The Tragic Death of Mark
By Bonnie James

Mark Callaway was a true American bad ass. He really lived it up. From his lifestyle to his looks he was bad to the bone. Handsome and bad ahe stole many girls hearts. He was 39. He stood at a towering 6'11 and weighed about 320 pounds of solid muscle. Intricate tattoos covered his upper torso. His arms told so many stories, every inch covered with a different tattoo. His stomach also had a tattoo, huge letters B.S.K. Many puzzled over the meaning but only a close few knew it was the intials of the motorcyle club he was in. He was one of the greatest WWF wrestlers of all time and he didn't let no one near his heart until he met Bonnie...

Bonnie was a wild child. She did what she wanted to do when she wanted to do it. Long ago she thought she had found her place in life. She would be the maid of honor, the aunt, and the riding instructor but never the woman that was loved. She was too different, something wad wrong with her inside. No man could ever return her love, she didn't know why but something just wasn't right. There was, however, a man who came to her in her dreams. He was perfect. He to was different, and she loved him with a white hoat passion, which he returned. He was always just beyond her reach but would be reaching back for her. She could feel him like a fire in her blood and then she finally found him in Mark...

Bonnie and her best friend Jenn were working for WWF when she and Mark met. Bonnie and Jenn had their clique of friends and Mark was far from being in it. When Bonnie first started in WWF Mark was away with injuries. She had been there for 5 months and had settled in when he returned and turned her world around. It started out as a one night stand, or so they thought. One incredible night. He had asked her for dinner but she didn't have time, so he asked her to breakfast and said he'd pick her up after the show that night... Neither of them had expected the passion and fire they'd find. The connection was immediate and she couldn't get him off her mind. He usually forgot a woman's name by the next afternoon, but not Bonnie. He decided they needed to meet again, so they did, and the afair continued.

They grew closer and closer over time. She fell in love with him. Everything about him, the way he looked, the way he laughed, the way he smiled there wasn't nothing about him that didn't do something for her. His personality, his attitude. He was that man from her dreams. As for him, he had never felt this way before and it was scaring him. He cared. He couldn't ignore her, and he didn't even want to be with other women like he always was in the past. He asked her to move in with him, and start traveling with him instead of her old crew of friends. So she did.

One night they were dancing in the living room. No special reason, their song, November Rain, had just come on the radio and they danced. As she cuddled closer to him and nuzzled his neck, whispering I love you he realized her loved her too. Panic sirens went off in his head. He couldn't love her! That would ruin everything! Hed lose his freedom, it was against everything he wanted. He had to do something and he had to do it fast. He had to get space between them, out of site out of mind so the next morning when she reached for him she just kept reaching because he was gone. A note in his hand writing was layin on his pillow. It was simple... the lyrics to Freebird.

"If I leave here tomorrow, Would you still remember me? For I must be travelling on, now, 'Cause there's too many places I've got to see. But, if I stayed here with you, girl, Things just couldn't be the same. 'Cause I'm as free as a bird now, And this bird you can not change. Lord knows, I can't change."
"Bye, bye, its been a sweet love. Though this feeling I can't change. But please don't take it badly, 'Cause Lord knows I'm to blame. But, if I stayed here with you girl, Things just couldn't be the same. Cause I'm as free as a bird now, And this bird you'll never change. And this bird you can not change. Lord knows, I can't change. Lord help me, I can't change."

Bonnie was absolutely heart broken. She had thought she had found her love, that she wouldn't ever be lonely again. That she would finally be the bride, the woman that was loved. Now that was gone. She was alone again, the way she was born to be. She cried until there were no more tears. Finally after a few days of crying she moved her stuff back to her old apartment above the barn and went back to living how she had lived before. She was hurting so bad, because once again she was alone. It was even worse this time because before she hadn't known what she was missing, now she did. She wanted to die, it would hurt less than being alone.

Mark left on his Titan motorcycle that day with the determination not to return until the feelings inside him were gone. He would not love a woman. He would not wear that ball and chain. He would not be tied down. That was exactly what he didn't want in life. He drove and he drove hoping that the more distance he got between him and Bonnie the less he would feel. He was wrong. With every mile something reminded him of her, and the hurt in his heart from leaving grew stronger and stronger. By the time he reached Nashville it was all he could do not to turn around and go back. He walked into a bar and order a Jack Daniels. As he sat there he started to think things over. What was it he was running from? What was it he was scared of? Love. But Isn't love supposed to be the most wonderful thing on earth? Yes, it was. Hadn't he felt wonderful when he was with her, when she said she loved him? Yes, he had. She hadn't done anything to tie him down, for she was free like him. It hit him like a brick wall. He was wrong to leave. He loved her and she loved him and they should be together right now.

He put his money down on the bar and took off fast, hopped on his bike and started to ride. 100 miles an hour, he didn't care. He had to get back to her, he had to tell her he loved her before it was too late and she was gone for good. He rode as fast as the bike would go. After a few days of almost non stop riding the lights of Houston, their home, came into sight. He was almost there. It was 3:00 am and he hadn't stopped in the last 30 hours. He couldn't, he needed to get home too bad. She filled his mind and he didn't notice the hot night air, or the bright stars above. He didn't notice anything, not even the loud train whistle as he came upon the tracks and the Houston City Limits sign. The whistle franticly blew again, but it was too late for that was the last thing he heard before he tumbled into darkness and then into nothing.

At the same moment Bonnie walked into her apartment and pressed play on the answering machine. It was his voice, her heart stopped beating. "Bonnie I love you, I'm so sorry I left. I was scared of how I felt and I thought distance could break my love for you. I was wrong and I'm on my way home. I'll be there tonight, I love you and I'm sorry." Starting to cry in shock and excitement she sat down on the couch and flipped on the TV. A news break was on. "This just in, a motorcyle was struck by a train just outside the city limits. The rider was killed on impact and his been identified as the WWF Superstar, Mark Callaway, better known to some as the Undertaker..."

A frail old woman sat in the rocking chair on the porch of South Oaks Instiute. She hadn't spoken a word in 60 years. She hadn't responded to anything in 60 years. She simply sat and rocked back and forth, back and forth. They say she lost her mind when she lost her true love when he was killed by a train. Her heart, her soul, her spirit, and her mind died with him that fateful night on the tracks. It was now only a matter of time before her body went with them...