

"Damn" Steph and Shane stated.

"Good" Glenn smirked as he finished the vat. He looked more human. His color returned, and he looked stronger. "Mmm, maybe this ain't so bad" he smirked to Mark as Mark did the same thing. They then looked at Shane.

"What?" Shane asked. The made a hole in the other vat and looked to Shane.

"Drink up lad" Glenn smirked. Shane walked up and lifted the vat, to his amazement. He drank the whole thing down, and feels full.

"Mmmm, that was good... Cow blood"

"You can tell?" Linda asked.

"Yes" Shane replied. Raw went on, Glenn and Mark got into a match. Facing the Dudley boys, the freaked them out when they showed their fangs, and their eyes became blood red. D-von and Buh-Buh were freaked out. Mark and Glenn won, and went to the back. They were talking Shane out to develop his night vision as well as senses. Shane was blown away with what he could see and hear, but that when he heard someone... Or something.

"Fledgling... Killer, Phony..." Came the voices. Glenn and Mark were on the defense.

"We're being watched" Mark whispered.

"Stay close till we get to the crypt" Glenn replied. They remained close; they got to Mark's crypt. They all nearly jump out of their skins... at the glimpse of Armand! Who just lied there on Mark's coffin.

"Armand..." Mark whispered. Armand looked at Mark, he glared at Mark. He got off the coffin, and came face to face with Mark.

"You still look beautiful," Armand whispered to Mark.

"Mark, there something you ain't telling me man?" Glenn asked a bit worried. "I mean... Is he you... you know... boyfriend?” Glenn asked.

"Hardly!" Mark shot back. "He's my creator," he explained.

"Yes... and you have started a nice little family" he smirked. He looked at Glenn, and his eyes widened. "Where did you meet this one?" he asked.

"Co-worker" Mark replied. "What do you want with me? We ain't got nothing here you want. So leave us alone!" "ME!?" he demanded.

"Yes. You... My companion!" Armand smirked. "I can please you... and you shall please me!" he insisted. Glenn was getting freaked out.

"If I knew this was part of being a vampire, I should have been left on my deathbed" Glenn muttered. Armand glared at him.

"Make your choice!" Armand ordered.

"What if I refuse?" Mark asked.

"Then I shall follow you... where-ever you go!" Armand hissed. "Choose Mark"

"I am not choosing you over my friends" Mark warned. "I thought I left you tied up, and ready to be roasted in the sun's light" Mark growled.

"So you thought. Mark I have survived more things than any mortal can imagine" Armand explained. "That was nothing. It's not good to leave someone for dead... unless you are there to witness it!" he hissed. "I made you a vampire so I may have companionship... and what do I get..., a near death experience. Mark, you are mine... You were made from my blood! How can you turn away from me like that!" Armand was crying blood. Mark rolled his eyes. Armand may look like a teenager. But he's much older than Mark.

"Look... I changed my ways ok... I ain't the killer I use to be, and I am not going back to being that way!" Mark hissed. He could sense the sun rising. "Everyone inside, it's about to become day!" Mark ordered. They all got into the crypt. Only 2 coffins.

"Damn, we got to share!?" Glenn moaned.

"Sorry, we do" Mark replied.

"So... who sleeps in which one... and with who?" Shane asked, the guys shuttered, all but Armand.

"I will share with Glenn" Armand replied. "If that's alright" he explained.

"Yeah... cool" Glenn replied. Glenn got in first, and then Armand got in beside him. Armand was small enough to fit next to Glenn. Armand rested his arm on Glenn's chest, and fell asleep on his arm. Glenn didn't mind. But he didn't know one of his dark gifts would make its presence felt that morning...

Part 13

Glenn's dreams started as if he was in a foreign land, he was in a field, and just saw a young child get snatched up by men on horses, and road off with him. "NO NOT MY SON!" a man roared in Russian. Glenn noticed the eyes of the child as the men ran. They were Armand's eyes. There was a flash. He was now on a slave ship. Armand huddled in the back all cold and scared. Not knowing what to do. He went from ship to ship, till a tall dark man in Italy handed over a huge sack of coins. He was gentle... he was also a vampire. He saw how Armand was papered, as he grew up. Armand was mature for his age. At the age of 17, he was attacked when his master left. A cut across the cheek with a poison knife, this was the day he was made into a vampire. Armand did what Glenn had always done. Fed off the guilty to help the innocent. But then, in a flash. He saw Armand and his master running, children crying from being burned alive! A torch was shoved right into Armand's master. And he was burned alive... or so Armand through. Armand was taken, as were the surviving children. Glenn watched in horror when they threw the children into a fire, and killed them in the flame, they kept Armand's close friend alive. They shoved Armand into a prison. Glenn could only watch. He started to feel Armand's pain. There was darkness in the tunnel when the vampire threw someone into the cage; it was Armand's friend. But Armand couldn't see that. He drank him dry. Armand was ashamed of himself, and angered. He joined the vampires that killed his adoptive family. "Damn" Glenn muttered. He suddenly woke up. Mark had open the lid of his coffin, Glenn was breathing deeply.

"You ok Bro?" he asked.

"Armand... All his memories... where in my dreams!" Glenn replied. Armand was still asleep, he had his arm over Glenn's chest and used Glenn's arm as a pillow. He woke up.

"Mmm..." Armand moaned.

"Armand... Armand" Glenn whispered, he woke up and looked at him.

"What is it Glenn?" he asked.

"Your memories... all of them... were in my dreams" Glenn explained. Armand got off of Glenn and got out of the coffin, we were shocked.

"Is that possible!?" he demanded.

"You were a slave, taken from your family from Russia" Glen stated. Armand was shocked, not many knew about his mortal past.


"You assumed your master was burned alive when evil vampires came in and burned down your home in Italy." Glenn continued.

"Please stop" Armand begged. "I believe you!"

"Glenn what does this have to do with anything!?" Mark demanded.

"He's lonely" Glenn replied. "He's never really had anyone there to help him, or tell him right from wrong... most of those people that told him what was right, were killed. Those who taught him wrong, are at large... and becoming dead"

"Damn" Mark explained.

"I yarned for a companion who would understand me" Armand whispered. "I have been so lonely" He was crying blood. Shane looked at him oddly.

"I got a feeling we could work something out for you."

"Me?" Armand asked.

"Have you heard of sports entertainment?" Shane asked with interest.

"Of it..." Armand replied.

"Come, we got a show to put on!" Shane cheered as they all walked out, curious to Shane’s game plan.

Part 14.

Shane got to the arena with the others, he found Jeff Hardy. "Jeff, come here man, I need to talk to you!" Shane called. Jeff came bouncing over.

"What up?" he asked. He introduced Armand. "Newbie?" he asked.

"Yeah. I want him to team with you. He can be extreme!" Shane explained. Armand looked at Shane oddly.

"What am I to do?" he asked.

"We are making you Jeff's cousin... How about... Jason Hardy?" he asked.

"Jason... but I am Armand"

"It's an alter ego, I go by the Undertaker in the ring. Glenn here is Kane" Mark explained.

"I see... what do I do as a Hardy?" Armand asked with interest.

"First off. How extreme are you?" Jeff asked. Armand got some space; he leaped into the air, and did a corkscrew in mid air and flipped for a landing. Jeff looked at Shane.

"Where the hell did you find this guy?" he asked.

"That's not important... but can you have him to be a Hardy?" Shane asked.

"No problem... But he looks rather hungry" Jeff pointed out. Mark nodded.

"We'll be back." They went to the main office. There were the vats. Armand and Shane shared out of one. Mark and Glenn got their own to drink. After Jeff took Armand to his locker room. Jeff said give him 20 minutes. So they waited 20 minutes for Jeff to come out. It took an hour.

"What could he be doing in there?" Glenn asked. They could hear their conversation on the other side of the door. Jeff finally opened the door.

"Introducing... Jason Hardy!" he cheered, Armand came out. He looked extreme. Jeff made Armand's hair into dreadlocks; Armand wore the same tight shirt and baggy pants as Jeff.

"Well?" he asked.

"Now we need to work on your style there!" Mark stated. "Being a Hardy boy... You got to act like one. You got to have the moves as well as the walk and talk of one."

"This is most interesting." Armand smirked. "I'm rather enjoying this!" They spent hours rehearsing, from Jeff's body movements for the intro when he comes out, to finger poses and struts. He could pass as a Hardy boy now!

"Good... now he needs to know how to wrestle... will that be hard?" Shane asked.

"I can fight well," Armand explained.

"We don't really hurt our opponents. We 'fake' it sort of... kinda like back in the Theatre de la vampire you were in." Glenn explained.

"What the hell did you just say?" Mark demanded.

"His memories" Glenn replied. "Anyway. It's kinda like that, except you look like your hurting them... When you aren't. At times you do. It's not on purpose... But some guys do it on purpose, that's when you can hurt them back... But watch your own strength!" Glenn warned. Armand nodded.

"So... When do I get to go extreme!?" Armand asked with excitement. He was truly excited about this.

"Uh... tonight?" Shane asked.

"Good... good!" he replied and started flipping down the hall.

"Man, he's cheered up." smirked Mark.

"Yeah tell me about it" Glenn smirked. "So... how do we keep this guy under control?" he asked.

"That would be like trying to control the weather!" Mark replied with a giggle. They were on Smackdown, Jeff was going out to face the Big Show, and Big Show totally destroyed Jeff. And he was going to beat Jeff some more, till the Hardy Music hit! Armand came out, strutting like Jeff. He did all the wild head tilts and nods. He ran to the ring, he knocked Big Show off his feet! The crowd cheered. Armand shook Jeff, and got him back up. He pointed to the corners. Jeff nodded.

"What the hell... WHO IS THIS!" JR yelled. As they did a stereo swantom bomb! They celebrated in the ring. Girls were screaming and cheering for them. "Whoever that guy is... he's amazing. He must be a Hardy boy!" JR concluded.

In the back.

"That felt... amazing!" Armand hissed with pleasure. "I have never felt this thrill before. It's almost like a kill" he grinned.

"Get use to it, cuz we will be doing this all the time!" Jeff smirked. "Cousin?" he asked as he stuck his hand out. Armand shook it.

"Cousin" he grinned. Armand watch Jeff walk away, and grinned. "I have found my companion!"

Part 15

Days passed. Armand was getting closer and closer to Jeff. Mark kept an eye on this. He wasn't comfortable with Armand getting attached to Jeff like the way he was. He would follow him around, act dumb so Jeff could explain thing to him. That's what made Mark so suspicious. One night, was a night that shocked everyone. Jeff was in a match. It was a Hardcore match against Rosey and Jamal. Jeff was beaten to a pulp... He was beaten worst than a pulp. Rosey blotched a move. Jeff was on his back, when Rosey came off the top rope with a steel chair. Mark could hear a snap from his locker room.

"My God... he just broke the kid's spine!" he hissed, Armand bolted out! He destroyed Rosey and Jamal! They were thrown outside of the ring. He went to Jeff.

"Jeff! Jeff!" Armand cried.

"I can't feel my legs" Jeff whispered. Armand rolled him on his back, Jeff screamed in pain.

"I am going to make this all a memory Jeff... You will never feel pain again," Armand whispered. Mark ran out, he slid in the ring.

"Oh no you don't!" Mark hissed. "Not to this kid!"

"Mark he is in pain. It will never end... He will never do this again!" Armand shot back. Mark was about to protest till he saw Jeff screaming.

"YES MAKE THIS STOP! MAKE THIS GO AWAY!" he bellowed in pain. Mark stepped back. Jeff asked for it. He can learn on his own what he was getting into. Armand bit down on Jeff's neck, and drank his blood.

"What the hell is going on king!" JR demanded. Once Armand finished, he bit his wrist, and let Jeff drank. Jeff didn't resist drinking the blood, he was all for the change. Once it was done. Jeff was bawling in pain. The transformation was done. Jeff sat up. And looked around, he was a curious little thing. And Taker's vampire brother. Jeff sat up. He was amazed; his back had never been better. He felt great... all but a hunger in him.

"What's this I feel?" he asked.

"Come, I will show you how to feed" Armand grinned.

"Feed?" he asked, he looked to Mark.

"He just killed you boy," he explained. "He then gave you a new life... Welcome to the vampire family" Mark stated as he stormed out. He wondered the halls, when he overheard Rosey and Jamal down a hall.

"I have to admit, I thought Eric gave us weird jobs... but a career ending injury?" Rosey asked.

"Yeah from a 17 year old! Shesh, this kid must be loaded!" Mark had just about enough. He walked up to the 2 and hissed loudly at them.

"Who paid you!?" he demanded.

"Well...a... guy... named... Amendo!" they replied with a studded.

"Amendo... Armand!" Mark hissed. He went in search of Armand. They were in Shane's office, Jeff was drinking vat after vat of blood. 2 by the time he finished.

"Blood... it tastes good" Jeff grinned.

"It taste better fresh" Armand smirked.

"Which he isn't going to be tasting!" Shane shot back.

"Armand... we got to talk right now!" Mark hissed.

"Is my former companion jealous?" he asked with a smirk. Mark growled and dragged Armand out.

"You planned all this!" Mark hissed. "You paid Rosey and Jamal!" he spat.

"Why would you care?! You aren't the one who had no one to talk to... or have a companion!" Armand shot back. "Besides. You left me to die... Jeff is willing to die for me! That's what a fledgling does!" he hissed back. Jeff opened the door, and looked at Armand. Armand forgot, Jeff isn't mortal anymore, he no longer has mortal hearing.

"You planned this?" he asked.

"Jeffery!” Armand explained.

"No, answer me! You planned this did you not!?" he demanded.

"Yes" Armand replied.

"Why?" Jeff asked.

"To make sure you're happy. You will never age... You will never get hurt like that again... You are part of me now. Made with my blood like your brother"

"Matt?" Jeff asked.

"No... Mark" he replied. Jeff looked to Mark.

"He made you a vampire!?"

"Over 103 years ago" Mark replied. "In the wild west" he explained.

"Damn... You don't look it!" Jeff laughed.

"Jeff, I did this since we are one of a kind. You're gift of talents and extreme persona. How could I not make you my companion?" Armand explained.

"Well... Good point" Jeff replied. "So I can be in the wrestling business... forever?" he asked.

"Till the end of time! But you just cannot go out in the sun anymore" Armand warned.

"Ok. Cool" Jeff replied. "So... uh... what can I do as a vampire?" he asked. Armand took Jeff under his arm.

"Many things. Since we are both fed, and no longer need to help. I can help you with your dark gift" Armand explained as they walked down the hall. Glenn walked in, he had cheesies in hand. Mark looked at him oddly.

"What the hell are you doing with cheeies!?" he demanded.

"Curious" Glenn replied as he ate them. "Mmmm, they taste better than before!" he smirked.

"We don't need to eat" Mark scolded.

"But there isn't a rule saying I couldn't!" Glenn smirked and ate the cheesies. Mark rolled his eyes. "Mmmm, cheesies!" he smirked and walked off.

"Damn" he muttered, Mark walked off, till he heard something. He turned around, and bolting out of a dark corner was Rob Van Dam! "Damn! He heard everything!" he snarled and chased after Rob.

Part 16

Taker chased Rob down the halls, Rob looked behind him to see if Taker was still after him. He looked forward, and rammed into something firm, it was Mark. Rob looked up. "Care to explain why you were listening to my conversations?" Mark demanded.

"I... uh... It's just that..." Rob stuttered.

"Just what boy?" Mark demanded.

"I want what Jeff has!" he replied.

"Excuse me!?" Mark demanded. "You telling me you want to be a vampire!?" he demanded.

"Yeah, you heard me! I want what Jeff has!" he shot back.

"So, Mister Monday night does have a jealous side" Mark smirked.

"Make me a vampire Mark!" Rob whispered. He got up, and looked him in the eyes. "I want to be the best, and I want to be in this business forever! Come on Mark!" Rob pleaded.

"I am not. I am using my better judgment here. I ain't doing it!" Mark replied. Glenn walked back up to Mark, this time he had candy in his hand. Rob looked at Glenn, noticing the fangs as he chewed on nerds and laffy taffy.

"Glenn!" he whispered.

"Yeah?" he asked.

"You can make me a vampire!" Rob cheered. Glenn looked to Mark with a shocked and odd look. He looked back at Rob.

"What have you been smoking?" Glenn smirked. "Me... a vampire!" he laughed.

"Glenn, he knows" Mark replied, Glenn's laughter stopped.

"Damn. Well... no way Rob, I ain't doing it, too many vampires around as it is!" Glenn replied.

"Why the hell not!" he demanded.

"First off, you got a wife to think about. Second. Once you're a vamp, you ain't having any little Van Dams running around!" Mark warned.

"But I'll be immortal!" he smirked.

"Till someone comes cuts your head off, stick you in the sun or throw you in a burning fire" Glenn replied. "Armand has seen it happen."

"Who the hell is Armand!?" Rob demanded.

"He's a very old vampire, he's been around for a long time. He had no right to make Jeff a vampire!" Mark hissed.

"WHOA, he made JEFF... JEFF HARDY... OUR JEFF HARDY...a vampire!?" Glenn demanded, Mark nodded. "What is this! A FRICKEN COVEN!" Glenn roared.

"What's a coven?" asked Rob.

"A group of vampires who is under the ruler ship of one leader who is the oldest" Glenn replied.

"I ain't following no 17 year old around."

"Mark, he's 598" Glenn replied.

"Whatever!" Mark replied. The walked off, leaving Rob alone. Rob was pissed, he was about to go the other way till something grabbed him, and covered his mouth, and a sharp pain pierced his neck. And he was getting very tired, he fell to the ground, he looked up at a 20 year old blond man. The man leaned down, in the light, he had blood dripping from his chin.

"I'm about to offer you something... That I never was..." he grinned. The vampire bit his wrist, and let it drip in Rob's mouth...