I stopped watching wrestling back in 1990, not too long after The Undertaker made his WWF debut. The only thing I remember about him back then is a very big, very intimidating man that everyone was afraid of. Then in 1999, my husband saw Stone Cold Steve Austin on the Howard Stern show, and the following Monday night he tuned in to Raw. I was a die hard Stone Cold fan at first. In fact he was the only reason I watched.

One night in a First Blood match against The Undertaker, I started noticing The Undertaker's wrestling skills. His agility, athleticism, and overall in-ring performance were incredible and it wasn't long before I began cheering him on, which didn't go over too well with my hubby, the Rattlesnake fan. Next I started listening to the sound of his voice, noticed the way he walks, the wicked way he smiles just before beating the hell out of someone...*ahem* I think you get the point. Soon I began hearing about what kind of man he is in the locker room - how he's always helping push the new talent (just listen to an interview), how he's such a team player, etc... I was attracted to him because of his talent, but I'm a fan because of the man he is.

I'm not even going to go into what I think about his turn from The Lord Of Darkness to The American Bad Ass. I love both characters! (Not to mention the way he looks sitting on the back of that bike!)

Sara... I've heard far too many people critisizing her and Mark for involving her in the storylines. Personally, I don't think anyone who isn't employed by the WWF should be involved in the storylines, but that's just me. This isn't the first time it's happened, just the first time I've heard people making a big deal of it. I don't have an opinion of Sara personally because I don't know the woman. What I do know is that Mark seems happier than I've seen him in the past, and Sara is obviously the reason for that. As fans, we should all be thanking her for giving him that happiness, not critisizing her. Again, that's just my opinion.

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