Gallagher Lake 2001

By Bonnie James

Rating: NC-17 (sex)

Disclaimer: I don't own Mark, Glenn, Shawn, or Kev and I am Bonnie

Distribution: Help yourself, just let me know where


Summary: Friends go on a fun filled camping trip

Mark propped himself up on his elbow and brushed some hair out of Bonnie's face. He stopped for a moment to admire her beauty, as the early light of dawn set it's rays across her sleeping face. He smiled and thought to himself Damn! I've got one hell of a wife! Then he bent down and gently kissed her lips. "Bonnie" he said softly. She moaned quietly and snuggled closer to him. He smiled and tried again. "Come on baby girl, wake up" He cooed. She sighed and opened her eyes sleepily, mumbling


"Time to get up, we've got to get goin' for the lake."

"Already?" She wiped her eyes.

"Yeah, so we can set up before dark." She sighed and rolled over, snuggling back down into the blanket. Mark sighed and got up, stretching. He pulled on tight faded blue jeans and a black muscle tank top. He braided his hair and put on a black bandana. "I'm gonna go put the bags on the bike. We're leaving in 20 minutes."

"Okay." Bonnie said and got up. She pulled on daisy dukes and a special Property of Deadman Inc. halter top that Janet from the wardrobe department had made for her. She pulled her hair into a pony tail and grabbed her purse, then headed down to the bike.

They rode along the winding mountain highway, and Bonnie leaned against Mark with her chin on his shoulder. She closed her eyes and smiled, intoxicated with the feeling of the wind on her face and the warmth of his body, combined with his natural scent and the smell of warm leather. She loved being this close to him. "Happy?" he asked as she slid her legs up around his middle, over his..

"Yeah. I bet you're looking forward to seeing the guys?"

"Yeah, and just getting away from all the shit that has gone down lately, with WCW and all." Bonnie frowned.

"If you had been leader of team WWF none of this would have happened. Vince is such an idiot! He should have realized that." Mark sighed.

"I know. Thank you for being on my side." She kissed his neck and squeezed him.

"There's no other place I'd be."

3 hours later they pulled onto the dirt road that led down to the camp site. There were 4 cabins in a row in front of a rock face. To the left of the cabins was a small, but beautiful lake that was surrounded by desert hills and cliffs. A lite forest was across from the cabins. One of the cabins already had two Harleys parked in front of it. "Kev and Shawn are here. Kev will be sleeping in the tent like last year, Glenn will be under our bunk, and Shawn on the other bed." Mark told her.

"Okay." They parked and hopped off. Kev and Shawn popped out of the cabin. "Hey!" Bonnie chirped and jumped into Shawn's arms. Shawn picked Bonnie up and twirled her around.

"Hey pretty girl!" Next she hugged Kev and kissed his cheek.

"Hey Big Sexy." She said with a smiled.

"Hey Little Sexy." He said grinning down at her. She turned back to Mark, who was looking quite neglected. She grinned coyly and rubbed her hips against his as she took her bag from him. She turned away with out a word and headed into the cabin. He gently placed his hand on the small of her back and leaned forward to whisper.

"I felt that." She grinned and hucked her bag to the corner.

"You were supposed to." Surprising her he grabbed her shoulder and spun her around then lifted her up and pushed her against the wall. She automatically wrapped her legs around his waist as his mouth claimed hers in a rough kiss. She moaned into his mouth as he twirled his tongue around hers and pressed her harder into the wall.

"Oh! My virgin eyes!" Kev quipped dramatically.

"God you two! Get a cabin!" Shawn added. Mark broke the kiss and they laughed, he set her down.

"Hey it's not my fault I'm the only one smart enough to bring a woman." Kev looked Bonnie over, relishing her voluptuous body.

"Mark man, you'll share with your best friends though won't you?" He asked, eyes still on her. Mark wrapped an arm firmly around Bonnie's waist.

"Maybe..." he said with an evil grin. Bonnie couldn't help but smile at the thought. Shawn saw this and licked his lips. Just then the 4th and final Harley pulled up. Glenn got off, swinging his leg over in his quietly graceful manor. Everyone went out on the porch to greet him. He looked up and grinned, the dimples in his cheeks appearing because he never wore his mask at the lake. No one but his closest friends were around to see him anyway. His light brown hair gleamed in the sun and his eyes glowed warm as they met Bonnie's, just as they always did. She never drew away in fear, in fact she even kissed him a time or two. He loved her. He would never act on it though, because she belonged to his big brother. He was just thankful for the kind words, affectionate glances, and sweet soft touches that he got.

"Hey Glenn." She said with a sweet grin.

"Hey Bonnie." And with that they all set about settling in.

10:00 PM found them settled around the campfire on the beach, beers in hand. Mark was sitting on a log and Bonnie was nestled between his legs, leaning back against him. After a good deal of bullshiting and catching up, they found themselves with a moment of silence. Shawn grinned playfully. "Anyone for a game of truth or dare?"

"Hell yeah!" Bonnie beamed.

"Sounds good to me." Kev added.

"Okay Shawn, it was your idea so you start." Mark stated. Shawn smiled at Bonnie.

"Okay, I choose Bonnie... truth, dare, double dare, or burning barn?"


"Okay, is it true that you dyked it out with Amy a few times?" Bonnie blushed.

"Yeah." The guys proceeded to cheer and whistle.

"Honey I am down with that but next time, damn! Let me watch!" Mark said with a big grin.

"Shit you could make a video of that!" Kev added with a laugh. Shawn grinned and said

"I'd buy a video of that." Next Glenn joined in.

"I'd buy a video of anything Bonnie was in!" this brought a roar of laugher from all the guys.

"Hey! That's my wife you're talkin' about there boy!" Bonnie just smiled and blushed. "Thanks Glenn." He grinned at her.

"Any time." Mark grinned at his little brother then leaned down and kissed Bonnie's neck softly.

"Your turn baby girl." She smiled.

"I pick Glenn." Glenn kinda blushed

"Uh...well...burning barn." Bonnie thoughtfully gazed at the stars for a moment.

"Okay if me and Tori were in a burning barn who would you save?" Glenn sighed and looked pained. Bonnie immediately regretted bringing up the painful memories of Tori's betrayal.

"You. Tori is a whore. I pick Kev." He said, obviously not wanting to talk about the subject any further. Kev grinned mischievously.


"Okay, I dare you to get up on the cabin and strip naked, then sing Old Man River." Everyone roared again. Reluctantly Kev trudged up the beach to the cabin and climbed onto the roof. He was accompanied by quite a few hoots and hollers of the boys as he stripped nude. In a rich, deep, voice he began

"There's an old man called the Mississippi, that's the old man I'd like to be. What does he care if the world's got troubles? What does he care if the land's not free..." The game died down a while later and Shawn was thoughtfully staring at a large, round rock that he was holding in his hand.

"Hey, this rock is sparkly. Ya think it's one of those rocks that have shit in them?" He asked. Glenn looked over, interested.

"What kind of shit?" Shawn shrugged.

"You know, just stuff." Now Glenn looked really interested.

"You mean like in a Kinder Surprise?"

"No! Like crystals! You big red buffoon!" Shawn laughed. Bonnie just about died laughing.

"What have you been drinkin' little bro?" Mark laughed. Shawn took the rock over to another large rock and hucked it against it. The smaller rock burst into 4 large chunks that did, indeed, have purple crystals on them.

"Sweet!" He exclaimed and collected the pieces. He gave a piece to each of them. "Here's your Kinder Surprise toy, Glenn." He said as he handed it to him.

"Gee, thanks!" Glenn said with the enthusiasm of an 8-year-old. This drew more laughter from the group.

"But seriously, here's our Gallagher Lake 2001 souvenirs." Mark leaned down and kissed Bonnie.

"And here is mine." He said with a smile. Seeing it was 3:00 AM they all decided to pack it up and go to bed.

As the others headed for the cabin, Mark took Bonnie's hand and led her towards the picnic table that was on the hill above the beach. Bonnie smiled knowing what he had in mind.

"Oh really." She said, following him. The only light came from the moon and the distant, yet bright stars up above. The moon gave everything an eerie, ghostly glow as it reflected off the lake. Mark picked Bonnie up and sat her on the picnic table as his hands roamed up her shirt and over her breasts. She moaned from the contrast of the warmth of his touch versus the cool night air. He continued to suck and kiss her neck until he pulled her top off. He then moved down to her breast, sucking and lightly tugging at her nipple. She moaned

" Mmmmark!" He continued then reached down and unzipped her shorts. Moving his hand down, he cupped her mound through the thin silk of her panties. They were already warm and wet. She moaned again into his mouth as he was frenching her. She started to pull off his shirt, needing the skin to skin contact. He broke the kiss and pulled the shirt off as she couldn't reach. She stared in awe at his true masculine beauty, moonlight illuminating his tattoos with an unearthly glow. His hair shone in the light and his eyes gleamed with the light of his passion. He leaned down and claimed her mouth again with another fiery kiss. She undid the button of his fly and then unzipped it, moving his boxers down to gracefully extract his long, hard cock. If felt like warm velvet in her hand as she leaned down and licked the dew off the head. He gently grabbed her arms and pushed her back onto the picnic table. He slid down her shorts and panties as she went. He then carefully maneuvered over her, onto the picnic table above her. He leaned down so his face was just above hers and looked into her eyes, whispering in a voice rough with passion "I love you." His eyes and his words connected him to her soul as he lifted her hips and pushed into her, consummating the connection with their bodies. He gently started pushing all the way into her then pulling all the way out with powerful, yet graceful strokes. She reached up to untie his braid but he grabbed her wrists and with one hand pinned her arms above her head. He kissed her with sheering hot passion and all she could give was sweet, complete surrender of her body and of her soul.

"Mmmmmark" She moaned, moving her hips with his.

"Oh god Bonnie" Came his response, rough with erotic desire. She gasped and trembled, feeling her climax approaching fast. He began plunging harder and faster into her. Then, in what felt like a bolt of lightning, they reached their orgasms at the same time. They exploded like fireworks on the Fourth of July.

They collapsed into each others arms on the table with another kiss. Then the sky opened up and it started to pour. Neither had noticed the clouds build overhead but now the rain beat down harder with each second and the overwhelming smell of sulfur signaled the pending storm. "Oh shit!" Bonnie exclaimed and laughed as she struggled to pull on her clothes. Glancing at the jet black sky, Mark responded

"This is going to be one hell of a storm!" He grabbed Bonnie's hand and they made a run for the cabin as the wind picked up and the first crash of thunder shook the ground. They were soaked to the bone when they arrived at the cabin. Shawn looked up from his book "Gee Mark, you sure got Bonnie all wet!" Glenn cracked up from his bunk.

"Funny shit Shawn..."

"Hey, shut up!" Mark said with a grin, peeling off his wet shirt.

"Hey, shut up!" Shawn mimicked in an exaggerated mark voice. Mark smacked him with his wet shirt and Shawn sold it like a sledge hammer blow, collapsing onto the bed with a groan. They laughed and Mark climbed up into his and Bonnie's bunk. Bonnie grabbed one of Mark's huge t-shirts and then proceeded to pull off her wet clothes. Mark watched her with hot, lusty eyes. Even though he had her a few minutes before, he longed for her again. Glenn watched her peel off her wet jeans and stifled a groan as his groin muscles began to tighten. Shawn swallowed hard, drinking in her luxurious curves and imagined running his hands over them. He imagined her warm, damp body sliding and grinding against his. Damn why Mark? Why not me? he thought, burying his face in his pillow. Bonnie pulled on Mark's shirt and took his hand, scooting up into bed. She curled into his arms as he said softly

"C'mere my baby girl." He pulled her close and held her tight, kissing her forehead.

"I love you." She whispered.

"I love you too, princess." And with that she began gently tracing his tattoos until she fell asleep with him close behind her.

The dawn's first orange rays found Bonnie and Mark alone in the cabin, wrapped in each other's arms. Bonnie moaned and quietly woke up, blinking the sleep from her eyes. She began gently tracing his tattoos as she did every morning until he woke up. He groaned and stretched.

"Good mornin'." He said, then leaded down to kiss her.

"Good morning, the guys are gone."

"Yeah, they went fishing…so we have the cabin to ourselves." He pressed his erection into her thigh. "So wanna take advantage of it?" he said with a grin. She smiled and gently pushed him onto his back. She gently kissed her way down his chest and he closed his eyes, running his fingers through her hair. She smoothly pushed down his boxers and took his cock in her hand. Slowly she began to suck on just the head like a large, round lollypop. She sucked with long, pulling motions and he moaned as he wrapped his hands in her thick, full mane. Slowly she let him thrust a bit more into her willing mouth. She sucked firmly, drawing him in, then reached up to gently massage his balls. "Mmmm Bonnie" He moaned starting to work his hips with her mouth. She slowly swallowed him into her throat and held him there for a moment, as he began to swell. She reached up and gently pulled on the base of his balls and with that he came a big, thick load and she swallowed it all. She took her time and licked him clean. He pulled her up and kissed her. "Wow baby girl I swear that was-"

"Ssssh..." she said and kissed him again with a smile...

3:00 PM the same day~ Bonnie bounded over to Mark's lawn chair and plopped down on his lap. "Babe, let's go swimming."

"Hmmm okay." They went back into the cabin and Bonnie pulled on her American flag bikini that she knew Mark loved. He pulled on black swim trunks that had flames on them. Going down to the water Bonnie waded in gracefully up to her tummy and then elegantly dove in. Mark ran as fast as he could, then did a belly flop. Bonnie just about died laughing. They swam side by side, heading for the center of the lake. Bonnie watched Mark swim, the unexpected grace and beauty of his body yet again taking her breath away. The rays of sunlight that shone through the water gave his body an ethereal luminescence like that of an angel. A beautiful web of dancing sunlight was woven all across his body, created by the sunlight hitting the small waves. He looked like a god. She smiled and swam under him. "Hey! Where'd ya go?" he asked as her hair brushed against his tummy and she appeared on the other side of him. He went to kiss her but before he could she giggled and swam under him, this time showing up five feet in front of him. He lunged for her playfully with a growl but once again she swam under him and escaped, appearing behind him. He spun around and said "Hey, stop that!" he climbed up on the dock. "Hey, you see this water?" He said, going into his American Badass voice. "This water is my lake, and I'm the big shark that-" Before he could finish, Shawn speared him off the dock. They landed with a giant splash in the water.

"There's no sharks in lakes, ya dumb ass!" Shawn said with a laugh. The guys had swam over to the other side of the dock while Bonnie and Mark were playing so they didn't hear them come up.

Everyone was roaring with laughter as the two of them battled it out. After quite a bit of splashing and the likes Mark swam towards Bonnie, humming the Jaws song. "Oh no Mr. Sharky, please, don't eat me!" She cried dramatically, clasping her hand to her chest. He clamped his arms around her and he playfully bit her neck. She let out a loud scream. Mark covered his ears "Deaf shark! Deaf shark!" and he swam away defeated. She laughed and followed him...

12:00 AM ~ The crew was all up at the rec-room playing pool. Bonnie was busy kicking Mark's ass but only because he let her win. What she didn't know couldn't hurt her, and besides him and the other boys were enjoying the view of her large, firm breasts in the tiny winy bikini every time she leaned over the table to take a shot. When their game ended and Kev and Shawn started Mark wrapped his arms around Bonnie from behind and kissed her neck. "Wanna go to the beach?" he asked. She smiled and put her hand in his "Okay." They walked down quietly, stopping to get a blanket from the cabin, then continued down. Mark spread out the blanket and Bonnie lay down with a sigh, her head on Mark's shoulder. He reached over and interlocked his fingers with hers after lighting a cigarette. She sighed and nuzzled his shoulder. "Ya know before I met you I use to hate the smell of cigarette smoke, but there's something erotic about the taste when I kiss you. I mean fuck being addicted to cigarettes, I’m addicted to the taste on your lips." She said. He pulled her in and kissed her.

"Maybe you're just addicted to me" he whispered, then nuzzled her neck with his lips. "Because you are purely intoxicating." She smiled and ran a hand through his lose hair.


"Yeah." He mimicked. She swatted him playfully and he finished his cigarette and they moved into each others arms.

The next day Bonnie went horseback riding with some friends, and the guys went hunting. Shawn cooked up a wonderful venison dinner. Darkness had fallen as Bonnie finished with the last of the dishes. Mark came over. "Let's go swimming." He suggested.

"Okay." Bonnie answered. They swam around for a while, Bonnie was once again admiring his body in the water. This time the moonlight made him look like a ghost. She climbed up on the dock that floated in the middle of the lake. "Burrr, I'm freezing!" He climbed up with her.

Wanna warm up?" He asked with a grin. She leaned in and kissed him passionately. "Hmmm so I guess that's a yes?" He asked. She laid back on the dock, pulling him with her. She wrapped her arms around his neck. "Okay," he said between kisses, "definitely a yes." He moved over her, putting his weight on his knees and elbows, just slightly raised above her. He slipped his hands just under her head and lifted her head up in an ardent kiss. She slid her hands down his sides and slightly pulled down his shorts, just enough to pull out his hard cock and massage

"Mmmmmmm," she said with a smile, "is that for me?" He kissed her with breathtaking dominance and pushed her down against the dock, sliding her bikini bottom down to her calves.

"You know it." He said and slowly penetrated all the way in to her core.

"Mmmmark" She moaned, arching her back and flexing her body in pleasure. He let out a quiet groan as she clenched his thickness with her inner walls. The gentle radiance of the moonlight on the pale skin of the areas covered by her bikini, the areas that he knew were only for him, was driving him wild. He pushed her bikini bottom the rest of the way off and pulled her legs up, hooking her ankles over his shoulders he pounded into her. She gasped and matched his intense rhythm with her hips. He groaned and with one more full thrust took them both tumbling over the edge. Breathing hard he pulled out of her and they both collapsed against the dock. Just then a multi-colored firework exploded over their heads. Someone was shooting them off the shore. Mark pulled Bonnie into his arms and she laid her head on his shoulder as more fireworks were shot off from the beach and exploded in the sky about them. "I love you baby girl." He said and kissed her forehead.

"I love you too."

The next and final night Bonnie was in a pissed off mood. She wasn't really sure why. It was a lot of things put together. She had been trying to phone a local horse breeder to find out their stud fees but was having no luck. This was particularly annoying because even though they had an answering machine they couldn't call her back. This and the fact that the only pay phone was 2 miles away and she had to hike up there every time she phoned. Mark hadn't touched her all day and she couldn't find anything she was looking for in the cabin. She was sitting on the porch swing reading when Glenn came up to get something from the cabin. "Whoa, look at all those bugs!" Bonnie looked up to where Glenn was pointing and sure enough there were about a million assorted bugs buzzing around the light.

Glenn scooted in and slammed the screen door fast, not turning on the indoor light until the door was totally closed. He turned off the inside light and once again dashed out, careful not to let any bugs in. Then he went off on his way. About 15 minutes later Shawn came up. "Don't let the bugs in." Bonnie said looking up from her book. Shawn didn't even pretend to listen. He left the screen door open and the bugs swarmed in to the light. "Shawn!!!" Bonnie yelled, jumping up and slamming the door. He walked out and left it open. She darted in and closed it but it was too late. About 9,000 of the zillion bugs from outside were now buzzing around the indoor cabin light, trying to achieve whatever it is bugs try to achieve by buzzing around lights. "Shawn!!! You let a shit load of bugs in!!!" She yelled.

"I don't care." Came his cocky, some what drunk, response as he strutted back down to the group on the beach. "Well you will care!!! You’re sleeping in the tent now!!!" She yelled, picking up his sleeping bag and suitcase, then dragging them out to the tent. She then opened the tent and pulled out Kev's stuff, throwing Shawn’s in. Bonnie rearranged Kev's stuff nicely inside the cabin, then grabbing the raid, she sprayed every bug in the room and on the light until they were all dead. Mark walked in and coughed. "Holy shit! Easy on the raid there cowgirl!" Bonnie turned, raid can in hand, and he immediately regretted his words. "Should I even ask?" He asked, seeing the look on her face. She walked over and put the can down.

"Why would you? It's not like you've cared about anything else I've had to say!"

Mark frowned and went outside, poured a glass of moonshine, then went in. He took her hand and she sighed, giving into him, as she always did. She followed him down to the beach and sat between his legs. He rubbed her shoulders and back, massaging them, and then gave her the moonshine. "Drink this." He said. She did, feeling her throat burn, then every nerve tingle. She sighed and relaxed. "Kev, you're sleeping in the cabin…Shawn you're in the tent." Glenn looked over at Shawn. "Man, that don't sound good." He said. Kev raised an eyebrow at Shawn, and Shawn rolled his eyes and shook his head. She turned and looked into Mark's eyes saying quietly

"Mark..." he looked at her questioningly. "I'm sorry." He leaned down and kissed her softly

"S'okay, so am I."

Later that night everyone was laying in bed, lights off, just chatting. Mark told some awful joke and everyone had just finished laughing and were starting to drift off to sleep. Bonnie was just about to come back in the cabin on her way from brushing her teeth when she realized she had to fart, bad. Since this would not be a very lady like, nor polite thing to do, she paused for a moment before opening the door. She waited, then decided that it had passed. She reached for the door and just as she opened it she let out the loudest fart ever. The night was so silent, and the fart was so loud, that it actually echoed off the rock face behind the cabins. Bonnie plopped down on the swing and buried her face in her hands, shaking with laughter. A moment later Mark flew out the door. "Bonnie! Are you okay?!?! What was that noise?? It sounded like a gun shot!" the concern on his face turned to confusion as she looked up with a big grin on her face. "Was that…did you just fart?!?!" She nodded, fighting giggles. He rolled his eyes and shook his head, trying not to laugh, and mumbled "Jesus…" as he walked back into the cabin. She followed and the light came on. A sleepy, confused Glenn stood there.

"What was that noise?" He asked. "Is everyone okay?"

"We're fine. It was just Bonnie farting." And with that Kev roared with laugher.

"Shit! That woman can fart! I'm glad that wasn't in the cabin!" Now Shawn popped in,

"Did a rock fall and hit the cabin?" He asked with concern. Everyone roared again. Glenn was the fist to calm enough to explain.

"No, Bonnie ran out of Raid so she decided to gas the bugs out…" Shawn looked blank and then glancing at Bonnie, who was redder than Glenn's wrestling suit, and caught on. "Damn Mark! She's got you beat! In fact, she puts you to shame!" He said with a laugh and headed back for his tent.

Mark's watch beeped twice at 4:00 am. He yawned and stretched, then gently kissed Bonnie. "Wake up, Princess." He whispered. She moaned and stretched.

"We're leaving already?"

"No, but I want to show you something." He said and gracefully hopped out of the bunk. She glanced at her watch and groaned at the time, she closed her eyes and considered going back to sleep. Nah she thought, Mark's surprises are worth getting up for. She carefully started down the bunk's ladder but Mark firmly placed his hands on her hips and placed her on the ground gently. He already had his swim trunks on and he handed her her bikini. She quietly pulled it on, wondering what Mark had in mind. He took her hand and led her down to the beach. The sky was a dark lilac color and the stars were beginning to fade. The sand was moist from the evening's rain and the sage smelt strong and sweet. As they waded into the water Bonnie was surprised to find it was actually quite warm. As Mark started to swim she followed him over to some large rocks that protruded out of the water. They were about 10 feet from the shore and had large, smooth, slanted faces. They were very secluded form the rest of the camp ground. Mark climbed up on the largest, then helped Bonnie up beside him. He pointed at a ridge that formed a V in the mountains in front of them. "See that V?" he asked.

"Uh huh." She said, cuddling against him as he wrapped his arm around her.

"The sun is going to come up between it, and we've got front row seats." She smiled and cuddled against him.

"Cool, how did you know that?" She asked, glancing up at him.

"Hmmm, good guess?" she punched him playfully.

"Seriously..." He shrugged,

"Well, it's just kind of a tradition. I always do this, come watch the sunrise, the morning before I leave and this time I wanted to share it with you." She smiled and kissed him.

"Thank you." She said as the first rays of light came up over the V. Bonnie leaned back feeling safe and loved in Mark's arms. Underneath the bad ass front was an amazing man, a loving, caring, passionate man who could even be sentimental when he so chose. He always had been her dream man, and always would be her dream come true.

The End


As they returned all the bikes but theirs were packed and the camp was empty, save for the boys sitting on the swing and on the steps. They quickly dressed then said their good-byes and see-you-soons. The 5 climbed onto their bikes and rode up to the camp exit, then with final parting waves, they rode off their separate ways as the sun rose over the entire landscape. A constant, that like friendship and true love, will never fail.