One Night

By TakersLover

Chapter One

She took a deep breath and opened the door. Tess was getting her first tattoo and was more than a little nervous. 'Calm down.' She told herself as the door swung shut behind her. There didn't seem to be anyone there at first, then she heard voices in the back. She already had the design she wanted, so she decided to walk to the back instead of waiting for him to come out to her. She stopped suddenly just before reaching the curtain. 'What if he (or she) is indecent?' She asked herself, thinking about how she would have to take her shirt off to get the work done. She turned and quickly walked back to the front. "Hello?" She called out. A man looked out from behind the curtain. "I'll be with you in a second, honey." He replied, a smile slowly forming on his lips. She nodded and turned away from his gaze, sat down in a chair next to the window to wait and saw a man and woman kissing passionately. 'It must be nice.' She thought. Her mind wandered to her own life. She was married, happily for the most part, had two beautiful children, a nice home. The woman slid into the seat beside the man, snuggling up close to him as he wrapped his arm around her and drove away. Her husband loved her, there was no doubt about that, but he didn't seem to want her anymore, at least not the way she wanted to be wanted. Sex was always the same, she'd start by giving him oral sex, always thinking he would return the favor, then he would finish, rather quickly, then fall asleep. She began wondering what was wrong with her, maybe she wasn't sexy enough anymore. Her hips were wider now after having the kids, but not that wide, her stomach pouched out a little, her breasts could be a little bigger. She sighed. 'Maybe I should be seeing a plastic surgeon instead of a tattoo artist.' She thought. Not wanting to think about it, she let her thoughts drift back to the latest PPV. The Undertaker had left his shirt completely unbuttoned until his match, showing all his adoring female fans a rare glimpse of his very sexy chest and tummy. 'Oh, stop it! This isn't an episode of Wild Kingdom.' She said to herself. 'This week on Wild Kingdom, our experts study the mating habits of the very rare, very sexy, American Bad Ass.' She couldn't stop herself from smiling at the thought of the Undertaker naked, in bed....with her.

Bill sat back down, smiling, and began to color in the last of the dragon. "I thought you closed the shop for the night." Mark asked. Bill nodded. "I did, but I must have forgotten to lock the door." He replied. "You're not going to tell them to leave?" Bill laughed. "Man I never pass up the chance to work on a beautiful woman." He replied. Mark laughed. "I should have known." A few minutes later Bill was done, and he and Mark walked up to the front. Mark looked a the woman sitting by the window, wanting to see what his friend considered beautiful. She was staring out into the night and didn't seem to notice them. He noticed the look in her eyes. If he didn't know better, he'd swear she was thinking about sex. He watched as her lips curved up into a smile. He wondered suddenly how those lips would taste, what they would feel like wrapped around his.... "Mark." Bills voice pulled him from his thoughts. He turned to his friend, trying to hide the smile on his face. "Here ya go." Mark answered, handing him some money.

Tess was pulled from her thoughts when she heard a man's voice, and turned toward him. She froze as she looked up and saw Mark standing there. 'Oh my God!' She thought, standing up. She knew he was big, but she never knew just how big. Standing 5'8", she wasn't short, but she felt like a minchkin compared to him, and he looked so good. Did he have to wear those tight fitting blue jeans or his shirt unbuttoned like that? Didn't he know what kind of affect he had on women? She took a deep breath and walked to the counter, standing beside him, to wait her turn. She could feel the heat radiating from him and felt as if she would melt right there at his feet.

Mark couldn't help but to look down at the woman standing beside him. There was something irresistable about her, but what? She was no super model, that was for sure, but there was something.... She looked up at him and smiled. He smiled back and said "Hello." The sound of his vouce nearly brought her to her knees. "Hello." Her voice was soft, sensual. 'Damn her. Does she have any idea what she's doing to me?' He thought to himself. "What can I do for you, honey?" Bill asked the woman. She turned and looked at him, still smiling. I'd like to get this." She answered handing him the drawing. "Where do you want it?" He asked, looking at the picture, hoping she would have to take something off. "Back here." She said, pointing to the back of her left shoulder. Bill smiled and nodded. "Right this way." He said as he started walking toward the back, then turned to Mark and, seeing the way he was looking at her, said, "You coming?" Mark smiled. "Yeah, I've got a few minutes." Tess' smile widened at the thought of being near him. 'Too bad we won't be alone.' She thought. The three of them walked behind the curtain. Bill and Mark watched as Tess slipped her shirt off and sat down. Mark couldn't stop himself from staring at her and noticed her staring back at him. He stopped trying to hide his attraction to her, it wasn't working anyway. He opened his mouth to say something to her when his cell phone rang, his wife. He stepped away to take the call, then came back a minute later. "I've gotta go. I'll see you later." He said to Bill, then turned to Tess. "It was nice meeting you." She smiled. "Bye." She said as she watched him walk away. Half an hour later, she walked with Bill to the front of the shop. They had a nice conversation while he worked about Harleys, the first one he ever owned, the one he drives now, the one she is rebuilding as a hobby. She paid him for the work and drove home.

Mark lay in bed that night, his mind filled with pictures of the woman in the shop. 'Why can't I stop thinking about her?' He asked himself. Closing his eyes, he reached down and began stroking his already hard member. He didn't try to forget about her, instead, he let her take over his mind. His wife kissed his neck, as she crawled on top of him, impaling herself on him and began grinding her hips into his. He rolled her over, moving fast and hard inside her, then felt her release. With a few more thrusts, he emptied himself inside her. He rolled off of her, holding her, and fell asleep.

Tess crawled into bed, still thinking about Mark. She couldn't believe she met him. She felt like an idiot, she finally meets her favorite wrestler, and she doesn't even try to make conversation. Instead, she stares at him with a stupid grin on her face. Her husband laid down beside her, pulling her to him, and kissed her. He climbed on top of her, positioning himself over her, and thrust himself into her. She kissed him as he made love to her, but instead of kissing her back, he began moving faster, reaching his peak quickly. He rolled off her and went to the bathroom to shower. She sighed, not knowing why she expected this time to be any different, then rolled over and closed her eyes. Her thoughts were filled with Mark as she fell asleep.

Chapter Two

Life went on as usual for Tess and Mark.

Tess was a housewife. Her husband made enough money for them to live on, and she wanted to be at home with her kids, at least until the baby started school. She had several hobbies, she built and maintained a web site, an Undertaker site of course, she liked to read and write fan fiction, she was working on a book, she took kickboxing classes, and she was rebuilding a Harley. She tried to forget about the way Mark made her feel in the tattoo shop that day, but seeing him on TV every week made that impossible. So she continued to fantasize about him. She always said that he was the only man on earth that could make her cheat on her husband, but she never knew just how true those words were until they met. She would have done anything he asked of her without a second thought.

She tucked her children into bed and went into the den to watch the news and relax. Once again, her mind began to wander back to Mark. She imagined him walking up to her, kneeling before her, his fingers lightly carressing her cheek, brushing the hair back away from her face, his eyes studying her, taking in every inch of her, his lips tenderly kissing hers.... She moaned. 'I've got to stop doing that.' She said to herself. She looked at her husband then at a man on TV, wondering why men acted the way they did. 'He wants you all to himself, then doesn't appreciate what he has.' She thought. She stood up, stretching, then turned to her husband and said, "I finished the Harley." He looked at her, not saying anything. "I was thinking, since we live so close to Daytona, that I'd drive it to Bike Week." She stood waiting for his response as he sat thinking. "What about the kids?" He asked. "My mother will watch them. She's been wanting them to come visit her anyway." "That's fine with me." He answered, then went back to reading his paper. Tess walked over to him, and kissed him. "I'm going to go to bed. Are you coming?" She asked. "No, I want to finish reading this first." He answered. "Goodnight." She said, walking out into the hallway. She lay down in bed, her mind racing with thoughts of her trip. She wondered suddenly if Mark would be there. She knew he loved his motorcycles and Bike Week was the perfect place to show them off. "Oh, stop it!' She told herself. 'He won't be there. He'll probably be on the road and even if he is there, how what are the chances of finding him in all those people?' She laid down under the covers, closed her eyes and smiled again as she thought about his match on Raw the night before. He was so powerful, so strong, so sexy....She sighed as she drifted off to sleep.

Mark was on his way home after being on the road for three weeks and stopped to see an old friend. Meeting Tess was the last thing he had expected. She was the only thing he could think about during his four days off. After he went back out on the road, he slowly began to push her out of his thoughts, and before long she was just a distant memory. He did, during those four days, figure out what had attracted him to her, she was real. Most of the women he saw had had some kind of plastic surgery done....breast implants, liposuction....He thought of them more as Barbie dolls then women, all plastic and silicone. He could tell immediately that Tess had never had anything like that done. She looked soft and sweet. He wanted to let his hands slowly glide over her body, to kiss her delicate skin, to feel her hands and lips on his body.

He had been on the road for several weeks and was looking forward to his time off. Bike Week was two weeks away, and he was trying to decide which of his bikes he wanted to take, not that it mattered. He had tried to get his wife to come with him, but she didn't really like motorcycles, and the thought of being surrounded by all those bikers scared her, even though she would be with the biggest man there. He wasn't going to go without her at first, but she finally convinced him to go. She knew how much he liked those types of things and didn't mind staying home. He laid down in bed, and closed his eyes. A picture of Tess flashed in his mind and he smiled. 'Well, I haven't seen you in awhile, Darlin'.' He thought. He wondered if she would be in Daytona, but quickly dismissed the thought, she wasn't the type, she wasn't a "biker chick", but he could wish. There was no harm in that. He laughed aloud as he pictured her on the back of a Hogg, then still smiling, he drifted off to sleep.

Chapter Three

Tess' stomach was in knots as she rode through the streets of Daytona. She had talked her husband into coming with her, but he had to go out of town at the last minute, and since she already had hotel reservations and the kids were already at her mother's, she decided to go alone. 'What in the hell was I thinking?' She asked herself as she pulled into the hotel's parking lot. She had never seen so many motorcycles in one place in her entire life. The nervous feeling she had while driving up here had been replaced with fear as she traveled through a sea of Harleys and denim and leather clad bikers, only to fade to excitment as she realized that they didn't seem to notice her. To them, she was just another biker. She climbed off her bike, stretched, and pushed her way through a group of men wearing old, worn out, balck leather jackets with a snake embroidered on the back of each one. 'Real bikers!' She thought, barely able to contain her excitment. She heard the cat calls and whistles as she made her way through, then felt a hand on her butt and turned to see who's it was. She tried hard to look annoyed, but, not being use to that kind of attention, only smiled wider, then hurried inside. 'That's right, Tess, encourage them.' She scolded herself. After checking in, making her way through the bikers again, and dropping her things off in her room, she set out to explore the city. She cruised the streets of Daytona on her bike all afternoon, enjoying the sites and sounds of the other Harleys, then out to the beach to watch the sun set. Although it wasn't the same as watching it at home, it was still beautiful. After the sun had gone down, she pulled off her boots, rolled up her jeans, and walked along the beach, enjoying the feel of the sand between her toes, the waves washing over her feet, and the warm gentle breeze that blew through her hair. She realized it was getting late and that she hadn't eaten anything all day so she turned and walked back to her bike, put her boots on, rolled her jeans back down, and drove away.

A short time later, she pulled into the parking lot of a local diner and went inside. It was full of men dressed in jeans and leather jackets, talking and laughing loudly. "Hey, sweetheart." A voice said from behind her. She turned and smiled at the old biker standing there. He was about her height, with long brown hair that was turning grey, a mustache and beard, and a beer belly. He wore old dirty blue jeans, an old Harley Davidson tee shirt, black boots, and a bandanna around his head. "Hello." She replied. He smiled back and said, "It's pretty busy in here tonight. I don't think they have any empty tables left." "Yeah, I think you're right." She said, nodding as she looked around the room. "Come on, you can sit with us." He said, taking her by the hand and leading her to a booth in the back. She sat down beside him, and looked at the others that were sitting with them as he introduced them. He was Blade, then there was Pyro, Animal, Virus, and Stan, Virus' attorney. She introduced herself as Cross, the nickname given to her by classmates when she was young for the crusifix she always wore. Blade bought her dinner and they sat and talked for awhile. They talked mostly about motorcycles, each telling the story of how they got theirs, she told them about buying hers and rebuilding it from the ground up which suprised them a little, then the subject changed to tattoos. Her mind wandered back to the day she got hers, the way Mark had looked standing at the counter, looking at her. "Hey, Cross!" Blade said, waving his hand infront of her face. "You still with us, Darlin'?" She smiled, blushing slightly. "Yeah." "Do you have any?" Blade asked chuckling. "Yeah, one." She answered. "Well, Let's see it." Animal said, smiling. Tess smiled at him, then turned around and pulled her tee shirt up enough to show them her shoulder. "Nice." Pyro said, admiring the view. Tess pulled her shirt back down, giving him a 'don't go there' look, and settled back in her seat. "Well, a friend of mine is suppose to be adding another one tonight. I guess I should get over there before he decides I'm a no-show and leaves." Tess stood up, letting him out of the booth. "You know, Cross," He continued, "My friend does really good work. If you want another one, I'm sure he wouldn't mind doing it for you." Tess had been thinking about getting another one for awhile now. "You mean tonight?" She asked. "Yeah, tonight." He chuckled. "Sure. Why not." Tess answered, smiling. She followed him on her bike to a tattoo shop, thinking how much she would love to run into Mark again. She waited as Blade talked to his friend then they walked over to her. "Cross, this is Demon. He's the best tattoo artist you'll ever meet." Tess shook Demon's hand. "It's nice to meet you." She said smiling. "Nice to meet you too." He replied. He worked on Blade first, giving her time to look at his designs, then turned to her. "Ready?" He asked. "Yes." She answered standing up with the magazine she had been looking at. "Can you do this?" She asked, showing him a photo of the Undertaker, pointing to the 'thinking demon' on his right arm. He looked at her, suprised. "You want that one?" He asked pointing at it, wanting to make sure he heard her correctly. "Yes. Can you do it for me?" He smiled and said yes. She couldn't stop thinking about Mark while he worked. After he finished, she paid him and thanked him, complementing his work, again, and went back to her hotel room. She took a long hot shower, letting the water sooth her tired body, then crawled into bed. Even though it was late, she asked for a 6:30 wake up call, she wanted to get an early start so she could do as much as possible. She was meeting Blade for breakfast at 8:00. He had offered to be her escort, so to speak, so she wouldn't have to be alone all week, and she agreed, not really wanting to be alone with all these bikers around, and since Blade came here every year, he would know the best things to do and places to go. She groaned as she rolled over onto her right side, forgetting for a moment that she had just gotten a tattoo on her upper arm. She rolled onto her stomach and fell into a restless sleep.

"Finally!" Mark said aloud under the roar of his Harley. The past two weeks had gone by way too slowly, making it seem as if time actually could stand still. He smiled as he rode through the crowded streets. Not wanting to disappoint the fans, he taped Raw and Smackdown, then flew home Tuesday night immediately after taping the show, and drove up this morning. His sister-in-law was visiting for a couple of weeks and the two women all but threw him out this morning, looking forward to whatever it was they had planned while he was in Daytona. He pulled into the parking lot of his hotel, climbed off his bike, stretching his legs, and walked inside to check in. He had taken a chair shot to the back last night and was still sore, maybe he would get a massage later. After getting the key and room number from the woman, he went to his room and, dropping his bag on the floor beside the bed, and fell across the bed. As much as he wanted to go out, he also wanted to stay in and go to sleep. Groaning, he got up and headed out the door. He drove around for awhile before running into some friends of his. They all went to dinner and talked, catching up on everything that had happened over the past year.

"Speaking of women, you should have been here Monday night, Taker." Animal said. Mark's friends liked to used his character name. "Why's that?" Mark asked. "We met this woman...." He began. "You mean Cross?" Pyro asked, interupting him. Animal smiled. "Yeah, Cross." "Was she hot?" Mark asked, amused at his friends' unusual enthusiasm over a woman. "She was hot alright, but not the way you think. She wasn't the sexiest woman I've ever seen, but she was....I don't know....different." Animal answered. Mark looked at him questionably. "It was the way she carried herself, her personality, charisma, charm.... She looked shy, quiet, feminine, but she was the opposite, she likes bikes, even rebuilt the one she rode here." Stan answered. "Yeah." Pyro agreed, "And you should have seen her tattoo. It was right here." He said pointing to the back of his shoulder. "She pulled her shirt up to show us without a second thought." Mark smiled, "Looks like I missed out on one hell of a show." He said, knowing it wasn't the tattoo Pyro had been looking at. "So, where is she now?" Mark asked. "We don't know." Stan said, looking disappointed, "Blade took her to Demon's to get a tattoo and we haven't seen either one of them since." Mark burst out laughing at the thought of this beautiful young woman choosing Blade over the younger ones. They talked for awhile longer, then Mark said goodnight and left, promising to party with them tomorrow night. He drove back to his room and walked inside, his back aching. He took a long hot shower, letting the water flow over his sore muscles until it started to run cold. He stepped out of the shower, dried off, and climbed into bed. Closing his eyes, he tried to picture the woman his friends had told him about, and fell asleep.

Chapter Four

The week had gone by way too fast for Tess. She was having the time of her life. Blade was great, taking her everywhere she wanted to go, introducing her to all his friends, and showing her the sites. She enjoyed his company, but felt guilty about keeping him from his friends all week. He reassured her that she wasn't keeping him from his friends, and, given the chance, they would have done the same thing. They sat in McDonald's eating dinner talking about all they had done that week. "I can't believe I have to leave tomorrow. It seems like I just got here." Tess said, taking another bite of her Big Mac. "Yeah, this week has gone by pretty fast, but it's not over yet." He replied with a grin. "What do you mean?" She asked suspiciously. "Well, you know those friends of mine you've been keeping me from all week?" He asked. "Yes...." "Well, they're all getting together tonight, and I thought you might like to go." He said. "Um....Sure, why not. It'll be fun." She answered smiling. "Wait a minute. How do you know about this? I thought you haven't talked to them." "We do this every year. It's kind of a tradition." He replied. "Oh." She asid finishing her coke. They talked for a few minutes then went back to their hotels.

Mark sat down at the table with a few other men. "Where is everyone?" He asked. "Haven't shown up yet." Animal answered. "You think Blade will make it?" Mark asked. He seemed to be the only one who hadn't run into him or met the woman he was with. "Yeah, he wouldn't miss this." Animal replied. "No? He's missed everything else this week." Virus said. "Can't blame him. Did you see that chick he was with?" Demon asked walking up behind them. "Yeah, we saw her." Pyro answered with a grin. "Didn't you give her a tattoo the other night?" Stan asked. "Yeah." Demon answered smiling. "She wanted your demon." Demon said looking at Mark, and pointed to the tattoo. Mark looked at him. "Did you give it to her?" He asked. Demon laughed. "Yes, I did." "Where did she get it?" Pyro asked, still grinning. "Man, don't you ever think about anything else?" Stan asked him. Pyro glared at Stan. "On her right upper arm." Demon answered sitting down. They talked and drank while the others showed up, betting on whether or not Blade would show up and if he did, if he would bring Cross with him. Mark's curiosity was peaked, he had to meet the woman who had caught the attention all these men. Face owned the bar and, being one of the group, had closed the bar to the public for the night.

Blade walked in the bar and made his way over to the bar for a beer, then to the pool tables. "Well, look who decided to join the land of the living." Demon said as Blade walked toward them. They all turned toward Blade and said hello as they looked past him, hoping to find Tess. "Hey, man!" He said to Mark, giving him a pat on the back. "What's up, man? I heard you found yourself a hot one." Blade laughed. "Oh, is that what they've been telling you?" He asked. "So, where is she?" Animal asked, looking toward the door. "Keep your pants on, she's coming. She wanted to take care of a couple of things before she came." Blade answered, taking a drink of his beer. Demon smiled when Blade said she was coming, which made Mark want to meet this woman even more. Demon had never looked forward to seeing a woman, not even to have sex. They just weren't that important to him. "What kinds of things?" Demon asked. "Does it matter?" Blade asked. "No, I was just curious." Demon answered. Blade laughed. "She wanted to take a shower, call her husband, and check her email. Any thing else you want to know?" Blade said. "Husband. She's married?" Pyro asked. "Yeah, ten years." "You sure seem to know alot about her. What did you two do all week?" Stan asked. Blade picked up a pool stick, bent over, and took his shot, knocking in two balls. "Not that it's any of your business, but we didn't do anything. I told you, she's married. Besides, if she were going to mess around, it wouldn't be with me." He answered, sinking one more. "You sure about that?" Mark asked. Blade may be older than most of the others, but women still thought he was attractive. Blade scratched, then stood up and looked at Mark. "I'm sure." He said grinning, remembering the conversation he and Tess had about wrestling the day before. He didn't think to tell her that Mark would be here tonight if he made it to Bike Week this year. Mark bent over, his back to the door, to take his shot.

Tess took a deep breath and opened the door. She recognized most of the people here, friends of Blade and their ol' ladies. She looked around for a moment then spotted Pyro by the pool tables. She saw him smile when he saw her, then smiled back and started walking toward him. One by one, they turned toward her, making her feel like she was on display in a showroom window. "Hey babe! You have any problems finding this place?" Blade asked. "Nope, easy as pie." Mark missed the shot completely as he heard the woman's voice, it sounded very familiar. He stood up and turned around, only to find she was facing the other way. 'Nice ass.' He said to himself. Blade smiled. "Cross, I want you to meet one more friend of mine." He said pointing to someone behind her. She smiled and turned around. "It's nice to m...." She stopped mid sentence as she looked up at Mark. Mark's eyes grew wide, his mouth fell open as he looked down at her. "You." He said. "Hi." She answered smiling. "You two know each other?" Demon asked. "We met once." Mark answered. "Nice to see you again." He said to Tess. "It's nice to see you too." She replied. 'You're doing it again. Stop acting like a love sick teenager!' She told herself. "Would you like a beer?" Mark asked. "Sure." Tess answered. Mark smiled, took her by the hand and led her to the bar.

Tess sat down on the stool beside Mark. "Two beers." He told the guy behind the bar. Tess wanted desperately to say something, but was at a loss for words. The feelings she had the first time they met came rushing back, filling every part of her, setting her body on fire. The bartender sat the beers down and left them alone. "I didn't think I'd see you here." She said, breaking the silence. Mark smiled. He was trying to keep himself under control, but found it very hard with her sitting so close to him, he wanted to tear her clothes off and take her right here on the bar. "I wouldn't miss Bike Week." He replied, gaining a little more control. She smiled back at him. 'I'll have to remember that.' She said to herself. "You seem to have made alot of new friends this week." He said, motioning toward the guys playing pool. "Yeah, I guess I did." She replied glancing back over her shoulder. He lightly traced the outline of the demon on her arm. "Oh, I hope you don't mind." She said. Smiling wider, he said, "I don't mind. It looks good on you." "Thank you." She said, blushing slightly. She brushed a few strands of hair out of her face and, without realizing what she was doing, started twirling the strands around her finger. Mark leaned toward her slightly. "So, how long are you staying?" She asked. "I'm leaving in the morning." He answered. She felt his arm brush lightly against hers. "What about you?" He asked, leaning a little closer, resting his arm next to hers. "I'm heading out in the morning." She answered. "You sound disappointed." He replied. She felt his arm against her shoulder "I am a little. I don't think I've ever had this much fun before. Too bad it has to end so soon." He leaned closer. "It doesn't have to." He said. She turned her head forward slightly, he was so close, if came any closer she would kiss him. "Let's get outta here." He breathed on her neck.

Chapter Five

Mark watched Tess walk through the hotel room door, then followed her inside, closing the door behind him. He wanted to enjoy her body, and for her to enjoy his. Taking her by the arm, he turned her around to face him. He gently stroked the side of her face, down her jaw, her throat, around to the back of her neck, across her shoulder blade, over her shoulder, down her arm, then back up again. Her skin was soft and warm, and he struggled once again to gain control of his body as electricity flowed through him. His fingers travled back across her shoulder, up her throat, over her jaw, and back around to the back of her neck. He stepped closer, looking down at her, placed his free hand on her lower back, pulled her close to him, and, leaning over, kissed her. He pressed his tounge against her lips and into her mouth, exploring every inch. The world slowly began to fade away, leaving only him and Tess. He heard her moan as his lips moved over her jaw down her neck, making him want her even more. He moved his hands down her back to the waistband of her jeans and stopped kissing her neck long enough to pull her tee shirt up over her head, then tossed it aside. He touched the top of her breasts with both hands, slowly moving down over her bra, feeling her nipples harden through the cloth. He reached around her and unfastened her bra, and, letting it fall to the floor. He leaned over, kissing her lips again then slowly kissed his way down to her breasts. He took her breast with one hand, rolling her nipple between his fingers as he covered the other with his mouth, sucking and nibbling, as she tangled her fingers in his hair. He took a deep breath, inhaling her scent as his mouth moved to her other breast. She moaned as he continued to nibble and suck, then as he kissed his way down her belly. He unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans as his lips travled slowly down her tummy, covering every inch of her exposed skin with his lips.

He stood up and gently laid her back on the bed. He pulled off her boots and socks, then went back to where he left off, kissing her tummy. He pulled her jeans down over her hips, kissing her exposed skin as he did, and down her legs, and tossed them aside. He kissed the inside of her thighs, moving up to the hot moist spot between her legs, tasting her juices through the thin fabric. He felt his member throbbing in his jeans, begging to be released, to be buried deep inside her. He pulled off her panties, his hands gliding back up over her legs and thighs. Kneeling on the bed between her legs, he looked down at her, his hands once again touching her, feeling her soft warm body. He loved the way her skin felt beneath his hands. He bent over her, kissing her again as his hand covered the wet bed of curls between her thighs. He spread her open with his finger, rubbing her hardened bud as his tounge invaded her mouth. He inserted one finger inside her, then two, moving them in and out, her hips lifting with the rythm of his hand. He sucked and bit the tender skin of her neck, her moans becoming louder, her breath shallow, and felt her walls close tightly around his fingers as she screamed out his name.

He opened her again and lapped up all the juices her body had given him. He flicked her bud with his tounge then began to suck, making her moan again, then thrust his tounge inside her, imitating the movements of his fingers. His hands carressed her body as he made love to her with his tounge. Her moans turned to wimpers as he continued his assault, which only turned him on more. He grabbed her by her hips as she squirmed beneath him, holding her still. Her back arched and she screamed again as another orgasm washed over her. He moved back up her body, positioning himself over her.

He pushed himself inside her, and moved slowly at first, wanting to make this last as long as he could. He loved the feel of her skin against his, her body surrounding him, her lips on his. He moaned as she kissed his chest and, having more control over his body, began moving faster, thrusting harder. Her fingernails dug into his back, her back arched, her body trembled, and she screamed out his name, as she came. Thrusting faster and harder, his body tensed and he sreamed as he exploded deep inside her. He rolled off her, pulled her trembling body close to him, and held her, his own body trembling from it's release.

Chapter Six

Tess lay with her head on Mark's shoulder, her leg drapted over his, her body pressed against his, his arm resting along the length of her back and across her waist, as she tried to calm her trembling body. She could hear his heart pounding in his chest and feel the heat radiating from his body. Lightly, she traced the outline of the tattoo on his tummy, up the imaginary line in the middle of his chest to his throat. She leaned up as her fingers travled up his throat to his face, and looked at him, wanting to memorize his every feature. Brushing the hair away from his face, she ran her fingers along his jawline, over his cheek, across his forehead, and traced his lips with her finger tips. She was barely aware of his hand as he stroked her hair. She leaned over and gently kissed his his soft warm lips, then slowly made her way down his face to his neck, sucking, licking, and biting at his skin as her hand caressed his chest. His breath became shallow as she replaced her hand with her lips, covering every inch of his massive chest with light kisses. Finding his nipple, she bit down gently, sucked, and licked until she heard him moan, then turned her attention to the other before continuing her desent down his body. She traced the outline of his tattoo with her tounge, the same way she had before with her finger, then continued down to his navel, circling around the edge, and dipping her tounge in the small shallow pool. She could feel the moister between her legs as she devoured his body, her passion rising, then she noticed that he was beginning to get aroused again.

She positioned herself between his legs, took his limp member in her hand and closed her mouth over the head. She could taste her juices on him, combnined with his, his scent overwelming her sences, as she sucked him into her mouth. Slowly, she began to move, feeling him harden as she pulled him into her mouth and pushed him out. She felt his hands on her head as he guided her mouth over his shaft, his fingers tangling themselves in her hair. Letting him slip out completely, she licked from the head of his shaft to the base, down to his balls, and taking one at a time, sucked them, then slowly and firmly, she licked back up to the head. Opening her mouth again, she buried him deep in her throat, sucking hard, and thrust him, almost painfully, in and out of her mouth. Feeling that he was on the verge of release, she released him.

Slowly, she kissed her way back up his body, once again covering every inch of his large form with her lips, feeling his hardness pressing against her chest, body, then womanhood as she made her way up. She claimed his lips with hers in a kiss that was full of passion and desire, telling him without words how much she wanted him, needed him. Slowly, she impaled herself on him, feeling every ridge of his hardened shaft as he filled her up. Moving at a steady pace, she began grinding her hips into his. Her body felt as if it were being split into, as she was sore from their last session, and he was incredibly large, but this only made her want it more, moving faster, pulling herself off of him and driving herself down onto him again. She felt his hands on her hips as she arched her back, screaming as waves of pleasure washed over her body, covering him with her juices. Feeling his hand on her face, she looked down at him and saw him watching her. Leaning over, she kissed his chest as she began to move again, and almost instantly felt another orgasm washing over of her body.

In one quick move, he rolled over, still inside her, and gently stroked the side of her face. "You're incredible." He breathed, looking deep into her eyes. She smiled before his lips claimed hers in a kiss. He began moving inside her, slowly at first then faster, and harder. He felt her fingernails digging into his back, heard her wimpering his name, and felt her walls tighten around him as he drove her over the edge again and again. She wrapped her legs around him, pulling him deeper inside her. His thrusts bacame hard, painful, and she screamed in pain and in pleasure. He threw his head back, his body tense, he screamed as he exploded inside her.

Exhausted, he fell on top of her, landing on his arms as not to hurt her, then lay down beside her. Tired and out of breath, he pulled her to him again and held her close to him, her breath on his skin, her heart pounding against him. He took her chin in his hand, lifted her face to his, and kissed her gently on the lips. Taking his face in her hand, she kissed him back, then settled back down in the comfort of his arms.

They awoke to the ringing of the phone. Noticing the time, Tess got out of bed while he talked and got dressed then went into the bathroom to freshen up, not having time to take a shower. When she walked back into the room, he was wearing a pair of jeans and was gathering his things from around the room. She wasn't sure what to say, if she should say anything at all, as she had never done anything like this before. He walked over to her and in that deep silky voice of his, said, "I had a good time last night." Tess smiled. "So did I." She replied. They stood, looking at each other for what seemed like an eternity. "Well, I'd better go." Tess said, finally breaking the silence. "Yeah, I've gotta get going too." He replied. Tess nodded then, almost reluctantly, walked to the door. She didn't want to leave, but she knew she couldn't stay, and neither could he. She opened the door and felt his hand on her shoulder as he turned her to face him. "Thank you." He said, then pulled her into his arms and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around his neck letting his kiss take over all her sences until he finally broke the kiss, leaving then both breathless. "I'll see you around." He said smiling. Tess smiled back. "See ya." She replied then turned, before she jumped him again, and walked to her bike. He watched her as she rode away, back to her life and out of his.

The End
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