Love At First Sight

By TakersLover

Chapter One

Tess stood in the doorway of the bedroom, eyes bulging and mouth hanging open, as she watched her husband make love to her best friend. They didn't seem to know she was there. She wanted to run, screaming and never look back, but was unable to move, or even look away. So she watched. She could feel the tears stinging her eyes as they threatened to fall and blinked them back, not wanting to give them the satisfaction of hurting her. 'Why?' She asked herself. She and Tom had a wonderful marriage, they never fought, they had no money problems, sometimes Tom worked too hard, but only when he had no choice. They had the perfect marriage, or so she thought. Janet's scream shook her from her thoughts. She watched as they kissed and carressed each other, then as Tom lay down beside Janet and wrapped her in his arms. For a moment, Tess thought she must be dreaming, this couldn't possibly be happening.

Janet leaned up on one elbow, her back to Tess, and kissed Tom. "I love you, Tom." She said, still slightly out of breath. Tom brushed the few strands of wet hair out of her face and smiled. "I love you too." He replied. "We should get dressed. Tess will be home soon." Janet agreed, kissed him again, and rolled out of bed. She stood frozen, finding herself face to face with Tess. "Tess." She said, her voice barely above a whisper. "What?" Tom asked sitting up. "Tess, Oh God. Tess, this isn't what it looks like." He said standing up. Tess' shock was quickly replaced with anger. "It's not?" She replied. "It looks like you just fucked my best friend. Tell me, Tom, if it isn't what it looks like then what the hell is it?" She yelled at him. He opened his mouth, but couldn't find the words to explain, and Tess turned her attention to Janet. "Well, Janet? What is it? Don't tell me, he didn't fuck you, he made love to you, is that it? Is it!" She screamed. Not waiting for an answer, she turned, ran from the house, and jumped into her car. She angrily wiped a tear away before tearing out of the driveway and down the street.

Tess pulled off the road onto the white sand of the beach, and turned off the engine. Furiously, she stepped out of the car, slamming the door shut, and walked to the shoreline. How could she be so stupid? How could she not see it? Tears filled her eyes again as she stood in the sand, her heart breaking. She needed Tom to hold her, Janet to listen to her, but the only two people in the world she trusted were the cause of all her pain. She sat down, feeling hurt and lonley, and cried.

Mark walked out onto the patio, leaned over, resting his arms on the railing, and looked out at the ocean. He took a deep breath, inhaling the salt air of the Gulf, trying to clear his mind, but he couldn't get her voice out of his head. She said she would be lonely if he went back on the road, that he cared more about wrestling than he did about her, and that if he didn't retire, she would leave him. She knew what his life was like when she agreed to marry him, how her life would be as his wife, and that he was not going to retire until he was forced to. The nine months he spent recovering from his injuries had nearly driven him insane. She loved having him home, and, he realized, would do anything to keep him there. He sighed as he ran his fingers through his hair.

Mark looked back up toward the shore when he saw something out of the corner of his eye. He looked over and saw a figure in the distance sit down. 'Probably another fan.' He thought as he stood straight and walked down the steps. This was a private beach and he didn't like his privacy being invaded. As he walked closer, he saw that the figure was sitting with his (or her) legs drawn up, arms wrapped around them and face buried in the arms. He slowed his pace a little, but continued moving forward, not taking his eyes off the figure and saw it was a woman. Her shoulder length brown hair blew in the salty breeze, exposing her long delicate neck, her denim shorts and white tank were sprinkled with sand as were her long arms and tanned legs. He stopped a couple of feet away from her and looked down at her. He could see her small body shaking in the late evening light, and knew she was crying. She looked so small and helpless, and he wanted to take her in his arms and hold her, protect her from whatever was causing her pain. He shook the thought from his mind and knelt down beside her.

Tess didn't hear anyone approach as she sat, crying. She felt a large hand on her shoulder and jumped, losing her balance and falling over, landing on her arm. She looked at the person who startled her and saw the biggest man she had ever met, knealing beside her, staring. He couldn't help staring, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you." He said in a deep voice, standing and reaching his hand out to help her up. She didn't move for a moment then slowly reached out and took his hand. She wasn't really afraid of him, it's just that he was so big. He looked familiar, but couldn't quite remember where she had seen him before. "You know you're tresspassing on private property." He said softly. He could see she was nervous and didn't want to scare her. His sultry voice and Texas drawl sent shivers down her back. His green eyes seemed to see down to her soul, his heavily muscled chest grew with each breath he took, and his tattoo covered arms looked like powerful tree trunks. She had never been affected by a man like this before. When she spoke, her voice was small, almost a whisper. "I'm sorry. I didn't realize..." "It's okay." He interupted. She looked up at his face and saw him smiling at her, and smiled back. "I should go." She said "I'm sorry to have bothered you." "It's no bother." He said smiling. "I was just getting ready to grill some hamburgers, would you like to join me?" He asked, praying she'd say yes. "I'd like to, but I can't. I have some things to take care of." She answered. He looked into her blue eyes and noticed they were red from crying, then he looked at her tear stained face. 'God she's beautiful.' He thought. He wiped the last tear from her cheek. "Will you be alright?" He asked. She smiled, "I'll be fine. Goodbye." "Bye." She turned and started walking to her car, not wanting to go, but knowing she had more imporatnt things to do than have a one night stand with this incredibly sexy man. "Wait!" Mark called out. She turned around to face him. "What's your name?" She smiled, "Tess. What's yours?" She answered. "I'm Mark." He said walking up to her, and held out his hand. She placed her hand in his. "It's nice to meet you, Mark." He brought her hand up to his lips. "The pleasure is mine." He said kissing her finger tips. "I'll see you around, Tess." "See you." She replied still smiling, then turned and walked away.

Chapter Two

~Tess stood on the shore, the water washing over her feet, a gentle breeze blowing through her hair and across her face, the moonlight reflecting off the water, and breathed in the salty air. She closed her eyes, smiling, as a pair of strong arms wrapped around her. She could feel his hard solid body as she leaned back into him, his member growing as he pulled her closer, pressing it firmly into her back. His hands moved over her body, carressing her breasts through the thin cotton, then pushing the straps off her shoulders and slid the dress down over her body. She raised her arms, and, placing her hands behind his neck, pulled him down to her. He leaned over and began kissing her neck, his hand moving down between her legs while the other continued to carress her breast. He gently slid a finger into the moist curls and, finding her already throbbing bud, began to rub it. She moaned at his touch, her body began to tremble with pleasure. He pinched her nipple, causing her to cry out, and began rolling it between his finger and thumb as he nibbled and sucked on her neck and ear. He slipped a finger inside her, then two, thrusting them in and out of her tight, wet hole, her hips moving with the rythm of his fingers. He felt her body tense, her muscles close around his fingers as she screamed out his name, covering his hand with her juices.~

Tess bolted up in bed, trembling and out of breath. She moaned as she felt the moister between her legs and on the sheet. 'What's happening to me?' She thought as she rubbed her face. She had the same dream every night for the past week, ever since she met Mark. Yes, he had beautiful face, an incredible body, and a voice that sent shivers down her spine, but to dream of him every night? She moaned, falling back on the bed, and looked at the alarm clock. 4:30a.m. She closed her eyes and pictured him the day they met, standing infront of her, looking down at her, his eyes full of....of what? Compassion, lust, she didn't know, but she knew she saw something there. She moaned again, not wanting to get up, but unable to go back to sleep. Reluctantly, she crawled out of bed, showered, and dressed, then went to a small diner to have breakfast and wait for Tom to leave for work. She hadn't been home since 'that day', buying what she needed, and didn't really want to go back now, but she had to. She looked at her watch then stood and left the diner, hoping she wouldn't pass Tom on her way home.

"Mark!" Glen yelled. Mark looked up. "Yeah?" "We have a match, remember? Come on." Mark stood and walked with Glen down the hall toward the entrance to the ring. Glen stopped before walking through the curtain and looked back at him. Mark hadn't been the same since his last two days off, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get him to open up. He sighed and walked out to the ring. Mark watched as Glen walked through the curtain. He knew Glen was begining to worry about him and wanted to tell him about Tess, but he wasn't sure what was going on himself. He had gone down to the beach to tell a tresspassor to get off his property, and ended up meeting the most enchanting woman he had ever seen. It wasn't just her beauty, which was enough to make any man weak, but it was the way she spoke, the way she carried heself. He was pulled from his thoughts as 'American Bad Ass' boomed over the loud speakers, and the roar of the crowd filled the air. He started the engine of his Harley as a picture of Tess entered his mind, sitting behind him, her arms wrapped around him, her thighs pressed against his, her chest against his back. He shook the thought from his mind as he slowlt made his way down the ramp and around the ring before getting off and climbing in the ring to stand beside Kane as Lilian introduced him. The match seemed to go on forever. HHH set him up for a pedigree, but he countered, giving HHH a chokeslam followed by a tombstone piledriver. Kane was outside the ring brawling with X-Pac and Road Dogg. He knelt, pulled HHH's leg up and pinned him, winning the match. He climbed out of the ring, sat on his bike, and chased DX up the ramp, Kane following him, leaving HHH still lying in the ring.

"Damn it, Mark! You know you weren't suppose to deliver that tombstone! What the hell is your problem?" Mark looked up, a blank expression on his face and replied, "I don't have a problem." "The hell you don't. That hurt!" Paul said rubbing his head. Mark started taking off his boots, ignoring Paul completely. "You better get it together, Mark, before you really hurt someone." Paul said calmly, then turned and walked out passing Glen on the way. Glen walked in, closing the door behind him, and sat down in a chair across from Mark. "What's going on, Mark?" He asked. Mark shook his head, not looking at him, and said, "Nothing." Then stood up and walked toward the shower. Glen jumped up, grabbed Mark by his shirt and threw him against the wall. "Now, you're going to tell me what in the hell is wrong with you, or I'm going to beat it out of you." Mark looked into the angry eyes of his friend, and nodded. "Ok, you want to know what's going on? I'll tell you." Glen let go of him and they sat down, facing each other and Mark told him about meeting Tess. "So what's the problem?" Glen asked. "The problem is, I can't stop thinking about her." Mark replied. "That doesn't sound like a problem to me." Glen said, becoming even more confused than he already was. "Usually it wouldn't be, but every thought is about sex." "Every thought?" Glen questioned. Mark sighed and lowered his voice. "When I sat down on my bike before riding out to the ring tonight, instead of thinking about the match, I thought about how she would feel sitting behind me. And I wasn't thinking when I tombstoned Paul, I did it out of habbit." He said, trying to explain. Glen couldn't believe what he was hearing. Mark was one of the most focused people in this business, nothing ever got to him, especially a woman. Mark rubbed his face as he stood up,and, stretching his arms above his head, grabbed his towel and walked to the shower. "Let's get out of here." He said to Glen, drying his hair. "I need a drink." Glen stood up and followed Mark out.

Chapter Three

Angela took a deep breath and leaned against the door. Tears filled her eyes as she looked around her home, remembering all the good times they spent here together. How could he throw away eight years of marriage like this? Why Janet? He knew plenty of women, why did he have to sleep with her best friend? As she thought about it, she realized that she had known all along. The signs were there, she just chose to ignore them. She took a deep breath, pushed herself off the door, and walked into the bedroom, trying to ignore the memories that flooded her mind. A tear fell as she stepped into the bedroom, the image of Tom and Janet still fresh in her mind. She walked to the closet, ignoring the ache in her heart, and pulled out two suitcases. She worked quietly, filling each with her favorite clothes, shoes, and other personal items. She closed one bag, after stuffing as much as she could into it, then turned to finish packing the other, unaware her husband was watching her. She looked down at her suitcase, wondering if she had room for her leather jacket. "Don't forget this." Tom said, holding a picture infront of her. Startled, she jumped and spun around, looking at Tom. She walked to her closet, pulled her jacket out, and walked back to the bed. "Tess..." He started, lowering his head. "I didn't mean to hurt you." She closed the suitcase and looked at him. "Well, you did. How could you, Tom?" She asked. He shook his head and looked up at her. "It just happened." He answered. "No! A one night stand just happens, an earthquake just happens, sh*t just happens, an affair doesn't just happen!" She felt the tears begin to fall. She didn't want to cry infront of him, but she couldn't help it. "Baby..." "Don't....don't apologize." She interupted. "I don't want to hear it." She paused a moment then asked, "How long has this been going on?" He lowered his head again, feeling his heart break. He really didn't mean to hurt her. "About seven months." He answered. She didn't say anything as she sat on the suitcase, trying to close it enough to fasten it. He held the picture out again as she stood up. She took the picture and looked at it, it was a picture of their wedding day. "How can you throw away eight years of marriage? What about our plans? What about Chicago?" She glared at him. "I didn't throw our marriage away, you did, when you started f*cking my best friend. I don't care about our plans anymore. And as far as moving to Chicago....take Janet." She grabbed her bags and, without another word, started walking toward the front door. He grabbed her arm as she reached out for the door knob, and spun her around to face him. "You're making a big mistake, Tess." He said pressing her against the door with his body. "Let me go." She said in a cold threatening tone. He wrapped his hand around her throat and squeezed hard. "You're going to regret this." He said. His voice, low and menacing, sent a chill up her spine. He let go of her and backed away. She opened the door, picked her bags up, and walked out to her car, never taking her eyes off him.

She had never seen that side of him before and it scared her, and hadn't stopped shaking since the confrontation. She lay on the hotel bed, crying, her mind racing with thoughts of what he might do to her. "Lisa." She said out loud. She sat up, grabbed her purse, pulled her address book out, and looked up the phone number. Maybe she could stay with Lisa until Tom moved to Chicago. "Hello." Lisa answered sleepily. "Hi, Lisa. It's Tess." "Tess? Hey, how are you?" Lisa asked. "I'm ok." She answered. "I just thought that, maybe, I could come and see you." Lisa was silent a moment then said, "Come and see me? Are you sure you're ok?" Tess let out a small laugh. "I'm sure. Is it a crime to want to see your sister?" "Well, no, it's just that....Oh, never mind. Of course you can come." Tess let out the breath she was holding. Although they were faternal twins, she and Lisa were never close. They were opposites in every possible way, from their personalities to their looks. "Great! Is tomorrow too soon?" "No, of course not." Lisa answered, knowing something must be very wrong for her sister to act this way. Tess was strong, one who could handle anything, but now she sounded frightened, desperate. "Thanks Lisa. I'll see you soon." "You take care. I'll see you soon." They said their goodbyes and hung up. Tess sighed. She hated asking this of Lisa, but, thanks to Tom and Janet, she had nowhere else to go, and Tom had really frightened her. She wondered what he would do to her, if anything. Feeling exhausted, she closed her eyes and fell into a restless sleep.

Mark bolted up, covered in sweat and out of breath. He rubbed his eyes, trying to focus his vision, as the room slowly replaced her image. "I'm losing my mind." He said aloud. He dreamt of Tess every night, each dream more vivid than the last. 'There's no way she could have been that beautiful.' He thought to himself. He sighed and laid back down when someone knocked on the door. He looked at the clock, 4:00a.m. 'Who in the hell could that be?' He asked himself, pulling on a pair of sweat pants, then opened the door. "Hey, Baby!" Paulette said smiling. She walked pest him, not waiting for an invitation, and sat down on the bed. "What are you doing here?" He asked. "I missed you, Mark." She answered, smiling innocently at him. "You missed me? Paulette, we're not a couple anymore." "I know. I made a mistake." She said, still looking innocent, as if she gave his favorite shirt to the Salvation Army instead of walking out on him. She stood and walked to him, putting her hands on his chest and running them over his bare skin. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, wanting what he knew she was offering, but not wanting her back in his life. "I want you back." She said as she slid her hand between his thighs, rubbing the buldge through the fabric. "I can make you happy." She slid her hand inside the waistband of his pants, wrapping her hand around his engorged shaft, kissing his chest. "I want to make you happy." Her breath against his skin, she pulled his pants down over his hips and down his legs. "Let me love you." She purred, knealing infront of him. She took his head into her mouth, sucking the moister off, then slowly swallowed him as much as she could. He tangled his hands in her hair and thrust himself in and out of her mouth. He felt his orgasm coming and moved faster, until he exploded deep in her throat, his seed spilling out the corners of her mouth as she wasn't able to swallow it. He looked down at her after a moment, he pulled his manhood out of her mouth, and seeing the mess, he walked to the bathroom and washed himself off. She sttod on her knees in shock of his obvious lack of affection, then stood up. "Didn't you miss me?" She asked. He walked back into the room, sat on the bed and looked at her. "No, I didn't." He answered. "You didn't?" She repeated, walking over to him. "You didn't miss me at all?" She asked, unbuttoning her shirt. He grabbed her hands, stopping her from taking the shirt off. "Come home with me. I'll make you happy, Mark. You know I can." He pushed her away and stood up, towering over her, his anger taking over as he remembered the way she treated him, as if he were a peice of property. "You're a self absorbed, manipulative, little b*tch who doesn't care about anything or anyone but yourself. I don't want you in my life, not now, not ever. Now, get out!" He said raising his voice slightly. She glared at him. "You never cared about me, about my needs, did you? The only thing you care about is your career. You couldn't make a woman happy if you had the manual!" She yelled. He stepped toward her, forcing her back against the wall without touching her. "I did care." He said calmly. "I gave you everything I could, but it was never enough. You always wanted more. I can't live like that." He replied, reaching out and opening the door. "Have a good life." She stood still for a moment, then slapped him across the face and walked out. He closed the door and laid down on the bed, thinking about what had just happened. He had almost taken her back. He was lonely and wanted someone to love, who would love him in return, and he knew that she didn't love him. He closed his eyes, still thinking about her, and drifted off to sleep.

Chapter Four

Lisa opened the door, smiling. "Tess!" She exclaimed as she threw her arms around her. Tess returned the hug. "Hey, sis! Thanks for letting me come." Lisa pulled away and looked at her. "You're welcome." She replied. They stood, looking at each other for several minutes. It always amazed them how different they were. Tess was 5'8" tall, had shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes, a long elegent body. She reminded Lisa of a sun-tanned china doll. She was very intelligent, talented, athletic, well spoken, and graceful. She knew how to truely enjoy life, never taking anything for granted. Lisa was 5'8" tall (the only thing they had in common), had long blonde hair, brown eyes, a thin body. Tess always thought of her as a little too thin. She wasn't as intelligent as Tess, her only talent was playing the piano, she wasn't athletic, well spoken or graceful. She was content to hang out with her friends and talk Tess into do things. Growing up, she was determined to find something Tess couldn't do, but failed at every attempt. Having so little in common, they grew further and further apart as they got older. Both wanted a close relationship with the other, even though neither one ever said it. This could be just what they needed to get to know each other again.

"Come inside. I've got some ribs on the grill, they should be just about ready." Tess smiled. "Good, I'm starving!" Lisa grabbed one of her bags and carried it inside. Tess followed, carrying the other one. "Geez, what did you do, pack everything you own?" Lisa asked putting the suitcase on the bed. "Yeah, something like that." Tess asnswered quietly, putting the second suitcase down beside the first. "Tess?" Lisa started, putting her arm around Tess' shoulder. "What's wrong?" Tess sat down on the edge of the bed, placing her face in her hands, as tears fell silently down her cheeks. Lisa sat down next to her, wrapping her arm around her and pulling her close. She had never seen her sister cry before. After calming herself down, she wipped her face off and looked at Lisa. "It's Tom." She said. "What happened? Is he ok?" Lisa asked. Tess nodded her head yes and continued, "Yes, he's fine. He's been having an affair. I came home early one day, and found him and Janet in bed together." Lisa was suprised at the news. Tess and Tom had the perfect marriage. "I'm sorry." Lisa said, knowing there was nothing she could say to comfort Tess. "Will you be ok?" She asked. Tess nodded again. "I'll be fine, I think. When I went to get my things, Tom showed up and got angry. He said I'd regret doing this. I thought maybe I could stay with you until he leaves for Chicago. I don't want to impose on you, but I didn't know where else to go." "Are you kidding? You can stay as long as you want." Lisa replied. "You don't think he'd hurt you. Do you?" "I don't know. He had me pinned against the door with his hand around my throat. I've never seen him that angry before." Tess answered, wiping her face again. "Well he won't find you here. I don't think he even knows I exsist anymore." Tess smiled. Lisa stood up, took Tess' hand, and pulled her to her feet. "You go wash your face, and I'll check on the ribs." She said smiling, and led Tess out of the bedroom. They talked and laughed all during dinner and well into the night. Tess told Lisa about life in Florida, things she did, places she liked to visit. She also told her about meeting Mark and about the dreams she'd been having of him. Lisa told her about her life, the men she dated, her job, and about her current boyfriend, a professional wrestler, and how they met. By the time they went to bed, they felt as if they finally had the relationship they always wanted.

"Are you sure she won't mind." Mark whispered as he and Glen walked across the porch. "I'm sure. Se loves suprises. Besides, she's been bugging me to introduce her to my friends." Glen replied as he slipped the key into the door. Silently, they walked across the living room and down the hall. "That's a guest room. You can sleep in there." Glen wispered, pointing to one of the four bedrooms. Mark nodded and slipped into the room with out a sound. He relaxed a little as he closed the door. He didn't like coming into a person's home in the middle of the night like this, especially someone he's never met. He undressed, not bothering to turn on the light, and laid down in bed.

Glen undressed and slid into bed next to Lisa. Wrapping his arms around her, he kissed her neck as his hands glided over her body. She moaned and rolled over on her back and looked at him. "Suprise." He said. He leaned over and kissed her passionately, leaving her breathless. She smiled, "I love suprises." She replied. "That's good." He said grinning. "What are you up to?" She asked suspiciously. "I have another suprise for you." He answered. "What is it?" She asked, sitting up and turning to face him. "You know how you've been bugging me to introduse you to my friends?" "Yes..." Her lips curled into a small smile. "Well, I talked Mark into coming with me." "Mark's here? That's wonderful!" She exclaimed, throwing her arms around him. "I have a suprise for you too." "What is it?" He asked, still holding her. They jumped hearing a woman's scream, and Lisa smiled. "My sister is here." They jumped out of bed and ran down the hall into the room. Tess was sitting against the headboard holding a sheet up to cover herself, and Mark sat at the foot of the bed in the opposite corner with the comforter pulled around his waist, staring at each other. Lisa burst out laughing, Glen tried not to laugh, knowing the consequences if he did, but couldn't stop himself. Mark and Tess sat, stunned, neither one believing the other was here. After a moment Glen and Lisa quit laughing. "Glen, I'd like you to meet my sister, Tess. Tess, this is Glen." Lisa said. Glen stepped toward her, but her attention was on Mark. "Tess?" Lisa said walking up to her. Tess looked at her. "What?" She asked. "This is Glen." She said pointing to Glen. "She looked over at him, "Hello." She said simply before turning her attention back to Mark. "Lisa looked at her puzzled, then asked, "Do you two know each other?" "We met once." Tess replied. "This is Tess?" Glen asked Mark. Mark nodded, but didn't say anything. "Well, we should leave you two alone then." Glen said, pulling Lisa out the door with him.

Mark and Tess sat staring at each other for what seemed like hours. "Well, I should find an empty room." Mark said, not looking away. Tess nodded in agreement, although she didn't really want him to leave. Mark stood up, still wrapped in the comforter, and picked up his clothes. Tess turned her head while he pulled his jeans on. "I'm sorry." She said as he reached for the door. He turned around and asked, "What for?" "For the way I'm acting. I'm going to feel really bad about it in the morning." He smiled and walked over to her, taking her hand in his. "Apology accepted." He replied, smiling, kissing her finger tips. "I'm sorry about all of this. I'll never let Glen talk me into sneaking into a woman's house in the middle of the night again." He said. "Apology accepted." She laughed. He stood there for a moment, holding her hand, then, reluctantly, let go and left the room. He walked across the hall into another room, and turned on the light, not wanting to embarass himself or anyone else again. He turned the light out, slid his jeans off and crawled into bed. Pictures of her flooded his mind. She had been right there, naked, and he walked away. He closed his eyes and fell asleep, dreaming about her. Tess fell over onto bed. He was in bed with her, naked, and all she could do was stare at him. She closed her eyes, fell asleep, and dreamt about him.

Chapter Five

"Good morning." Mark said, walking into the kitchen. "Good morning." Glen and Lisa replied. Mark sat down at the table, disappointed that Tess wasn't up yet. Lisa walked over and handed him a cup of coffee. "Tess is in the shower, she'll be out soon." She told him grinning. Mark smiled and nodded, trying not to look too anxious to see her. Glen watched Mark's reaction and asked, "So, Mark, what happened last night?" Mark looked at him. "Nothing." Tess answered from the door. Mark, Glen, and Lisa turned to look at her. "That's too bad." Lisa said carrying a platter of pancakes to the table. Tess blushed deeply as she walked over to the counter and poured herself a cup of coffee before joining the others at the table. Mark watched her as she moved gracefully across the room. He smiled as she sat down across from him and was rewarded with a smile that took his breath away. He didn't want to come here with Glen, but agreed since it would only be for a day. They were flying out that night to be at an autograph signing first thing the next morning. He wished now that they were staying longer.

She nearly melted when he smiled at her. She wanted to take him to her bedroom and do just what Lisa implied they should have done last night. Shaking the thought from her mind, she laughed at the story Glen was telling. They made small talk for awhile then Lisa excused herself and Glen, saying there were some things they needed to talk about before the men left. Lisa watched them leave, knowing exactly what they were going to 'talk' about, then turned her attention back to Mark, who was watching her intently. "How long are you staying?" She asked. "Our flight leaves this afternoon." He answered, his smile fading a little. "Oh." Was all she could say. She didn't want him to know how disappointed she was. "We have to do an autograph signing tomorrow morning in Chicago." She looked down at her hands, her smile fading, and sighed. He watched her for a moment. "Are you okay?" He asked, seeing sadness replace her smile. Memories of what had happened with Tom came rushing back when she heard the word 'Chicago'. "I'm fine." She replied, looking up and giving him her best smile. Mark stood and, taking her hand, led her into the living room so they would be more comfortable. They talked the rest of the day. He kept finding himself drowning in her blue eyes, and she was lost in the sound of his voice. Neither paying attention to the time.

"Come on!" Glen yelled throwing Mark's bag at him as he ran across the room. "We're going to miss our flight!" Mark caught his bag and jumped up. "Where's you're car? Tess ask as they walked out on the porch. "We took a cab."Glen answered. "Good. I'll grab my keys." Lisa said, turning to go back inside. Glen, Mark, and Tess climbed into Lisa's car, Mark and Tess in the back and Glen in the front. A moment later, Lisa sat down in the driver's seat and drove them all to the airport. They made it just in time. Glen pulled Lisa into his arms and kissed her . "I'll call you later." He said. "I'll be waiting. She replied smiling.

Mark turned to Tess, not wanting to leave her. He was just getting to know her, but he already knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. "Mind if I call you?" He asked, already knowing the wnswer, but wanting to hear her say it. "Of course you can." She answered smiling. He took her hand, pulled her to him, and, hoping he wasn't making a big mistake, kissed her. His actions startled her, but she soon returned his kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him closer. He tilted his head slightly, deepening the kiss, oblivious to everything and everyone around him. Glen and Lisa stood watching, speachless. Neither of them had ever seen a kiss so full of passion. The flight attendent walked over to Glen and said, "Excuse me, sir.....your flight...." "Yes, we're coming." Glen interrupted. He cleared his throat. "Mark." He said loudly, trying not to draw too much attention to them. Mark pulled away, reluctantly, and looked down at Tess, smiling. "Bye." He said, pulling away from her. "Bye." She replied, sliding her arms from around his neck. As they pulled away from each other, his hands slid slowly down her arms, catching her hands in his, and, bringing her hands up to his mouth, kissed them tenderly before turning away and boarding the plane. Tess and Lisa watched as the men boarded the plane, then went to the window to watch as the plane took off.

Chapter Six

Lisa looked at Tess, wondering what was going through her mind. She had watched her kiss Mark goodbye, feeling a little jealous of their passion toward each other, even though they hadn't known each other very long. But Tess was a very passionate woman. Everything she did, she did with passion. Maybe that's what she was jealous of, Tess' passion for life, not just the way she kissed Mark. "You must really like Mark." Lisa said, breaking the silence. Tess looked up. "Why do you say that?" She asked, knowing that Lisa was talking about the way she kissed him. Lisa raised her eyebrow. "Come on, Tess, you know why. That had to be the most passionate kiss I've ever seen. You're falling for him, aren't you?" Tess sighed, stood up, and walked over to the window. She was falling for him and had been able to deny it until Lisa said it aloud. She stood in silence, watching a group of children play baseball in the empty lot across the street. She imagined her own son playing there, covered in dirt, red hair wet and sticking to his forehead, green eyes sparkling as he caught a fly ball, his father bending down to tell him how proud he was of him. She smiled at the image of Mark hugging his son, their son. She shook herself mentally trying to get the picture out of her head. She just met this man, how could she possibly be in love with him?

Lisa walked over to her sister, thinking she was upset about her obvious feelings toward Mark. She knew her sister well enough to know she had never been unfaithful to Tom, she probably never even thought about it, and she probably felt guilty about those feelings. She put her hand on Tess' shoulder. "Are you okay?" She asked. Tess turned her head and, smiling, said, "I'm fine." She saw the confusion in Lisa's eyes, so she took her by the hand, led her to the sofa, and sat her down. She sat on the coffee table infront of her and said, "I don't know what I feel for Mark. When I first started dreaming about him, I thought I was just hurt by what Tom had done and it was a way to escape from the pain, but then I realized I really want to be with him. I can't begin to tell you how I felt last night after he left my room. I was releved he was gone and I was cursing myself for letting him leave. After spending the day talking to him, getting to know him a little...." She trailed off, looking up at the window again, the images of the little red head boy filling her mind. "After today?" Lisa asked, silently asking her to go on. Tess sighed. "After today.... I don't know. I stood at the window a moment ago watching the children play ball and pictured our son playing with them." "Our son? You mean yours and Mark's?" Lisa asked smiling. Tess nodded yes, not saying anything. "I knew it!" Lisa exclaimed, jumping up from the sofa, pulling Tess up with her, and hugged her. Tess hugged her back, smiling at her sister's enthusiasm. "So, when are you going to see him again?" Lisa asked unable to control her excitment. Tess stopped smiling and pulled away. "Lisa, I'm married." She said almost sadly as she pulled away from the embrace. Lisa's smile faded as well. She had forgotten about Tom. "What are you going to do?" She asked. "I'm going to file for a divorce. And it's not so I can go out with Mark. I've been thinking about it since the day it happened and I think it's best. I can't live with a man I don't trust." Lisa nodded, understanding Tess' reason, but still wanting her to be with Mark. She had a feeling that Tess and Mark were meant to be together. She just hoped Tess didn't let Tom's cheating stop her from being with Mark. "I'm starving." Tess said, "Let's go to that Greek place you told me about." Lisa smiled. "I'll get my purse." She replied. Moments later, the girls were on their way.

Glen chucked softly as he followed Mark into the hotel room. He had never seen Mark act this way before. "Something funny?" Mark asked, putting his suitcase down beside his bed. Glen shook his head no, setting his suitcase down as well. Mark glared at him a moment before falling back across his bed. He lay with his arm across his eyes, thinking about Tess. He thought about his brother's wedding, imagining Tess walking down the asile to him, repeating their vows, sliding the ring on each others fingers, kissing his bride as their family and friends applauded. He was pulled from his thoughts by the sound of Glen's voice and looked up at him. "What?" He asked. Glen smiled. "Nevermind. Do you want to talk about it?" he asked, knowing Mark was thinking about Tess. Mark sat up. "Yeah I do." He said running his fingers through his hair. Glen was suprised as Mark never wanted to talk about these things. "I think I'm in love with her." Mark said. Glen's mouth fell opened and his eyes widened. "In love? Mark, you just met her." Mark nodded in agreement. "I know, Glen, but I can't get her out of my head. At first it was about sex, but now....the more I think about her.... I want to spend the rest of my life with her." "So ask her." Glen said with a smile. Mark looked down at his hands, not wanting to tell him, but having to now that he brought it up. "She's married." He said. "What about that kiss?" Glen asked. Mark shook his head. "I don't know why I kissed her. All I knew was I wanted to be with her." "And her husband?" Glen asked quietly. "She didn't say anything about him. She didn't tell me she was married either, I saw her ring." Glen nodded understanding how Mark must feel. "Why don't you call her? Talk to her about it." He suggested. Mark smiled and picked up the phone. "What's the number?" He asked. Glen told him Lisa's number as he dialed. His heart jumped when he heard Lisa's voice on the answering machine. He left a short but sweet message for Tess and hung up, then turned back to Glen. "What about you and Lisa?" He asked. "Are you two getting serious?" Glen smiled brightly. "I think so. I'm in love with her, but I'm not sure if she feels the same way about me." He answered. Mark nodded smiling. "When do you plan on talking to her about it?" Mark asked, hoping it would be soon so he could go see Tess. "We have a few days off next week, I'm going to talk to her then." He answered. They talked about the women for a few more hours before going to sleep, both dreaming about the woman of their dreams.

Chapter Seven

The next three weeks went by slowly for Tess. She spent her days with her attourney, filing divorce papers, and exploring the area, and her nights with her sister, talking, mostly about Mark and Glen, and becoming closer than ever. Tess asked Lisa about her and Glen, hoping Lisa loved Glen as much as she loved Mark, and was glad when Lisa said she did. She thought about Mark constantly, and started to worry that she might be obsessed with him. He called every night and they would talk for hours. She told him all about Tom, bringing up the subject herself before he had the chance, and he told her about Paulette. She told him about her and Lisa's plans for moving back to Florida, and planned to meet there after the girls were moved in as Mark and Glen had both been on the road since they saw them last.

Time was passing slowly for the men as well. Mark and Glen both needed a break from the road and were looking forward to their time off. Glen had been thinking about moving to Florida for awhile now, but had never mentioned it to Lisa. After hearing she was moving there with her sister, he made up his mind. He and Lisa talked often, but he still didn't tell her how he felt about her, wanting to tell her in person, and planned to ask her to marry him when he saw her again. Mark was planning to do the same with Tess, depending on whether or not she was ready for another relationship. He knew she loved Tom and that he had hurt badly. As much as he loved her and wanted to be with her, he wasn't going to rush this. He wasn't sure how she felt about him, but couldn't imagine his life without her in it, and he would do anything to keep her.

Tess and Lisa stood in the empty house. "Are you sure you want to do this?" Tess asked. Lisa looked at her smiling. "I'm sure. I'll miss this place, but I'm looking forward to living in Florida. I need the tan." She said grinning. "Besides, Glen is moving there, so I'll get to see him more often." Tess smiled. "Ready?" She asked smiling. "Let's blow this pop stand." Lisa answered. Tess chuckled as they walked out and climbed into the front of the moving truck. Tess knew how to drive those big trucks, so the girls decided to move themselves instead of hiring movers, even though they knew the guys would be upset with them. Mark and Glen wanted them to hire professionals, saying it was too dangerous to them to move on their own, and offering to pay for it. Still, the girls wanted to do it. Two days later they pulled up in the driveway of Tess' house. Tom had already left for Chicago, taking everything they owned which didn't really matter to Tess, the fewer things she had to remind her of him, the better.

"Need some help with that?" Mark said startling the girls, causing them to drop the chair. Tess and Lisa whirled around at the sound of the voice and, smiling, walked over to the men. Glen picked Lisa up, hugging her close to him and kissed her. Mark, without thinking, pulled Tess to him and kissed her passionately. Mark pulled away, not really wanting to stop. "You didn't miss me, did you?" Tess asked grinning. "Not at all." Mark replied, kissing her again. Lisa pulled away, breaking the kiss and said, "I'd love to stand here kissing you all day, but we have to finish unpacking the truck. We have to return it tomorrow." "I thought you were going to hire movers." Glen said, a little annoyed. Mark looked down at Tess, who was still in his arms, silently waiting for an answer. "There was no reason to hire a couple of guys to do something that we are perfectly capable of doing ourselves." Tess answered. "Don't look at me like that, Mark. I am a very independent person." "Something could have happened to you two. There are so many things that could have happened to you." Glen said looking at Tess. Tess smiled at him and was about to answere when Lisa burst out laughing. Glen, Mark, and Tess looked at her, Tess smiling, knowing what she was thinking. After she caught her breath, Lisa said, "We were safe. Tess has been studying kickboxing for the past ten years." Mark and Glen looked at Tess who was still smiling. Everytime he talked to her, Mark learned something new about her and fell deeper in love with her. "Come on, you guys can help us get this stuff inside." She said, taking Mark's hand and leading him to the chair she and Lisa had been carrying. A couple of hours later, they all sat down on the back porch. The girls had already unpacked half the truck before the men showed up, so it didn't take them long to finish. The girls ordered some pizzas while the men went to the store to buy some beer. They spent a few hours together, talking, then Glen and Lisa turned in for the night.

Chapter Eight

Glen closed the door behind them and pulled Lisa into his arms. He looked down at her, taking in her every feature. "I've missed you." He said. She smiled. "I missed you too." She said smiling up at him. "Lisa, we need to talk." He said, taking her hand and leading her to the bed. She sat on the edge of the bed as he knelt before her, holding her hands. "Is something wrong?" She asked after a few moments of silence. "No." He replied, hoping he was doing the right thing. "I love you, Glen." Lisa blurted out. Glen was speachless. "I didn't mean to just blurt it out like that, but..." She looked down, thinking she might have just made the biggest mistake of her life, that he didn't love her, and he wouldn't want to be with her now thinking she was trying to push him into making a commentment. He took her face in his hands and gently lifted her head so she was looking at him. He wiped the tear from her cheek and kissed her. "I love you, too." He replied kissing her again. He pulled away from her, reached into his pocket, and pulled out a small box. "Lisa, will you marry me?" He asked. Tears filled her eyes a she slid the ring on her finger, and through the tears she answered, "Yes."

She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer. Their kiss was passionate and demanding, but gentle and loving at the same time. His hands slid down her neck and chest to her breasts, carressing them through the cotton tee shirt she wore. He pulled the shirt up over her head and tossed it across the room, along with her bra. He kissed his way down her keck, biting gently at her soft skin, to her breasts, suckling and nibbling. Hearing her moan , he continued kissing his way down her body, stopping long enough to remove her shorts and panties. He kissed her inner thighs, slowly making his way to the bed of curls between her legs. He opened her with his tongue, and, finding her hardened bud, began to suck, sending waves of pleasure throught her body. He slid his tongue inside her, thrusting it in and out, and tasted her juices as he sent her over the edge, calling out his name.

He stood and quickly removed his own clothes and climbed on top of her. He kissed her deeply as he positioned himself over her, and slowly entered her. He moved slowly at first giving her body time to adjust to his size, then faster, pulling almost all the way out before thrusting himself back in. He moved faster and harder until he felt her release, then with a few more thrusts, exploded deep inside her. He rolled off of her pulling her with him, and held her close. He felt her breath become shallow and even and knew she was asleep. He watched her sleep and smiled. He couldn't believe she said yes. He kissed the top of her head and closed his eyes, falling into a deep sleep.

Mark sat up and looked at the alarm clock. He had been tossing and turning for hours, unable to fall asleep knowing that she was in the next room. He wanted to go to her, talk to her, hold her, make love to her, just be with her. He sighed heavily, climbed out of bed, pulled on a pair of shorts and walked out of the guest room. He walked to the kitchen to get a beer, and started to walk out the back door to sit and think, thinking the fresh air would do him good, when he heard a noise coming from the living room. He walked quietly through the kitchen, across the hall, and, seeing a light on, peeked in. What he saw broke his heart. Tess was sitting on the sofa, holding a picture, and sobbing. She threw the picture suddenly, shattering the glass against the wall next to him, not realizing he was there, and buried her face in her hands. He picked up the picture and looked at it, it was her wedding picture. She looked radiant standing next to her husband. He put the picture back where he found it and looked at Tess, her body shaking, her heartbreaking sobs filling the room, and remembered the day they met, how small and helpless she looked, how he had wanted to take her in his arms and protect her from whatever or whoever had hurt her. She looked at him suddenly, and tried to stop crying, taking deep breaths and wiping the tears from her face. She managed to smile at him as he walked to her, wishing he hadn't seen her like that. He sat down beside her and, without a word, pulled her into his arms. He held her close to him as she cried, wishing he could take away the pain. Slowly she stopped crying, but made no effort to pull away from him, so he held her, loving how she felt in his arms. He looked down and saw her sleeping. Slowly, he pulled the small square pillow out from behind him, put it on the back of the sofa, and laid his head on it. Soon he too was asleep.

Chapter Nine

"Congratulations!" Tess exclaimed, hugging Lisa. "When did he ask you?" "Last night." Lisa answered. "Oh tess, I'm so happy!" Lisa said with tears in her eyes. Tess wiped her own tears away and hugged her again. Tess pulled away and turned toward Glen when the door bell rang. "I'll get it!" Lisa said, standing closest to the kitchen door, then turned and walked through the living room to answer the door. As soon as Lisa was out of sight, Tess walked over to Glen. Her expression changed instantly from happiness to a threatening stare. "If you do anything to hurt Lisa, you will rue the day you ever met her." She said in a calm deadly voice. Glen and Mark stared at her in shock, neither one believing what he just heard. She started to say something else, but was interrupted. "Now I know why you were in such a hurry to file for divorce." She turned to see Tom standing in the doorway watching them. "What do you want, Tom?" Tess asked in the same menecing voice. "I want my wife. Why else would I be here?" Tom answered, looking the other two men over. "Is this why you left me?" He asked motioning toward Glen. "No." She answered coldly, "I left you because you were screwing my best friend." Tom snickered and walked up to Tess. "Come on, Honey. Let's get your things. Our flight leaves in an hour." He said running his fingers through her hair. Tess slapped his hand away. "I'm not going with you, Tom, it's over. Now get out and don't ever come back!" She said through gritted teeth. Tom reached for her again, and again she slapped his hand away. "You're going to regret this, Tess. You'll be begging me to take you back." Tom replied. Tess stepped forward, closing the space between them and said, "Don't hold your breath." With that she stepped past him and walked to the door. "Get out!" she demanded, pointing toward the front door. Tom looked at Glen and Mark again, then turned and walk through the house and out the front door. Tess watched him as he climbed in his car and drove away. She closed the door, walked to the sofa and sat down. "Are you alright?" Mark said, sitting beside her. "I'm fine." She answered simply, not looking at him. She stood up, looking at the others, and said, "Let's go out and celebrate." Lisa smiled. "That's a great idea! Do you know any good seafood places around here?" Lisa asked. "We're in Florida. There's one on every corner." Tess answered, grinning. "Is that okay with you guys?" Lisa asked looking at Glen then at Mark. They agreed and soon they were on their way.

Tess didn't say much during dinner and Mark knew why. He knew she was married, but he still felt jealous when he heard Tom refer to her as 'my wife'. He wanted to tell her how he felt, to know how she felt about him. He shook that thought from his mind. Even if she did love him, her life was too complicated right now to start a new relationship, so he would wait. He didn't know why he loved her, but he did, and he would wait a lifetime to be with her if he had to.

Tess didn't feel like being around anyone, but knew there was no way Lisa was going to let her get away tonight without talking about Tom, and she didn't want to talk about him. She sighed and looked across the table at Mark, remembering the vision she had at her sister's of him with their son. Slowly those thoughts turned into the memories of the dreams she had of him. Her lips curved slightly in a small smile as she envisioned being with him. His arms around her, his body covering hers, his hair spilling over his shoulders as he looked down at her, his voice.....that deep silky voice she listened to so many times when they were apart. She realized suddenly that the others were staring at her. "What?" Tess asked to no one in particular. "Nothing." Lisa answered smiling. Tess' face turned a dark shade of red as she looked down at her plate, embarrassed. Mark tok her hand, pulled her closer, leaned over the table, and whispered, "I was thinking the same thing." Tess grew an even deeper shade of red causing Lisa to laugh out loud. They talked for a few more minutes, then left the restaurant and went to Mark's house.

They sat out on the patio, talking and enjoying the salty ocean air. Mark and Lisa went inside, Mark to get some more drinks for them and Lisa to change her shirt after spilling a beer on hers. Once they were alone, Glen sat next to Tess. "Are you okay?" He asked her, thinking about how she had acted toward him in her kitchen earlier that day and her confrontation with her husband. She smiled at him. "I'm fine." She answered. She looked at him, studying him for a moment, then said, "I'm sorry for the way I acted toward you earlier today." Glen shook his head. "There's no reason to apologize, Tess." He replied, smiling. She smiled back at him, and he could see why Mark had fallen for her. "Is everything alright out here?" Mark asked, setting the drinks down on the patio table. "Everything is great." Glen answered. Lisa joined them a few minutes later, sitting on Glen's lap. He turned her head toward him and kissed her, wrapping his arms around her. Lisa pulled away, breaking the kiss. She told Tess that she was tired and asked Glen if he could give her a ride home. Glen grinned and said yes, then the couple said goodnight and left.

Chapter Ten

Tess collected the empty bottles that were strewn around the patio. After throwing them away and straitening up the kitchen, she joined Mark again outside. He watched her as she walked across the deck and leaned over, resting her arms on the railing. He remembered standing in that same spot when he first saw her on the beach and smiled. He stood up and walked over to her. "It's beautiful here." She said, staring out over the water, watching the waves crashing on the shore in the moonlight. She smiled, remembering the first dream she had of him. "Would you like to go for a walk?" He asked. She looked up at him, smiling, and said, "I'd love to." They took off their shoes then Mark took her by the hand and walked out toward the water. She couldn't help but smile, she hadn't held hands with anyone since she was a girl. Her mind drifted back to the image of Mark with their son again. 'What is wrong with you?' She asked herself. She caught herself thinking about this often. She just met this man, she hadn't known him long enough to love him. Had she? She never really believed in love at first site, or destiny....anything like that. Even if she did love him, who's to say he loved her? That he would be faithful to her? She knew she shouldn't compare Mark to Tom, but it was hard not to. She looked up, found him watching her and smiled at him.

Mark smiled down at her. He had waited for what seemed like an eternity to get her alone, and now that they were alone, he didn't know what to do. He wanted to talk to her and get to know her better, hold her, make love to her. He remembered the venomous looks she had given Glen and Tom earlier. He stopped walking and pulled her around so she was facing him. "Tess," He started, not sure how to continue. Tess looked at him curiously and waited for him to finish what he wanted to say. "You looked pretty upset at your house earlier. Are you okay?" Tess looked down for a moment then back up at him. "I will be." She answered. He looked at her, his eyebrows drawn together as if he hadn't understood her. "I need to vent out some anger, but I'll be fine." Mark nodded and asked, "Would you like to vent it out on me?" She couldn't help but smile, thinking that was the last thing she wanted to do with him. "Thanks for the offer, but I think I'll save it for kickboxing class tomorrow." "What possessed you to take up kickboxing?" He asked, chuckling at the thought of this small, delicate woman beating the crap out of some guy. "Lisa talked me into taking lessons when we were in high school." She answered. They sat down in the sand, talking and laughing, enjoying each others company.

Tess leaned back on her elbows, looking up at the stars, and took a deep breath, catching the scent of Mark's cologne in the air. Mark leaned back on one elbow, facing her. Being this close to him was driving Tess crazy. She wanted him, whether she loved him or not. She looked at him, seeing the same desire in his eyes that she felt for him. He looked so inviting. He had taken his shirt off before they left the house. She wanted to reach out and run her hands over his broad chest, to feel his flesh beneath her hands, to kiss every inch of him. She blushed slightly when she realized he was watching her. Mark reached out and gently rubbed her cheek with the back of his fingers. He saw the look in her eyes and knew that she wanted him as much as he wanted her.

Chapter Eleven

Tess felt her stomach tighten. She had felt as if she were in a dream until he touched her, then she realized what was about to happen. She hadn't been with anyone else since she and Tom had started dating in high school and was starting to feel nervous. She didn't know what to do suddenly. 'Calm down.' She told herself. 'You've done this with Tom a million times.' But this wasn't Tom, this was Mark. She shook herself mentally, bringing herself back to reality. Looking into his eyes, she felt all of her doubts and fears slip away. She rolled slightly to her side, supporting herself on one elbow, and, with her free hand, brushed the few strands of hair out of his face. Slowly, she ran her fingers down the side of his face and down his jawline to his chin, and back up. She touched every inch of his face, taking in his every feature, then continued down the side of his neck, across his shoulder, down his arm and back up again. "You're beautiful." She said breathlessly as her hand began it's exploration of his chest.

Mark hadn't moved since she began running her hands over his face. He had been with more than his share of women, but none of them had ever touched him the way she did, they didn't enjoy it like she did. She stunned him when she told him he was beautiful. 'Beautiful? She thinks I'm beautiful?' He asked himself. He felt her hand on his back, moving down over the waistband of his jeans, across his butt, carressing it for a moment before moving up his back again. He felt his already hard member harden even more as it began to throb, aching for release. He felt like he would explode if she didn't stop soon, and it didn't look like she was going to stop. He grabbed her hand as it found it's way back up his chest, pulled it to his mouth and kissed it, then gently pushed her back onto the sand. He leaned over, claiming her lips with his in a deep passionate kiss, as he began to explore her body. He felt her hardened nipple through the thin cotton fabric of her dress as he caressed her breast. His lips moved down to her neck, kissing, nibbling and sucking her tender skin, as his hand slid down her body, over her hip, and down her thigh, under the hem of her dress and back up her thigh. He loved the feel of her soft smooth skin. His hand continued upward, pulling her dress up with it. His lips found hers again and he felt her pushing against his shoulder, rolling him onto his back.

She laid on top of him, kissing him, then sat up, wanting to feel his body against hers. She reached behind her, finding the zipper of her dress, and unzipped it. She stopped for a moment to calm her nerves again, then looked down at him. Slowly she pulled the dress up over her head, dropping it in the sand beside them. Reaching behind her again, she unfastened her bra, letting it fall as she lowered her arms, and tossed it aside as well. She watched him as he looked at her, devouring her body with his eyes, then leaned over, pressing her naked body against his, and kissed him, sliding her hand down his chest and over his tummy. She broke the kiss when she reached the top of his jeans and sat up again. After unbuttoning his jeans, she pulled them down over his hips and legs, and discarded them.

He couldn't wait any longer. It took all his strength not to throw her off him and attack her while she undressed for him, but having her undress him broke what little will power he had left. He grabbed her by the arms and pushed her back on the sand, positioning himself between her legs. She felt his throbbing member pushing against her entrance and spread her thighs further apart, giving him better access. He felt her tight walls close in around him as he pushed his way inside. He moved slowly, giving her body time to adjust to his size, then a little faster. He kept a slow, steady pace, knowing he wouldn't be able to hold on if he didn't.

She wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him deeper inside her, feeling every inch of his manhood. Then she leaned up, kissed his chest, and, taking his nipple in her mouth, began to suck, lick and nibble. She heard him moan as he began moving faster. She threw her head back, her back arched, and screamed as an orgasm washed over her that left her trembling beneath him.

He felt her walls tighten and her juices flood over him as she reached her peak, her screams shattering the silence between them. He began thrusting himself into her harder, faster. He felt her fingernails digging into his back, her hips raising up to meet his, and let out a low growl. He heard her begin to whimper as he drove himself into her, harder and faster with every stroke then scream again as she came again. His body tensed and with one last thrust, he exploded deep inside her.

He laid on top of her for a moment, trying to catch his breath, then rolled off of her and laid down beside her, pulling her into his arms. They laid there, tangled together, and watched the sun rise. He looked down at her and, looking into her eyes, said, "I love you." She smiled. Those words had never sounded sweeter. "I love you, Mark." She replied, knowing that this was the begining of a long happy life together.

The End
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