Romance on the Road
By Raven

Raven drives her Harley to the arena just like she did for the past two years. She had gotten a job with the WWF in 1990 thanks to her brother Ronnie. Her brother helps to unload and load the equipment trucks and the setting up and tearing down the ring. They came from a biker family. Their parents were killed in a motorcycle accident in 1994 and the WWF quickly became there second family full of love and support. She parked her bike and went looking for her brother.

She passes a few wrestlers in the hallway that came in early. Some of them did to warm up. She found her brother helping one of the guys unload a motorcycle from one of the trucks. A white Harley that belonged to the Undertaker.

"You know, if I were you, I’d be careful with that thing," she yelled walking across the parking garage as she got closer to the truck.

"Hey, Raven," Bill says. Bill was setting up the wide ramp so that her brother could roll the bike down off the truck.

"If you scratch it, your as good as dead, Ron," she smiles.

"Shut up, Raven. This fucking thing is heavy as hell. It won’t start and if I don’t get it fixed before Taker gets here, he’s going to be pissed." He kicks the stand down as soon as it was off the ramp.

Raven squats down beside the bike and looks it over. Coming from a biker family, she knew how to fix all kinds of bikes including her own. "It sounds like it wants to start but it won’t turn over," he says scratching his head.

"Well, if that’s the case, the carburetor needs to be cleaned out or replaced," she says standing back up.

"Thanks, sis," he says patting her on the shoulder.

"No problem. See you later. I’m headed out for some lunch. Be back later to help set up," she says waving bye as she walks off to her bike.

She strolled down the hallway looking more like a tomboy than a woman. She never dressed in feminine clothes unless she had to. She wore tight jeans, biker boots or hiking type boots, long sleeved shirts to cover her arms that were sleeved in tattoos, leather biker gloves, bandana to keep her long dark auburn hair out of her way and dark sunglasses when she was out riding. Basically she looked like a female version of the Undertaker except she was 5’ 10" and 160 lbs of all muscle. Her hair was about three inches above her waist, which mostly was in a ponytail at the base of her neck and she had baby blue eyes. Once she got to her bike, she grabs her duster, puts it on and swings her leg over. She sits down and the bike starts with a roar. She revved it a few times and heads out to eat somewhere.

A few hours later she returns to the arena, pumped and ready to work. She drove into the arena and parked it close to where her brother had just finished fixing Takers bike. She kicks the stand down and just sits on her bike looking over at her brother.

"Get it fixed?" she questions.

"Yeah, just finished and thank god Takers not here yet. Knowing that his bike was running right would have really pissed him off," he says with a little nervousness in his voice.

"Yeah, really. Is he scheduled for tonight?" she asks.

"Yeah. Do in anytime," he says wiping his hands off.

"Thanks," she says restarting her bike and parking it down in a hallway.

She hops off her bike. She takes her duster off, folds it up and places it on a WWF supply crate. She slides a few crates together and lays down on the them all stretched out. She crosses her legs over at the ankles, places her hands on her stomach with her fingers laced together and laying her head on the folded duster with her shades covering her eyes from the bright lights. She was going to take a short nap before it was time to set up.

She lays there dreaming about the first time she saw the Undertaker. His dark image still haunting her mind like it was yesterday. After working for the WWF for ten years, she’s only seen Undertaker walking through the halls. Over the years she’s seen him go through some changes but she liked his new bad ass biker look. She has always had a thing for him but never had the nerve to act on it. After all, look how big and muscular he was, not to mention drop dead gorgeous.

Two hours later she’s awakened by a deep and husky voice. She pulls her shades off, rubes her eyes and turns her head to see who was disturbing her. When her vision had cleared, she was looking at an open black sweat jacket and the B. S. K. Pride tattoo on the Undertakers stomach. She put her shades back on, sat up and turned herself sideways so that her legs hung off the side of the crate.

"Yes," she says sharply through her shades and putting on her biker gloves.

"Where’s my bike?" he asks huskily sounding a little pissed.

"Its out in the parking garage next to the other bikes out there," she says getting off the crate and standing before him almost mocking his stance.

"Thanks," he says walking off with his duster dragging on the floor as he walked down the hall.

She remembered that her bike was parked out there next to his and her brothers. She hoped that he wouldn’t find out that hers was the one with the graveyard scene on it. She designed it and had it painted up after Taker left the last time.

‘Oh my god! He actually talked to me after ten years. A descent conversation any way,’ she thought and feeling really happy. She picked up her duster and headed to the arena to help set up.

"Well, looks like sleeping beauty’s awake," one of the guys chuckled as she walked down the ramp almost imitating Takers walk.

"Shut up, smart ass," she snapped back.

She laid her duster on one of the chairs and helped the guys secure the rope to the ring posts. She was very strong and could pull her own weight, sometimes even more than a few of the crew put together. Taker found his white Harley sitting next to two other Harleys. One dark blue and the other had a graveyard scenes all over it. ‘A very dark and beautiful image on a beautiful piece of machinery. Wonder who owns it?’ he thought to himself as he swung his leg over his bike and sat down. He started his bike and drove it down close to the curtain entrance of the stage ramp.

Taker decided he needed a good hot shower before the show after the long rough flight he had getting there. He headed to his locker room. The thought of who could own that dark demonic bike wondered through his mind as he undressed and stepped into the shower under the hot running water. The hot water seemed to wash away all of Takers aches and pains of a broken heart. About two years ago, his wife left him and he’s been heartbroken ever since but still remained friends with her. Never letting another woman in for fear of being hurt again. He places his massive hands on wall and places his head under the running water letting it soak his auburn hair. The water flows over his hair, his massive inked arms and bare body.

Once she was done helping the guys set up, she went to help the rest of the crew run wires and do sound checks. She grabs her duster, walks up the ramp heading to the back through the curtain. She walks down the hall carrying her duster and picking up her duffle bag by the crates where she left it earlier. She headed to the staff locker room and hung her duster on one of the hooks on the wall after placing her duffle bag in one of the lockers.

Taker climbs out of the shower dripping wet as he reached for a towel. He dries his massive and muscular body as if he were trying to wipe away all the pain. He got dressed all except his bandana and glasses. He heads down the hall to make-up so that one of the girls can blow dry his hair, especially Cindy. She knew how to get it just right.

Raven heads back out into the hall to go help the guys hang the cables. She needs to hang a few up really high but there’s no ladder around. Just then, Paul Wight, aka, Big Show comes strolling down the hall.

"Hey, Paul, give me a hand please," she asks as he walks towards her.

"What do you need?" he asks.

"Well, I need to hang these cables up but there’s no ladder and your taller than any ladder," she chuckles lightly.

"True," he nods.

"So, can you help me out?" she asks.

"Sure," he smiled at her.

Paul picks her up and puts her on his shoulders. He bends down carefully, picks up the cables and hands them to her and hangs the cables up on a metal beam.

"Is that it?" he asks.

"No. There’s another set over there," she says pointing to a set of cables about 20 feet away on the floor.

Paul holds her still by placing his hands on her legs and walking over to the other set. He, again, bends down carefully handing her up the cables. She hangs them on another metal beam.

"OK. All done," she says.

"OK," he says lifting her from his shoulders and standing her on the floor.

"Thanks," she says wiping her hands on a near by rag.

"Anytime," he says walking down the hall and waving bye.

"Hey, Cindy," Taker says walking up to the make up station.

Cindy has been the make-up artist for the WWF for the past 12 years. She used to do his make-up when he was the deadman when he first started.

"Hi, Mark. Have a seat," she says patting the back rest of the chair.

"I just need it dried," Taker says sitting down in the chair.

"OK." She takes 20 minutes to blow dry his hair and then brushes it out to get all the tangles out. His fiery auburn hair just seemed to glow every time after she worked her ’magic.’ "OK, all done," she says.

"Thanks," he says deeply and softly, heads back to his locker room till its time for his match.

Raven heads back to the employee lounge when she bumps into Taker because she wasn’t watching where she was going.

"Sorry," she says.

As she tries to walk away, a massive hand grabs her upper right arm, but not hard causing her to stop. She feels a fire run through her especially through the ink on her tattooed sleeved arm. She turns her head to see that the arm is covered in tattoos. She looks up into a set of beautiful green jewels and loose flying fiery auburn hair. She was speechless and mesmerized. He stared at her for a moment.

"The least you can do is wait for a response," Taker says softly.

She wanted to die right there. "Sorry, just tired. I need to sit and rest."

"Its alright," Takers says letting go of her arm.

"Hey, good luck tonight," she says walking away backwards and then turning around.

"Thanks," Taker says and walks the opposite way.

She heads off to the employee lounge where she could relax and watch Taker in action. Her brother was in there waiting for her. She grabbed a beer from the ice cooler and sat down in the chair beside him, then props her feet up on another chair as everyone sits and watches the show.

"I hope its good tonight," she says placing the can of beer on the floor.

She removes her leather biker gloves, lays them on her lap and picks up her can of beer again.

"Taker wanted to know who owned the graveyard bike, sis. He seems to like it," Ronnie says. She spits out a mouth full of beer.

"What?! I hope you didn’t tell him it was mine!" she says shockingly.

"No, but I told him that I would try and find out," he says trying to contain his laughter.

After awhile, Triple H comes out with Steph. He runs his mouth about not being in the main event because he was so good. Then, Takers music started. Taker comes out on his bike and did his usual ride around the ring. He got in the ring to confront Triple H. Taker says to Triple H that he was trespassing in his yard. Taker also made reference to his early days of burying people and how much harder it made to reach the top of the mountain. He told Triple H that if he tried him, he’d make him famous. He wasn’t The Rock or The Rattlesnake - he was The Deadman! But, the best part was when Taker told Triple H - "I don’t like you, I don’t respect you and I sure as hell don’t fear you." Triple H tried talking his way out of it but tried a surprise attack Taker but it didn’t work. Taker threw Triple H from his yard! Raven was almost screaming while the whole thing was going on. Her brother just sits and laughs at her in disbelief.

"I know and proud of it," she says as she looked at the monitor and those beautiful green eyes. She felt the fire run through her arm like it did earlier when she bumped into him in the hallway. As they were sitting in the lounge, they heard Takers Titan thunder past.

"Well, looks like its time to put his bike on the truck," Ronnie says getting up.

"Well, shows about over. I’m gonna start wrapping up some of the cables that aren’t being used," she says finishing her beer and putting her gloves back on heading out the door together.

The show was over about an hour later and she headed to the ring to help tear down. She was exhausted and couldn’t wait to get on the bus to get some much needed rest. Taker packed his gear and sat in his locker room, he heard a knock on the door.

"Come in," he mumbled. It was Glen Jacobs, aka, Kane - his characters brother.

"Hey, bro, bus is here. Lets go," Glen says.

"OK." He grabbed his gear and put his duster on.

"Man, you need to move on and forget all about the past," Glen says knowing what was bothering him.

"I know. Lets go," he says as they walked out to the bus.

She heads off to where she parked her bike. It had to be loaded on the truck with Takers. The weather was too bad and she was too tired. She got to her bike and started it up. She drove it to the parking garage where the truck was and had it loaded up. At the same time she was loading her bike, Mark and Glen were headed out to the bus. Mark heard the Harley and went to take a quick look. By the time he got there, the bike was already loaded. Disappointed, he met back up with Glen and headed for the bus. Eventually, everything was loaded and everyone was on there way.

Over the next few weeks, Triple H and Taker would be at each others throats. Then, one Monday night, Regal hands Taker a restraining order against him from Steph. He willing signs the papers. After he signs the papers, he hears a Harley rumbling down the hall and goes to investigate. He wasn’t scheduled for a match, so it wasn’t his. So, he followed the sound to the parking garage.

When he got there, he sees the graveyard bike roll in but can’t tell who’s driving it because of the helmet. So, he moves closer but stays out of sight. The person is dressed in a long black leather duster, black jeans, black shirt, black leather biker gloves and boots. He moves closer to hear but again stays out of site. He sees the person walk over and talk to Ronnie, his personal mechanic.

"Hey, bro," she says removing her helmet and shaking her hair loose.

"Where the hell have you been?" he asks sternly.

"Today was my day off and I went and got another tattoo. This one hurt like hell too, but well worth it," she says.

Taker couldn’t believe his eyes. ‘That beautiful woman own that bike,’ he thought to himself. Also hearing that she got a tattoo caught his interest as well, hoping to get a glimpse of it.

Ronnie was hesitant to ask but did any way. "OK, lets see. Why did you get another one?"

"Well, a few weeks ago I bumped into Taker on my way to the staff lounge. Well, he grabbed my arm but not hard. I felt a fire run through me, especially through the ink on my arms. So, I decided to get one more and hopefully this one will be the last," she says removing her duster.

As Taker was listening, he had no idea he had an effect on her. He almost wanted to smile as he continued to watch and listen.

"So, where is it?" he questioned.

"You have to promise me that you wont tell anyone! I do mean ANYONE," she says sternly.

"Have I ever told anybody about your other tattoos," he says sarcastically.

"No, but once you see it; you’ll understand why I made you promise," she says.

Taker was about to die with curiosity.

"Walk behind me, pull the collar down and carefully pull the bandage off. When your done, put it back carefully. It still hurts and I can still feel the heat."

"On the back of your neck. Are you crazy?" he says slightly raising his voice.

"I know but this one has to stay hidden for a good reason. Trust me."

Ronnie walks behind her as she pulls her hair up. Taker is still able to see despite Ronnie standing behind her. He pulls her collar down, pulls the bandage carefully away to reveal the tattoo of Takers old "T" symbol. Ronnie wasn’t surprised but Taker was.

"Very nice and don’t worry you secret is safe with me," he says placing the bandage back over the tattoo and fixing her collar.

"Thank you. I’m off to the lounge to watch the rest of the show."

Just then, Taker heard Triple H’s music and knows he’s to interrupt the match. So, Taker heads off very quietly and to the stage entrance. She gets to the lounge just in time to see Taker walk out. Big Show almost attacks him but is saved by his baby brother, Kane. Taker gives Kane instructions to chase Steph away from the ring. This gives Taker the chance to attack Triple H. Later, Kane holds Steph above a second floor balcony giving the brothers what they want - matches at Wrestlmania.

Raven couldn’t believe what he did! She had to go congratulate him for such a brilliant plan. She leaves the lounge just in time to see Taker coming up the hallway rubbing his head from a slight headache. Raven acts like she was headed to help with putting stuff away early when he stops her. She felt chills run through the tattoo on the back of her neck.

"Excuse me, miss but could you find me something for a headache and bring it to my locker room," he says deeply. He then realizes its the woman who owns the graveyard bike.

"Sure. Something to drink, too?" He nods in agreement and heads off to his locker room.

Fifteen minutes later, she brings some Tylenol and a bottle of water to Takers locker room and knocks on the door. She felt so nervous. She had been bumping into Taker for the past few weeks - all by accident.

"Come in," a low voice grumbles.

Her hand shaking, she opens the door and walks in. Taker was sitting on a chair putting on his black leather hiking type boots. She calms herself down by taking a deep breath and walking over to him.

"Here you go," she says handing the Tylenol and bottle of water to him.

"Thanks," Taker says placing the pills in his mouth and swallowing them with a mouth full of water.

"Your welcome." She was speechless afterwards.

She turned and started to walk out the door when a massive hand on her shoulder stops her. She swallows hard.

"What’s your hurry?" Taker asks.

"I have work to do and besides there are better looking women around here for you to spend time with," she says smiling not turning to look at him.

Taker removes his hand from her shoulder and she heads for the door - again. "I saw your bike and I like it. Saw it for the first time a few weeks ago but didn’t know who owned it till today. Very nice," Take says crossing his arms across his chest.

She couldn’t believe her ears. He likes her bike. "When did you see me today?" she asks.

"Well, I was headed out for some fresh air, when I saw the bike come rolling in but couldn’t tell who it was and I went to go see. Just as I saw it was you, I had to head back to get ready for tonight," Taker says never mentioning seeing her tattoo.

She felt her cheeks begin to flush. "Thanks. I got it two years ago. I ride it any chance I can get," she says trying to stay cool but feeling the heat on the back of her neck.

Taker walks over to the door and opens it for her. "Well, I guess I better let you get your work done. Need to get things packed and on the road," Taker says.

"Thanks and if you ever need something for a headache, again, just grab me if I’m around," she says trying to walk out the door but couldn’t get out because Taker was in her way. "I can’t let you leave with you standing in my way," she laughed slightly.

"I was wondering if you could do me one more thing for me?" Taker asks.

"What is that?" she asks sounding puzzled.

"I think my headache is being caused by hair being pulled too tight. Would you mind removing the ties in my hair for me? I don’t feel like walking all the way over to make-up to have them do it and I don’t like doing it myself. Besides, your already here," Taker says.

She wanted to die. She had often dreamed of touching his hair to see how silky it felt.

"Well, I cant reach it very well with you standing up. Your gonna have to sit down," she says trying to keep calm.

"Well, how about I just bend down right here," Taker says turning his back to her and squatting down. The feeling of wanting to push him over on the floor and make hot passionate love to him came over her but she shrugged it off the best she could, any way. It wasn’t going to be easy.

With shaking hands, she reached for Takers ponytail. Taker could feel her nervousness as she took out the bottom rubber band. After she gently took the rubber band out, she undid the braid. Then, she grabs his hair gently in one hand and pulled the second rubber band out with the other hand. She lightly fluffs his auburn hair letting some it fall over his shoulders. She could feel the fire run through her fingers and up her arms.

"Alright. All done," she says. He stands up and turns to face her.

"Thanks. My head feels a little better now," he says running his fingers through his hair.

"Well, I got to finish my work so we can get out of here and onto the next stop." "OK, but first your payment," Taker says.

Before she can says a word, he leans down and lightly kisses her on the cheek. It takes a minute to sink in before she faints. Taker catches her as she falls. He has one under arm under her neck and the other under her knees. He carries her to one of the cots at the First Aid Station and lays her down.

He hurries back to his locker room and packs his gear. He puts his duster on, grabs his duffle bag and takes it out the bus. On his way back in, Taker passes Raven’s brother.

"Hey, Undertaker. Have you seen my sister?" Ronnie asks walking towards him.

"Yeah, she brought me something for a headache and I thanked with a kiss on the cheek. Then, she fainted and I took her to the First Aid Station to rest. I hope she’ll be alright," Taker says.

Ronnie wanted to bust out laughing but couldn’t because it would reveal his sisters secret crush on Taker. So, he bit his lip. "She’s probably a little tired too with all the shows so close together," he says sounding concerned but still hiding his laughter.

"Well, I was gonna take her out to one of the buses and have someone tell you so you wouldn’t worry. But, since your here, now you know." Taker says. "OK, just be careful with her," Ronnie says walking away laughing quietly as possible. Taker looked at him with a slight look of surprise before heading back to the First Aid Station.

When he gets there, she’s sitting up on the cot against the wall with her legs folded up against her chest and her head on her knees. He approaches her cautiously and quietly, then sits his seven foot frame down next to her.

"Are you OK?" Taker asks.

"NO! I feel like a fool," she snaps back.

"Why?" he asks placing his arm around her shoulder.

"Because I fainted in front of the most gorgeous man I have ever seen," she says burying her head back between her knees. Taker just smiles.

"Come on, I told your brother I would get you on one of the buses," Taker says.

He couldn’t believe what he just heard. ‘She thinks I’m a nice looking guy,’ he thought. "You didn’t tell him what happened, did you?" she asks raising her head.

"Yeah, but he says it might be because of all the shows together that your exhausted," he says gently rubbing her upper back.

"Yeah that might be it too," she says burying her head back in her knees again.

Taker stands up and extends his hand to her to help her up. She places her feet on the floor, wipes the tears from her face and takes Takers hand. He helps her up and wraps his arm around her waist for support.

"I think I can make it on my own," she says sounding a little stubborn.

"I’m sure you could but I told your brother I would get you to one of the buses and I plan to do just that," he says sternly.

"My duster and duffle bag are in the staff locker room. Its a little cold outside and I don’t need to catch a cold," she says as they walked easily down the hall.

Taker stops which causes her to stop as well.

"Why did you stop?" she asks.

"Well, I don’t need you catching cold. So, I’ll give you mine till I get yours to you. Besides, the cold doesn’t bother me," Taker says removing his duster.

"I can’t. I’ll be fine," she says placing her hand on the wall for support.

"Don’t argue with me and just do it. Besides, the buses are a little cool before they get warmed up," he Taker says wrapping his jacket around her. She grabs the jacket and holds it to her body.

"Thanks," she says softly. Taker then scoops her up and carries her out onto one of the bus and gently places her down in one of the seats. He felt her shake the entire time he carried her.

"What locker is your bag in?"

"18 and my duster is the only one hanging in there," she says wrapping his jacket around herself trying to keep warm.

"OK. I’ll be right back."

After he left, she felt more at ease. She couldn’t believe he couldn’t believe how he showed concern for her. Just then, he brother comes strolling in on the bus grinning from ear to ear.

"Not one word, Ron," she growled at him.

"Wasn’t going to. Did you get your gear?" he says laughing a little.

"No, Taker went to get it for me."

"OK. Well, were almost done. See you later," he says leaving the bus.

"Later," she says laying her head against the head rest of the seat.

About 20 minutes later, Taker returns with her duster and duffle bag. He finds her staring out the window.

"Are you ok?" Taker asks worryingly.

"Yeah, I’m fine. Still just feeling a little embarrassed is all," she says.

"Its alright," Taker says sitting down beside her.

"Listen, I’m still feeling a little groggy. You mind if I get some rest?" she says sadly.

"Nope, not at all. I’ll see you at the next stop. I’m gonna go help Glen pack up his gear," Taker says getting up and walking off the bus.

The next stop would be the worst. She helped set up as she always did but what would happen to Taker would scare her to death. She sat and watched the whole show until what happened to Taker. Triple H had him hand cuffed and arrested again, but the worse was yet to come. Since Taker was arrested, Kane was forced to take on Triple H and Big Show by himself. Taker was doing alright until Triple H started beating up Kane after the match was over.

Finally, Taker couldn’t stand it. He beat the hell out of the cops and headed out to the ring still hand cuffed! Taking cops out as he went to help his brother. When Taker got in the ring, he did his best but was overpowered. Triple H ran his mouth to Taker and then went for the famous sledgehammer. Triple H busted Taker wide open and then ran his mouth some more. Promising that DEADMAN INC goes belly up at Wrestlmania.

Raven sat there almost crying. Taker was busted wide open. She almost tripped and fell trying to hurry out the door. She ran for some towels, Tylenol and some water then heading for the First Aid Station. When she got there, the doctors had just finished putting the staples in his forehead. He was sitting quietly with almost a look of darkness in his eyes. She approaches cautiously and hands Taker the Tylenol and water. He pops the Tylenol and then swallows them with the water. She stands there quietly for a few minutes. She feels a presence of evil stare at her through his eyes. It gives her a chill through her body. She turns to leave him to his thoughts when she feels a massive hand wrap around her wrist. "Please...(pause)...stay," Taker says very deeply and softly. "Are you sure? You look like you need some time to be by yourself to calm down," she says looking deep into his beautiful green eyes. He could see the concern for him in her eyes. She was scared of him at that moment because he could feel her shaking while holding her wrist. Taker released his grip on her wrist and lowered his head. "I have to help start packing some things early," she says slowly backing away from him.

As she started to back away, he stood up and used the towel to try and wipe some of the blood away from his face. She wanted to cry but held back the tears. She grabbed the bottle of water from the floor and poured it onto the towel she had in her hand. She threw the bottle away and walked slowly towards Taker. Taker felt a feeling of passion flow through him as she slowly and gently began to wipe the blood from his face with the wet towel. But, he knew this wasn’t the right time or place to express it.

"There, all cleaned up," she says trying to smile. "Thank you," Taker says looking at her. "Your welcome. If you’ll excuse me Taker, but I have work to do," she says throwing the towel on the table. Taker places his hands on her shoulders. "Can I give you something but you have to promise not to faint on me again," he says slightly smiling. "Sure," she says curiously. Taker pulls her toward him and wraps his muscular inked arms around her giving her a gentle hug. She was unsure if she should hug him back. So she very....very slowly reached her arms up, wrapped them around Takers body and placed her hands on his back. Taker rubbed her back softly. She felt a fire run through her wanting to make sweet and passionate love to him. She turned her head and laid it on his chest hearing his heart beat. Taker felt the same fire when she did that. The hug seemed to last forever but she finally broke it.

"I’m sorry but I have work to do," she says hanging her head down. "Its alright. I’ll catch you later," Taker says raising her head with his fingers under her chin. She walks off to go help the guys start packing up some of the cables and monitors. She couldn’t help but think about the hug and the fire that flowed through her body. When the show was done, they packed all the equipment and it was off to the next few house shows.

She was able to avoid Taker easily for the next few days because he had off. She didn’t know if she would be able to handle being around him. The next few days she was walking around in almost a dream state. She took Monday night off because she was still unsure of her feelings for Taker but Tuesday it would be back to work as normal.

She did her work as normal and headed for the staff lounge to watch the show. With only days away from Wrestlmania, the tension was building. She couldn’t wait. She was excited about the big show and couldn’t wait to set things up. It would take all day to set up for the event.

The show started with Triple H coming to ring with Steph and six cops. Triple H ran his mouth about how he was going to beat Taker at Wrestlmania and how good he was but not in the main event. Then, Takers music started and out strolled Taker. He had a new outfit and man did he look better than ever. He had a new shirt that said TRY ME I’LL MAKE YOU FAMOUS, new black leather pants and new black leather boots. Taker responded to all of Triple H’s little remarks, slowly making his way down the ramp closer to the ring. Then, Steph piped up about the restraining order and told the cops to arrest Taker. Taker told the princess to shut her mouth. Then, Taker went on to say that he figured that the cops would be there waiting on him so he made a few phone calls of his own. The first call was to a lawyer. The second call was to a bail bondsman assuring Triple H if he gets arrested he will be out in twelve hours. The third call was to 911 telling Steph that her husband was about to be in the need of medical help.

Taker pushed his way easily through the cops, slid in the ring and gave Triple H a small taste of things to come at Wrestlmania. The cops climbed into the ring and managed to grab Taker and get him under control. Then, Takers music played as Steph pushed Triple H back up the ramp. Taker mouthed that Triple H’s ass belong to him. Taker told the cops that they could take him to jail because he’d probably be out by the time he got there and that he would get to bust Triple H’s ass in a few days. Taker laughed the whole time he was being taken out of the arena in hand cuffs.

Raven couldn’t believe it - arrested again but he’d be back hopefully and he was! After the show, he came back and helped his brother out. Triple H had come out after the match was done but he got a big surprise when Taker came running down the ramp to his brothers aid. Taker got the chance to bust Triple H’s ass a little more before Wrestlmania.

Raven saw Taker run by her and through the curtains out to the ring. She felt her heart flutter as she continued to help pack the equipment and head for Houston for Wrestlmania. She would also be helping to set up the lights and equipment at the fan axxess. She didn’t know it but that night was going to be a night to remember.

Her brother Ronnie headed to Houston early which left her alone for a few days but she could handle herself. So, when everything was packed up, she heads for one of the buses. She would be riding with Kane, ACOLYTES, Jacqueline, Undertaker, a few crew and security guards but guards were required on the buses. She was the last one to leave and finding out she had to be stuck with Taker didn’t thrill her after what has happened the last few weeks. So, she strolls onto the bus, drops her duffle bag on the floor and plops down in one of the seats. Faarooq, Bradshaw and Jacqueline were already sitting playing cards, drinking beer and smoking cigars. Kane was reading a book and Taker was sitting on the small couch watching something on motorcycles with his shades on.

She took off her duster and laid it over top of her so she could stay warm. She could see Taker out of the corner of her eye through her shades that she had still on, sitting on a small couch. She always slept better with them on. Finally, the buses were on there way to Houston and everyone was excited.

Hours later on a dark stretch of highway, Raven wakes up. When she wakes up, Taker wasn’t around. He must have went to bed. Kane was asleep with the book open face down on his lap. She stretches as she stands up. She went to the bathroom before cleaning up the mess on the table left behind by ACOLYTES and Jacqueline. There was beer cans, cigars, ashes and playing cards all over the table. So, after she was done, she needed a drink herself. She grabbed a bottle of soda from the fridge. As she turns around, she bumps into Taker causing her to drop the plastic bottle. She never heard him walk up behind her. He caught the bottle in mid air as it fell.

"You scared the hell out of me!" she whispers at him trying not to wake anyone. "Sorry, I needed a drink. Didn’t mean to scare you," Taker says handing her the bottle. "Thank you," she says taking it. He was still in his new outfit that he had on at the arena. "Listen, I’m not tired. You wanna talk in my room so we don’t wake anybody?" Taker asks. She grabs the bottle with both hands trying to stay calm. Then, she finally agrees by nodding her head.

Taker takes her back to his room. She could feel herself shake very badly, so she took a drink to try and calm herself. It helped a little. Taker opens his door and motions for her to come in. She walks in and he closes the door most of the way as he walks over and lays back down on his bed. She folds her arms across her chest while propping herself up against the wall after sitting her soda on the floor.

She scans the room as she enters. The room was completely dark with the exception of two black lights that were on. His bed was adorned with black sheets. There was an open closet that held all of his outfits from beginning to present. There was a night stand beside the bed and an in wall dresser with a stereo sitting on top playing some Kid Rock. Then, she turns her attention back to Taker laying flat on his back on the bed with his fingers laced behind his head. Still having the sunglasses, bandana and leather gloves on.

"Nice little room for a man of your size," she says squeaking a little. "Thanks. You can come and sit down. I won’t bite," Taker says deeply. "I know you don’t bite except Triple H in a few days," she says trying to break the ice a little better between them. Taker let out one of his quiet evil laughs. She makes her way slowly to the edge of the bed and sits down with her back to Taker.

Taker does his classic sit up and swings his legs over the side so that he’s sitting beside her. "Are you ready for Wrestlmania for your fight with Triple H?" she asks trying not to look at him. "As ready as I’ll ever be. Its gonna be good," Taker smiles. She manages to turn her head slightly and look at him through her sunglasses out of the corner of her eye and see him smile. She got up enough courage to be honest with him. "Your smile is one of the best things about you," she says nervously. "Thanks. Not too many women tell me that," Taker says removing his sunglasses and laying them on the nightstand. She saw the reflection of the black light in his mesmerizing green eyes. She slowly removed her sunglasses and lays them on the nightstand next to Takers. "You have beautiful eyes," Taker says looking deep into her baby blue eyes. She felt her face begin to flush so its a good thing the room was pretty dark.

She turned her head down and faced the floor. She wanted to tell Taker how she felt and couldn’t stand to look at him when she told him. "Taker, I have to tell you something that only my brother knows and I feel so embarrassed telling you too. But, I think you have a right to know how I feel about you," she says trying to hide her nervousness. "OK, I’m listening," he says placing his hand on her back. Suddenly, she felt the fire run through her again like it did a few days ago. Then, she finally says it, "Taker, I finally admitted to myself that I’m falling for you. I’m in love with you, not your character, you yourself. There I said it. I feel better - I think?" She couldn’t believe she told Taker how she felt. There was a moment of silence before he answered her. "To be honest. I found myself beginning to fall in love with you too. I have been ever since I saw you ride in the arena on your bike a few weeks ago. And after my last relationship, I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to love another woman again," Taker says softly.

She couldn’t believe her ears. He felt the same way and was beginning to feel more relaxed around him. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she wanted to let her hair down but couldn’t when Taker placed his hand over hers. She moved her hand only to realize Taker might see the tattoo on the back of her neck. Taker gently and carefully pulled her ponytail holder from her hair when he noticed the tattoo again on the back of her neck. "What’s this? My old T symbol tattooed on the back of your neck?" he questions even though he saw it once before. She swallows hard and answered him, "Yeah, I got it a few weeks ago on my day off. Its my last one." "Do you have more tattoo’s?" Taker asks. "Yeah, but I don’t show them to anybody because I don’t want to offend any one," she says turning and sitting sideways on the bed facing Taker. "You won’t offend me. Look at my arms," Taker says moving his arms. "I know but if you would see mine you might change your mind," she says looking at him. "How about you show me and let me be the judge," Taker says turning sideways on the bed and facing her.

She turns her back to him and unbuttons her DEADMAN INC work shirt. "I need you to please help pull my shirt off, my shoulders are sore. Don’t worry I have a tank top on underneath just to let you know." Taker smiled an evil grin. "OK, pull gently," she says nervously. Taker places his hands on the shoulder parts of her shirt and pulls gently.

As he pulls it off gently, he sees that starting at her shoulder her arms are sleeved with tattoos. Taker is a little surprised but not shocked to see both her arms sleeved in in tattoos. She has two or three typical biker tattoos but the rest were gothic, dark, demonic and some were even vampiric. She had to be careful not to let Taker see the tattoo on her upper left arm. It was a full body figure tattoo of Taker with floor length black angel wings dressed in his old all black wrestling outfit from 98. She held out her arms so that Taker could look at all her tattoos except the one on her upper left arm. So, she places her right hand over Takers face of the tattoo. "Very nice. Let me see the rest of them," Taker says pointing to her upper left arm. "I would but this ones personal. Not even my brother knows I have this one," she says still holding her hand over the face of the tattoo. "Alright, I can respect that," Taker says. "Thanks," she says turning her left side away from him.

Taker could see that she was slightly built. "Could you help me take my braid out again? You did it so gently last time," Taker asks her smiling evilly. "Very funny...but yeah sure," she says. She slides back on the bed and kneels behind him. "The bandana too," Taker says deeply. She chuckles a little. Taker sits up straight on the bed for her.

She gently places her fingers on his forehead at the bottom edge of the bandana revealing the scar from the staples as she gently pulls it back over his head. Then, she gently pulls out the rubber band, undoes the braid and fluffs his hair. She peaks her head around the left side of him, placing her hands on his shoulders and says, "All done." Taker turns to look at her. He softly reaches up with his right hand and slowly pushes her bandana back off her head letting her hair fall loosely around her face. She froze not knowing what to expect.

Taker stands up. He turns around to face her and extends his hand for her. She takes his hand and he pulls her up off the bed to her feet and she now stands facing Taker. Should could feel both fire and chills running through her body. She waited, unsure what to do.

Taker takes her hands and places them on the upper part of his chest. She moved her hands and laced her fingers behind his neck. She could smell the faint smell of his masculine cologne. He wraps his arms around her waist as he leans down and kisses her softly on the lips. She returns the kiss but deepens it.

While locked in the kiss, Taker bends down and scoops her up in his arms. He lays her down on the bed and then positions himself over her on his hands and knees. His hair falls to either side hiding their faces. He leans down and kisses her again as she places her hands on his arms and deepens the kiss. As she deepens the kiss, he growls deep in his throat with pleasure.

She removes her leather gloves as they are kissing and throws them on the floor. Taker reaches down to loosen his shirt from his pants when he felt a hand on his wrist. Taker broke the kiss and looked down at her. "Allow me," she says sexily reaching down and pulling his shirt loose from his pants. She pulls his shirt off over his head to reveal his muscular chest and the B. S. K. PRIDE tattoo on his stomach. She throws the shirt on the floor. She reaches to down to take hers off when she felt his hand stop her. "My turn," he says very deeply with an evil grin on his face. Taker sits up on his legs and pulls her up so she can sit up. Taker pulls her tank top loose from her jeans, then pulls it off over her head to reveal a black lacey bra. With one hand Taker, reaches around her back an unfastens he hooks of the bra. Then, he pulled if off very slowly and then throws the tank top and bra on the floor. Taker then removes his leather gloves and threw them on the floor.

She lays back down slowly pulling Taker down with her. He positions himself over her again. "Why don’t you come down here closer to me," she says sexily. "Are you sure I won’t be too heavy on you?" Taker asks with concern his voice. "If your too heavy and crush me, at least I’ll die a happy woman," she smiled. Taker smiled back at her. Taker lays down on her, then pulls her as he rolls over on his side. Their bare chests pressed together with their legs intertwined, they could feel each others heat as they wrapped their inked arms around each other. Taker kisses her deeply, gently slipping his tongue into her mouth. She moans with enjoyment in response as she rakes her nails over his back. Taker growls deep in his chest and pulls her closer. Taker moves his hands down her back to her ass and squeezes gently. She again raked her nails across his back and moaning with pleasure. Then, she moves her hand down Takers back and squeezes his ass gently. Taker responds by rolling over on his back and pulling her on top of him.

He wraps his arm around her and gives her a gentle hug. "What was that for?" she asks. "For showing me that there is love out there in the world and that I wasn’t meant to spend my life alone," Taker says looking at her. "I will spend the rest of my life proving to you how much I love you," she says kissing him on his scar from the staples. "What do you say we get under these covers," Taker says stroking her cheek with the back of his fingers. She nods in agreement, then rolls off Taker and off the bed.

She stands up with her left side to the door so Taker wouldn’t be able to see the tattoo and removes her shoes. Taker sat up and swung his legs over the side of the bed. He removes his boots and then stands to remove his pants but she stops him. She places her hands on his and slowly shakes her head in disapproval. Taker removes his hands and laces his fingers up behind his head as she slowly undoes his belt and then the zipper on his leather pants. Taker rolls his eyes back and almost falls from the weakness in his knees. She slowly pushes his pants down to the floor, he steps out and then sits down on the side of the bed. She had always dreamed of what he would look like in the buff. It made her hot just looking at him.

Raven begins to unbutton her jeans when she sees Taker smile an evil grin and rolls his eyes back in disapproval. She stops and saunters over to him. Taker grabs her by the hips gently and pulls her close, then unzips her jeans while he kisses her stomach. He pushes her jeans and panties down slowly to the floor and she steps out. Taker drinks in the site of her beautiful pale bare body that glistens from the pale moonlight that shown through the window. She in return wraps her inked arms around him as she stands there beginning to shake with nervousness.

Taker feels her shake as he holds her. "What’s wrong?" he asks moving back a little and looking down at her. "I’m scared to be honest. I never thought that one day I would get the chance to make sweet passionate love to The Lord of Darkness - The American Bad Ass - The Undertaker," she says smiling. Taker smiled back at her. "Well, I promise to take it nice and slow. I will make sure that this is a night you will never forget," he says. Taker breaks the hug, turns to the bed and pulls the sheets back. Taker turns back to her, scoops her up in his arms and lays her gently on the bed then crawls in beside her pulling the sheets up over them. He lays flat on his back as she crawls up next to him laying her head on his shoulder and she could again smell the faint scent of his masculine cologne as it filled her senses. He wraps his arm around her holding her close him.

Taker then runs his fingers through her hair with his other hand still feeling her shake and tremble. He did his best to calm her but didn’t know what to do. "What can I do to calm you down? Your shaking so bad," he says rubbing her back softly. "How about giving me a kiss. If you kiss me long enough I might be able to calm myself down and forget about all the shaking," she says looking up at him. Taker turns his head down and looks at her. Then, he gently pulls her up to him and gives her a very soft, sensual, deep kiss. She slowly feels herself calming down and the shaking stops.

Taker then slides her body on top of his. Raven feels the heat between them intensify and can hardly stand it. He places his hands on her hips as she places her hands on either side of his head while they’re locked in the kiss. "Are you alright now?" he asks as he breaks the kiss. "I’m fine. I knew the kiss would help. Don’t know why but it did," she says breathing heavily. "Ready to continue?" he asks deeply. She leans down and continues the kiss where they left off, gently slipping her tongue in his mouth this time. He growls deep within chest with pleasure. He gently and slowly enters her as she grips the sheets while they are locked in the kiss. She couldn’t believe how big he was and it almost hurt her but was well worth it. She took in every inch of him as he slowly rocked her back and forth while he gently grips her hips. She met him thrust for thrust going slow and steady at first then going to a moderate rhythm. The fire erupts between them as they make sweet, soft passionate love during the night.

She collapses in his arms from exhaustion. Taker lies awake while she slept with one arm wrapped around her and the other up behind his head. He looked out the window to see that it was slowly becoming light out. She went to sleep with her left arm across his chest. Taker notices the tattoo that she didn’t want him to see glistening with sweat from there love making in the early morning light. It was beautiful and he loved it. It was the tattoo he saw earlier. He pulled the covers up over her arm so it looks like he never saw it. He leaned over and kisses her on the forehead causing her only to stir.

Minutes later, she awakens. "How long was I asleep?" she asks raising her head to look at him. "A few hours. I promised you a night to remember and I hope it was," he says stroking her cheek with the back of his fingers. "I hope I wasn’t a disappointment to you?" she says laying her head down on his shoulder. He reaches over and opens the window to let the cool air come in to cool them off. "That feels good," she says. "Yeah it does," he says wrapping his arm back around her to hold her. "Its about time I show you the tattoo that I’ve been hiding form you. After last night, you have a right to see it," she says dropping the sheet from her left arm. It was the tattoo of him dressed all in black with floor length angel wings. "Its beautiful. I never seen a tattoo of myself like that before," he says looking at her. "Well, its how I see you sometimes, as my angel." Taker smiles back at her.

They arrive at Houston the later on that day. They got up and got dressed. "I have a to pick up my new bike in town today and then I have an appearance to make with a few of the other wrestlers at the military base. Of course there’s the fan axxess too," he says. "OK. But, if we go get your new bike you have to let me take you on mine," she says smiling. "OK. You know its about time you started wearing some of my shirts with no sleeves. When I see you, I want to be able to see those beautiful dark and demonic tattoos," he says putting his hands on her shoulders. She smiled back at him. They looked like twins dressing exactly alike. They both put on black pants, boots, the TRY ME shirt, biker gloves and sunglasses. They walk out of his room and find no one was on the bus.

"Well, at least we won’t have to deal with anybody," she says grabbing her duster getting ready to put it on. "They know better than to mess with me, especially with my lady," he says stopping her. "What?" she asks looking at him. "I meant what I said about you wearing more sleeveless shirts. Stand still," he says pulling out his pocket knife. She looks at him with disbelief. "Hold out your arms," he says opening the knife and walking over to her. She held out her arms as Taker cut off the short sleeves of the t-shirt along with the collar putting a small slit down the front like his. "There, now you really look like my American Bad Ass Lady," he says throwing the material away and putting his pocket knife away. They put on there dusters, walk off the bus holding hands and head for the parking garage.

Ronnie couldn’t believe what he saw when he was unloading his sisters bike from the truck. Taker and Erica came strolling into the parking garage holding hands and removing there shades at the same time. "What the hell is this?" Ronnie asks looking at her rolling her bike off the truck. "None of your business," Taker snaps back while she grinned. "OK, I was just asking," Ronnie says parking the bike and kicking the stand down. "Thank you. Taker and I are going to get his new bike in town and then we’ll be back," she says hoping on her bike and putting her shades back on. Taker gets on behind her after putting on his shades. They take off down the highway.

They picked up Takers new Harley at the shop in town. It was a beautiful purple with his name painted on each side of the tank. "Its beautiful, Taker," she says. "I know and better than I expected. Come on I’ll take you back to my place for a few days. I’m gonna be staying there while were in town and your welcome to stay at my place so you don’t have to stay at a hotel," Taker says. "OK," she looks at him puzzling. "Lets go," Taker says as he takes her by the hand and they walk out the door. They start up their bikes and head off down the highway.

They race down the highway until Taker gives her the signal that they are close and then he leads her outside of town to a big beautiful home out in country side. He leads her up into the backyard where they park there bikes. He takes her in through the sliding glass door into an open living room with hardwood floors and a kitchen just off to the right. "This place is beautiful, Taker," she says taking it all in. "Well, its where I call home when I’m here," he says taking off his duster throwing it on the barstool. Then, he helped her take hers off and threw it on the barstool with his. "There’s the pool outside, a gym, a sauna, a den, my room is next to the gym and the guest bedroom is across the hall from the den. The bathroom is right on the other side of the kitchen and the spa is out on the porch under the yawning," he says taking his sunglasses off and laying them on the counter. "Thanks. Do you mind if I get something to eat, I’m starving. I....uh...had quit a workout last night," she says starting to blush. "Yes, you did. If you want to take a shower, go right ahead. I’ll cook us up something to eat," he says. "OK. Thanks. I think I will," she says sauntering slowly past him. As she saunters past him, he grabs her gently wrapping his arms around her and gives her a soft gentle kiss.

Taker cooks a late lunch while she gets undressed and enjoys a nice hot shower. Every muscle in her body felt like it was still on fire. She could still feel him all over her body. She never thought that she would have gotten the chance to make sweet passionate love to her dream man. She washes her hair, gets out and dries off. She wraps the towel around her body and her head and walks back out into the kitchen to check on Taker. He was cooking streaks on the grill outside. She walks back into the bathroom and gets dressed. She felt better after the shower but nothing would change how she felt after that night. Taker was right - it was a night she would never forget she just hoped he felt the same way.

She walked barefoot out onto the porch where Taker was out cooking on the grill. "Smells good," she says wrapping her arms around his waist. "I can’t cook this way, Raven. So, do you by the way," he says making her let go and giving her a deep kiss as he went back to cooking after he took a drink of his beer. She walks back in the house and got a couple of plates and takes them out to him. Taker places the food on the plates, carries them inside and sets them on the table. They sit and enjoy a quiet lunch together.

"Well, I’m gonna get a shower. Thank goodness I have a day to rest up before going to the military base on Fri and being at axxess the rest of the day is going to be tiring. Then doing axxess for two more days, but it only comes once a year and I don’t mind it," he says taking his shirt off and throwing it at her. "Yeah, the fans deserve to get to meet there favorite wrestler and going to the military base to raise moral is perfect.," she says almost wanting to chase after him.

Taker finishes getting undressed and gets a nice long hot shower. The hot water running over his body felt good. He kept running over the events that happened last night in his head and how wonderful it was to feel that kind of love again. ‘She was wonderful and we made love so perfectly. She was scared that I might not like her with all the tattoos she had but I could care less,’ he thought. The thoughts of her body wrapped around his, especially her tattooed arms. His body felt like it was on fire just thinking about her. He washes his hair, gets out, dries off, and then wraps a towel around his neck to catch the water from his hair. He puts on a pair of nice tight blue jeans and went to find his lady.

Raven was sitting on the couch watching the tape of him at Wrestlmania 13 where he won the WWF title from Sid Vicious. Taker didn’t mind her watching the tape but it was what she was wearing that caught his eye. She was wearing her tight leather pants and his DEADMAN INC work shirt slightly open with nothing on underneath. He smiled an evil grin as he walked over and sat down beside her. "Feel better?" she asks turning to look at him. "I do now that I’m sitting here next to you," he smiled. She could smell his masculine cologne flow through the air and fill her senses as he sat down next to her. It drove her crazy. He wraps his arm around her shoulder as they finished watching the match, then stayed up late watching all kinds of movies.

She finally falls asleep with Takers arm wrapped around her. Taker picks her up and carries her to his bed. He got her out of her leather pants and the work shirt and put a huge flannel shirt on her to sleep in comfortably. He pulls the covers back on one side, picks her up, places her under the sheets, then covers her up. She moves a little. Taker climbs out of his jeans, pulled the sheets back on the other side, climbs in, covering up and pulls her gently over onto his shoulder. He wraps his arms around her and falls asleep.

The next few days were fun for both of them, especially her. The day before axxess, Taker invites all the superstars over to a party at his place. Erica gets to meet a lot of the wrestlers. Kane and Taker would spend most of time talking about there strategies for Wrestlmania. There was music, food, rough-housing, and challenges to prove there abilities. There would arm wrestling contests and good old fashioned brawls in the backyard. But, all in all it was a good time had by all. Then she spent some time with her brother at the fan axxess and with Taker.

It was finally the day of the biggest show in the WWF - Wrestlmania. Taker had to go to axxess that morning before returning home to get his new bike. He got back in plenty of time. Erica was dressed and ready to go when he got home. "Your new outfit arrived while you were at axxess this morning," she says putting her leather biker gloves. "Good. Where is it?" Taker says walking over to her and kissing her. "In your room laid out on the bed," she says after returning the kiss. His new outfit was a new pair of leather pants with the DEADMAN INC logo on the left upper pant leg along with the TRY ME shirt with the sides cut out and a new black tank top for him. He dresses in his new outfit, laced up his boots and heads out to the living room.

"Damn, you look good! You even got your hair dyed too, I see. Very nice," she says putting on her boots. "Yeah I thought the fans might like to see me a little differently. I hope your putting that sleeveless shirt I laid out for you this morning," he says putting his shades on. She turned around and slide her duster off her shoulders to reveal the shirt. Taker smiles and says, "Thank you. I wanna try and get there in time to watch Kane’s match." "Yeah, me too. I hope he wins it and your welcome," she smiled back. "The rest of my gear is at the arena. Ready to ride?" Taker asks. She nods in agreement. He puts his duster on and they head out the door.

They hop on Takers new bike and head off down the highway to the arena. They go in the back way to avoid the fans coming in for the show. Taker drives his bike down the halls to a safe place till its time for his match. They get off and walk down the hallway holding hands to his locker room. All the wrestlers looking at them as stroll down the hall together. They managed to talk to Kane for a few minutes outside his locker room before he had his match. They watched Kane in the battle for the Hardcore Championship against the Big Show and Raven, not her of course. All three men went through a lot but it would be Kane that would come out on top as the new champion.

Then it came time for Undertakers match against Triple H. "Be careful, OK," she says softly. "I will try my best. I will see you after the match," Taker says kissing her softly on the lips. She stood with Kane as they watched him hop on his new bike and ride off to the entrance ramp. The match was easy going at first but the it lead out to the crowd. The match went up onto equipment platform where Taker choke slammed Triple H off of it. Triple H looked to be hurt bad but Taker didn’t care. Taker even beat up on the EMT’s trying to attend to Triple H. They finally got back to the ring where the carnage continued. Triple H uses the sledge on Taker - again and busting Taker open. Raven wanted to run out to help him but couldn’t, Kane had to hold her there backstage. Triple H tries to get the pile driver off but Takers reverses it and gets it off but the ref was still out from earlier. Taker woke the ref up that he had knocked out earlier and Triple H almost had Taker but he kicked out. Taker gave Triple H the Last Ride a second time, rolls him up for the pin and the win! Taker did the salute, rolls out of the ring, got on his bike and rode away. He did the salute one more time at the top of the stage before he rode backstage.

She ran to Taker as soon as he got backstage. Taker walks to the First Aid Station to get his head sewn up. They walked together and she watches as he got the gash closed up. She helps to wipe the blood away. After she was done, they got their gear and headed out to the bar. Kane joins them since the Brothers of Destruction were victorious at Wrestlmania 17! The three of them had a blast and then Taker and Raven head back to Takers place.

When they got home that night, Taker and Raven celebrate Takers victory with a energetic night of love making all night long. They amerced themselves in each other and reaching an ultimate high with there love many times over during the night. They collapse in each others arms and sleep most of the day. Taker loved having her in his life and she loved having him in hers. They would go on rides before each show when they could just to get away. From then on, they were inseparable and if anybody messed with her, they had to deal with the Deadman. Because NO ONE messes with The Deadman and his lady!