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Well, here they are ladies! These stories are written by me, unless stated otherwise. If you would like to take any of them for whatever reason, please ask my permission first, I probably won't say no. If you have a story you'd like to share, you can post it in The Journal or email me and I will add it here. If you have any questions or comments, you can email me at, or leave a message in The Journal. Now, light some candles, open a nice big bottle of Jack Daniels, and enjoy the ride!



Unfortunately, I do not own any of the WWF Superstars featured here! These stories are fiction, pulled straight from the deepest dirtiest depths of my own imagination. They were written only for the enjoyment of other readers, and are in no way meant to depict actual events! Not that I wouldn't mind if one or two of them came true... *weg*

Note: Stories with ** are works in progress.

The Journal

Stories written by me

The Biker

The Biker: Part 2

The Cemetery

Her Lover

One Night

Another Night


Love At First Sight

That Summer

Un Jour Il Viendra


Beloved 2

The Making Of A Monster


The Hike

Eternal Kiss

Stories written by friends

Making Of A Companion By Scorpina Bearer
A continuation of Making of a Monster

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' In The Hay By Takerhrapsody

The Rose By Lady Cat

The Tragic Death Of Mark By Bonnie James

Trans Am By Bonnie James

Gallagher Lake 2001 By Bonnie James

Break Down By Bonnie James

On The Bus By Bonnie James

Romance on the Road By Raven

Love and Trust By Kendra