By TakersLover

A smile formed on Tess' lips as she stepped through the iron gates of the cemetery. Never had she flirted as shamelessly as she had with that caretaker, or had she actually bribed anyone before, and she was rather proud of her accomplishment. She had always loved coming here as a child to play among the headstones and mausoleums, but she'd never been allowed to come after dark, and by the time she was old enough to venture out at night, they had started locking the gates to protect the graves from thieves. Having always been fascinated by the paranormal and supernatural, Tess decided to visit the old cemetery once more before moving away. Only this time, she was here at night.

It had rained earlier that evening and the smell of rain mixed with the musky scent of the Earth filled the cool night air. Spanish moss hung from the trees and danced on the breeze like ghosts dancing to unheard music. The pale light of the full moon filtered through the moss and the dense leaves that covered the trees illuminating the mist that covered the ground and everywhere you looked you could see the mist swirling around the spirits that inhabited this place.

Tess moved slowly toward the back of the property taking in every sight and sound as she walked among the graves, letting her fingertips glide reverently over the names of those who had passed. There was a mausoleum in the back, nestled among the trees, which she visited regularly when she was younger. She had always felt drawn to it, as if the man buried inside was beckoning to her to come to him, but since she could only visit during the day she was never able to make contact with him. He wasn't a relative or a friend of the family, and no one in town seemed to know exactly who he was, only that he had been the first to be buried there, and that no one, man or beast, dared to come too close to it. Except for her. Never the less, she continued to visit him and talk to him as if he were an old friend.

Pushing her way through the overgrowth, she made her way up the stone steps to the door. A feeling of peace came over her as she traced the pentagram on the door. It had been this symbol that had caught her attention the first time she laid eyes on the tomb at the tender age of six. She dreamed that night of a man, a very big man, with long brown hair and mesmerizing hazel eyes. She dreamt of him often, but the dreams were more like memories of the daily one-sided conversations she had with him. Only in her dreams he was able to speak back. He was a kind, compassionate man. Always ready to comfort her when she was sad, to protect her when the monsters came out from under the bed. At least that was the image she had of him. They shared a secret together, one that remained a secret to this very day. One she hadn't thought of in years.

Her fingers moved over the large stone door to the iron plaque embedded in the wall beside it, which read, Kane. No dates, no scripture… just his name. "Kane." She whispered. A gust of wind blew past her and the heavy stone door of the mausoleum creaked. Startled by the sudden sound, Tess took a step back and stared in disbelief at the door, which now stood ajar. "I do believe in ghosts. I do believe in ghosts. I do. I do. I do. I do. I do." She muttered under her breath. Trembling, she placed her hands on the door, braced her feet, and pushed as hard as she could. To her surprise, the door began to move. She had tried many times as a child to open it, but had failed miserably. 'It's amazing what nineteen years will do for the muscles.' She thought sarcastically as she pushed. At long last the heavy door stood open.

An overwhelming feeling came over her that someone was waiting for her inside. Fear threatened to rise to the surface and drown out the peace that had engulfed her earlier, but in the next heartbeat it was gone. Taking a deep breath she stepped through the doorway into the crypt. The room was cold, the air old and musty, and the scent of death was all around her. The moonlight shone through the doorway, illuminating the room and allowed Tess a clear view of the interior. A table sat to the left of her against the wall - it looked more like an altar than a table, she noted - and a black velvet material covered it. Candles covered the surface of the alter - it was definitely an alter - except for a space in the front where an ancient book lay open. A single coffin rested in the middle of the room. She took an uneasy step forward and slowly walked to the table, then reached out and touched the book.

"What are you doing here?"

Tess spun around to face the man who had spoken to her, and found herself staring at a giant of a man. His face looked vaguely familiar and she could swear she had heard his voice before, but he was at least seven feet tall, his shoulders were broad, his chest massive, and his arms looked powerful enough to crush any man with ease. The right side of his face and neck were scarred, probably from a fire, and his right eye was pale blue while the left was hazel. His clothes she recognized as being from the sixteenth century, or so they looked, and he wore a black glove on his right hand. No, she would definitely remember meeting this one before.

Finding her voice, she answered, "I just came to say goodbye. The door was standing ajar so I…" She trailed off as she watched him advance toward her.

"Do I know you?" He asked curiously as he studied her features.

"No." Her heart was pounding so hard that she was sure he could hear it, and her voice had almost failed her. 'What's he going to do?' She asked herself frantically as he reached out and cupped her face in his hand. Even in the dim moonlight, she could see his eyes grow a darker shade as a look of desire fell over them. 'He couldn't possibly want to..."

Her thoughts were interrupted as he slid his hand back, running his fingers through her hair, and cupped her head, while his free hand rested on the back of her waist. Gently he pulled her forward and held her against his hard muscled body. Her head tilted back and her lips parted involuntarily as he slowly bent forward to capture her mouth with his own.

He wasted no time in accepting her silent invitation. His tongue delved into her mouth, and glided over the roof, along the inside of her jaws, across her teeth, caressing every crevasse of her hot moist cave. He reveled in the feel of the heat radiating from her body, the taste of her tongue exploring his mouth, and the sound of the moans coming from deep inside her. God, how he needed her. Tangling his fingers in her hair, he pulled her head back, releasing them from the kiss, and left an icy trail down her jaw to her neck.

She clutched his shoulders as he continued his decent to her breast. Her nipples were hard and stood erect beneath the surface of her blouse and his lips covered each one through the thin fabric. Touching each of the buttons on her blouse, they came unbuttoned as he slid his fingers down the length of her body. Returning his mouth to hers, he slid the thin material over her shoulders and down her arms, letting it fall in a pile on the cold, stone floor at her feet, then reached around her and unhooked her bra, letting it fall as well. Moving to her jeans, he quickly unbuttoned them and pulled them and her panties down her long legs, and knelt to help her step out of them along with her shoes and socks, then stood straight again.

He looked down at her naked body. His fingertips lightly traced the outline of her face, traveling down her throat to her breasts. He let his fingers linger there, outlining the curve of her breasts and circling her nipples. His desire rose with each breath she took, pushing her pink flesh forward into his hands then retracting it again. With great effort, he pulled away and continued his journey down her slender body, touching every inch of her long form and feeling her body's responses to him. Reaching the patch of hair below her belly, he stopped for a moment to regain his control. This was going to be an experience she would never forget, one that would bring her running back into his arms one day, and he wasn't going to ruin it by rushing things. Slowly he continued his trek down the front of her legs and up the back to her buttocks. She clenched her cheeks as he explored them with a feather-light touch. Looking up to her face, he saw her smiling and biting her bottom lip.

"I'm ticklish." She said blushing. He smiled inspite of himself. He had never seen a more beautiful woman than the one standing before him, watching him with lust filled eyes. She wanted him. She wasn't under his spell or in a trance. She was standing here of her own free will, looking down into his scarred face, and she wanted him.

Tearing his eyes from hers, he looked down to the bed of curls nestled between her thighs and could already see the moister glistening in the pale light. Sliding his hands around her hips, he slid them down to her thighs, his thumbs lightly gliding over her mound on their decent, to gently nudge her legs apart. Her breath quickened as his thumbs slid between her nether lips and covered her moist pink flesh as he opened her to his gaze. She looked delicious. He wanted to taste her, to feel her walls tighten around his tongue as she poured her juices over it.

Leaning over he reached out with his tongue and licked the already hardened button that jutted forth from the pink flesh surrounding it. Her body began quivering as his tongue stroked back and forth over her bud, pressing into it firmly, then gradually making it's way down to her dripping hole. Her womanly scent, sweet flavor, and moans of pleasure filled his senses. She tangled her fingers in his long hair as he pressed his tongue into her wet body, pulling him closer to her. Her hips began moving against the movements of his mouth, burying him deeper with each thrust. Her cries filled the tomb, her body became rigid, and her walls contracted as her juices spilled over his tongue and into his mouth. His arms tightened around her hips and waist and he held her tightly in place until her body calmed.

Slowly he took his mouth from the warmth of her womanhood and deliberately blazed a trail back up her tummy, to her chest, her throat, and eventually her mouth. He traced the outline of her lips with the tip of his tongue then slowly eased it back into her mouth, sharing the residue of her juices with her. Her tongue slid along his, lapping up the remainder of her essence then began to explore his mouth again. Her desire for him was overwhelming and the raw passion with which she kissed him was unearthly. His knees felt as if they would buckle at any moment from her loving onslaught on his mouth.

He moaned in protest as she pulled her mouth from his, but his moans quickly turned those of pleasure as she left a trail of kisses across his face to his neck. Her teeth grazed his skin as she sucked, seemingly unaware of the scars that covered it, then bit down slightly before nibbling her way across the other side. Slowly, deliberately, she began unbuttoning his shirt, covering his exposed flesh with her mouth as she did. Pulling the shirt open, she continued to devour him as she pushed the fabric off his shoulders and down his arms. Her hands traveled around to his back, caressing the massive expanse as her lips covered his nipple, her tongue rolling back and forth over the rigid peak as she sucked. His penis began to throb painfully as she made her way across his broad chest to his other nipple and continued her ministrations. Her lips eventually continued downward covering his belly as she had his chest, as her hands slipped over his buttocks and around his hips. Her tongue circled his navel before dipping into it as her hand covered his crotch and began to stroke him firmly through the velvet that was covering it. Making quick work of his pants, she pulled them down his endless legs and knelt to help him out of them, as he had with her.

His breath caught in his chest as he stood naked before her. The entire right side of his body was covered with the same scars the adorned his face and neck. He watched her face as she examined the scars, waiting for the first signs of disgust and fear to come over her, but they never came. Reaching out she ran her fingertips down the length of his body, from his shoulder to his thigh then replaced her fingers with her lips, gradually making her way across his hip to his erection.

She stopped momentarily and looked at it. He was impressively large, in length as well as thickness. He watched as her fingers surrounded him sliding up his length, her thumb dipping into the dew that had already gathered there, then back down again. Kneeling before him, she licked the dew from the tip of his manhood and moaned as she swallowed it, then taking a deep breath, she wrapped her lips around his head and sucked him in, only to release him again an instant later. Moaning softly, she licked his penis from the head to the base and down to his testicles. He sucked in a ragged breath as she opened her mouth and sucked them, one at a time, before licking her way back up his shaft to the head. The pleasure flowing through his body engulfed him completely, and threatened to drown him where he stood.

Her tongue slid along his length as she took him into her mouth. Shifting her position a little, she reached behind him and grabbed his buttocks, then closing her eyes she swallowed him deep in her throat. He closed his eyes and threw his head back as she began moving her head back and forth, sucking him in and pushing him out again. She pressed her fingers into his flesh as she pulled him forward to meet her mouth. His moans grew louder the harder she sucked, and he unwittingly grasped her head and began thrusting himself in and out of her damnable mouth, until finally, he exploded, spurting his liquid deep into her throat. Her throat tightened around his shaft and she sucked down all he had before releasing him.

When he looked down again, she was looking up at him, watching him. Her desire for him hadn't faded, if anything it was stronger. Realizing he still held handfuls of hair, he released his hold and ran his fingers through her damp brown locks. She looked so small and fragile, and he hoped that she would forgive him for what he was about to do to her. Grasping her hips firmly, he leaned down and took her mouth in a furious kiss, unprepared for the taste of his juice that lingered there. Seeing that he was distracted, she put her hands on his shoulders and gently, but firmly, pushed him down to the floor.

He was about to protest when she captured his mouth with hers, silencing him instantly. The kiss was urgent, needful, and full of the raw passion that flowed through her. Her tongue felt soft and wet as she explored every crevasse of his mouth. Reaching down between their bodies, she took his limp member in her hand and began stroking it back to life, while her mouth began a loving assault on his neck and chest.

As her mouth made its way back to his, she threw her leg over him, straddling his hips, then slowly sat down, impaling herself as she did. She started moving back and forth, methodically grinding her hips into his. The thick walls of the crypt absorbed the sounds of their moans, which grew louder with each movement. She began riding him hard and fast, and he could feel her orgasm approaching quickly. Bringing his hips up off the floor, he thrust upward to meet her body as she came down. Grabbing her by the hips, he held on to her tightly, pressing his fingers deep into her flesh as he pulled her down roughly to meet his rising hips. With one final thrust, he pulled her down, burying himself to the hilt, and held her there while she exploded around him. He held her trembling body firmly in place until her orgasm subsided, then in one swift move, he threw her off him.

She landed with a thud on the hard floor and grunted as he landed on top of her, knocking the wind out of her. Gently he traced the outline of her face and pushed his fingers back through her hair, and felt her doing the same. Supporting himself with his arms, he rose off of her and positioned himself between her legs.

With one hard thrust, he buried himself deep inside her warm body. His heart tightened as she cried out in pain. He knew he was tearing her into, and the last thing he wanted to do was hurt her, but he couldn't stop. He needed this.

He thrust into her tender body relentlessly. Her fingernail's dug into his back and tears slid down her cheek at his brutal assault, but instead of trying to fight him off she wrapped her legs around his waist, silently encouraging him to continue. He felt her back arch off the floor, pushing her body into his as an orgasm racked her body, then another, and her body grew tighter and wetter with each climax. His thrusts became hard and fast as he felt his own release approaching rapidly. His body stilled inside her and stiffened as he exploded, emptying his seed deep inside her. Out of breath and left with very little energy, he collapsed on top of her, forcing the air from her chest again. He felt her arms tighten around him as they lay in the silence of the mausoleum then felt her lips on his shoulder. Lifting himself off of her, he rested on his elbows and wiped the tears from her angelic face, then looked deep into the depths of her blue eyes, searching for any signs of fear or regret, but found neither.

She watched him as he watched her. She knew that she should feel ashamed of what she had just done - sleeping with a total stranger and in someone’s mausoleum - but she felt too good to be ashamed. She felt as though she belonged here with him. He turned his head suddenly, interrupting her thoughts, and looked out through the open door. "What is it?" asked looking in the same direction. "Is someone out there?"

"No." He answered, "It's dawn."

"Oh." She answered then watched as a sadness fell over him. "What's wrong?"

He looked down into her eyes again and lightly ran his fingertips down her cheek as he answered. "It's time for you to go."

She nodded her head in agreement. "Yeah, it is." She replied, suddenly filled with a strange sadness. Neither one said anything for a moment as they gazed into each other's eyes, then she remembered that she hadn't seen another car when she arrived. Had she? Her eyebrows drew together as she thought about it. No, the only ones there were hers and the caretakers. Maybe he climbed over the fence, and maybe he needed a ride home. "Do you need a ride home?" She asked, hoping he'd say yes.

A small, sad smile spread across his face. He brushed his fingers through her hair and kissed her gently, then answered, "This is my home."

Tess' eyes grew wide and a tear slid down her cheek as she watched him begin to fade in the morning light, until she was staring up at the ceiling of the mausoleum. 'What in the hell just happened?' She asked herself. Had she been dreaming? Had all of this been a figment of her imagination? Without moving, she could feel the soreness between her legs and throughout her body, and the moister he left behind spilling out of her. Looking down, she could see the bruises forming on her hips and thighs. No, it hadn't a dream or her imagination. He had been real, and he had vanished into thin air.

Slowly, she stood up and pulled on her clothes and turned to leave the tomb. As she reached the door, a cold breeze surrounded her, and she could feel a pair of icy lips press against hers.

"Goodbye, my beloved." He whispered in her ear.

"Goodbye, Kane." She whispered. Feeling him move back into the crypt, she stepped through the doorway and into the morning sun, then turned to pull the door closed. The breeze picked up again and pushed against the door, helping her seal the tomb once again.

The End
©TakersLover 2001

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